You are a Super Hero…

When we were kids, we wanted to be Super Heroes. We wanted to “Save the Day” and “Defeat Dark forces”. We fought with our siblings and friends saying:”Hey…I’m Super Man”, “You are short…So, I’m Batman”, “No No, you are not…I’m Captain Planet”, “I’m T bone, you are Razor…We are the Swat Kats”. Then as we grew up, we were told by our parents and society that “life is all about money, life is all about studying hard and working even hard and settling down”. I will say to all you folks living a normal, self centered life:”Get a Life”…You think you grew up, but the truth is you grew down. Grow up…

Note: Super Hero is Gender Neutral in this post. I’m talking about both Men and Women, Sons and Daughters of God.

From Cartoon Network to Hollywood:

My Generation was privileged to see the birth of Cartoon Network and shows that entertained us like anything. The Present day shows can’t be compared with what we had on those days. Good old days…Super Heroes, Fighting Crime, Rescuing people in Danger, Hitting the Bad guys, Saving the Day, Changing the world…Revolutionary…As a little kid, I used to watch these shows and went into fantasy world placing myself as a Super Hero who goes around defeating dark forces and saving people. Hello,Am I the only person??…Next in the Line comes, Hollywood which also gave us Super Hero movies but mostly gave us Normal men doing Abnormal stuffs to fight the Bad guys and said:”They can do it because they are Heroes”.

Everything was going on well, till you were introduced to reality, to be blunt, false reality. You were introduced to NORMAL. You were introduced to an “Eat, Earn, Sleep” lifestyle. Your Dreams, Your Fantasies of Doing Good, Beating down the Bad Guys and Saving the Day were gone. Now it was just study hard, work harder and be selfish. If something goes wrong in the world, go to Facebook and post a Status and forget about it. Give Me a Break…It’s time to get out of normal.

You may ask:”But, all those Super hero stuffs and saving the Day stuffs are not real right??…They are just good in our dreams and can’t be reality right??. I have got great news for you Pal, It is for Real…

Jesus and You:

Jesus walked on water, multiplied food, healed the sick, raised the dead and kicked out demons at every turn. In Super Hero terminology, Jesus went around Beating down the Bad Guys, Rescuing People and Saving the Day. Jesus was a Super Hero, no one can deny it. Batman, Superman, Spiderman are just characters created by the imaginations of people but Jesus was for real. Jesus was a Historical figure, a Real Super Hero.

For more on Jesus, as our Super Hero:

Jesus didn’t do all those stuffs to impress us but to model a lifestyle for us to follow. The Church has failed in this area very much by letting our jaws drop down on reading about the works of Jesus and sitting idle but all the while Jesus wants us to step out and do what He did and greater works than Him. Jesus is Fully God and Fully Man but what we fail to realize is that When He was on earth, He did everything as a Man empowered by the Holy Spirit and a Son intimate with Daddy God, not as God. So, if He did everything as a Man and as a Son, then that shakes of all our so called “Christian living with Christian excuses”. Jesus is the only model for Christian living and He lived the life of a Super Hero, He Lived a Supernatural life.

Anyone who says he is a Christian should live as Christ did. 1 John 2:6(TLB) -You don’t get to choose which part of Jesus’ life you will imitate based on your theology or denomination. You have to walk in Love, Power and Purity like Jesus.

You are a Super Hero:

Super Hero is someone who has Super Powers which He or She uses for Doing Good. Super Hero can be said as a Super Being who is higher in nature than Normal Human Beings. God is a Super Being; Jesus walked on this earth as a Super Being…Everybody believes this and that. I’m taking it a bit further…If you are a Born Again Christian, You are a Super Hero. You are not a Normal Human, You are a Super Human. “God is in you, on you and one with you” which makes you a Super Human. Normal Humans live Normal because they don’t have God in them but you as a Christian have the Greater One living on the inside of you which disqualifies you to live a normal life. We are New Creations, remember. New Creations means NEW CREATIONS: A New breed of Humans who live like Daddy God. We have become so familiar with this truth about being New Creations that we don’t really get it.

When someone becomes a Christian, he becomes a “brand new person” inside. He is not the same anymore. A new life has begun. 1 Corinthians 5:17(TLB)

For more on the New Creation, dive in :

When we believe in Jesus, we become Sons and Daughters of God. We are Born of God, Born to God, and Born from God. Lions give birth to Lions not cats. Similarly, The Super Duper God gives birth to Super Duper Sons and Daughters not normal, good for nothing, selfish beings. You are like Daddy God, You are like your Big Brother Jesus, and you are in Union with the Holy Spirit…Right now. God designed us to be Great and implanted the desire in us to do Great things. God is not against Greatness, He is just against wrong Greatness. You have been created, designed and called to be Great and do Great things.

