What will you do to Change the World???

At this very moment, as you are reading this- billions of people are struggling with one problem or the other, millions are dying of hunger, millions are battling horrible diseases, millions are destroying their lives through tobacco and alcohol and drugs, thousands are being killed for no reason, thousands of young girls are being pushed into prostitution, thousands are ready to take their own lives…Are you going to just watch everything or will you do something to Change the World???

A Monster and a Young Boy:

Imagine, a dreadful monster like the Dinosaurs in Jurassic Park is walking into your street destroying everything and killing everyone it sees. What will you do???

Possibility 1: Most of you will run for your life….Awwwwwwwwww!!

Possibility 2: Some of you will get your family together and take them with you on your “run for your life” sprint……Awwwwwwww!!

Let’s turn to a real story now. People were running away from a Monster but a young man went towards the monster. He went to the monster saying-“That’s enough…I don’t care how big you are, how much pounds you weigh and how big your biceps is…You came against my God and my people, you are going to pay for it. Receive this Big Man”. Shhhhhhh…Bham…A little stone hits the monster and the monster dies. Remember this story?

The world we live in is facing monsters like Goliath, darkness is taking over everywhere…What will you do??? Will you go and tell the monsters right in their faces-“That’s enough” like David??? Or Will you just go through life doing nothing to change the world??

Two types of people:

There are just two types of people in the world- “the ones who just talk about the problems the world is facing” and “the ones who get their hands dirty by doing something to eradicate the problems in the world”. The former are selfish, the latter are selfless. The former are busy with their own lives, the latter are busy changing lives. The former may sometimes send some money for a cause but the latter put their foot down saying-“That’s enough…I’m going to do everything to kill this monster”. If your life is all about “you, your family and your wallet”, then you have not started living your life. Real life is a life lived for others. Think about this- What if, Mother Theresa chose a normal life than serving people? What if, Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela lived their lives saying-“Who cares??” and didn’t fighting for something? What if, Gandhi loved his Law profession and stayed with it?? What if Jesus stayed away from the dreadful cross??…Think again.

Bono, Heidi and Jesus…What??? Get a life guys:