Jesus said we will receive Dunamis Power when the Holy Spirit comes on us. Dunamis Power means Miracle Working Power, which can also be declared as Super Powers. If you have received the Holy Spirit, you have Super Powers resident in you, erupting to get out.

Now that I have established that we as Sons and Daughters of God are Super Heroes with Super Powers, let me take you further.

A Super Hero’s Job:

As a Super Hero, your Job is the same as the Job of every Super Hero we have seen in Cartoon shows and Movies. “Doing Good, Defeating Dark forces and Saving the Day”. Please understand, our model is Jesus. Just because I have taken the concept of “Super Hero” to explain a Kingdom truth doesn’t mean you have to dress like Batman, jump into your bike and go out to fight thugs. We do it in Jesus’ way.

God anointed Jesus of Nazareth “with the Holy Spirit and power”, and how he went around doing good and healing all who were under the power of the devil, because “God was with him”. Acts 10:38(NIV)- Peter didn’t say:” Jesus did what He did because HE IS JESUS”. He said Jesus did what He did because He was anointed by the Holy Spirit and God was with Him. We are also anointed by the Holy Spirit and God is also with us, so we are eligible to do Good and scare hell like Jesus.

Jesus went around doing Good: Loving people, Healing people, Setting people free from Demonic bandages. Like our Big Brother Jesus, we have to go around doing Good with our Super Powers. We have to punch the devil at every turn and expel darkness because we the Light of this Dark world. God is not going to come down and do something because He has kept us here as Warriors of Light filled with Super Powers to Change this world. While we are looking up to Heaven for Help to be dropped for this Dark world, God is looking down on His Sons and daughters and saying:”You go and Help. You are the Light. You are New Creations. You are Super heroes with Super Powers. Go…”. As a Son and Daughter of God, you have got just two core things to do in life:”Walk with Daddy God and Destroy the Works of the devil at every turn”. All our jumping up and down and playing Church comes last.

The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’s work. 1 John 3:8(NIV) – We are also Sons and Daughters of God and our Job is to destroy the devil’s work. We don’t fight for victory; We fight from the victory of Christ.

Note: Destroying the works of the devil simply means Loving people, that’s the Second Great commandment. Love God and Love People, the end.

Practical tips:

Just because you are a Super human with Super Powers doesn’t mean everything is going to happen automatically. I will give you a few action points to get into action:

Soak in God’s Presence: Being Still before God, Waiting in God’s presence is what brings your spirit to the surface. It is the place where you meet God and have intimate encounters with Him.

Pray in the Spirit: Praying more in tongues is another way of making you more aware of your spirit and God’s spirit and the Spiritual real. It is also the “charger” for your spiritual walk. Plug in and Charge daily.

Hearing God: Hear His voice daily. Be led by Him in every area of your life. Develop a lifestyle of engaging with God, don’t settle for your Morning devotions. The moment you stop hearing God is the Moment you stop ascending in God and start descending.

Renew your Mind: Transform your thinking with your Identity in Christ. Study, Meditate and Confess the Word of God. The New Creation life will come out only when you renew your mind and guard it.

Boldness: Without Guts, you can’t do anything in the Kingdom of God. It takes boldness to step out for God and do Good “like Jesus”. Ask God for Boldness, boldness that will scare hell.

Kingdom Partners: Develop friendship with Christians who are sold for “Walking with Daddy God and Destroying the devil’s works”. Iron sharpens Iron; walk with people who challenge you to go deeper in God. On the other hand, stay away bad wrong influences.

Handling Opposition: When you stand up for God you will start to attract hatred, opposition and harsh criticism. The Holy Spirit rising up in you will irritate the Religious spirits in Church and the Political spirits in the world. Like in Nolan’s “Batman”, you will be written off as the bad guy for doing Good and sacrificing your life. Be prepared.

Step out: Dreaming of doing Good and doing nothing is dangerous. Don’t wait for something to happen, step out and act. Don’t just wait for people or problems to come to you, you go to where they are.

Okay, Now what…Time to do Good. Time to Save the Day. Time to Defeat Dark forces. Time to Make Daddy Proud. Christian life is not a life filled with Boring Church activities, it is an Exciting life: Walking with Daddy God and Destroying the devil’s works. Get to work…




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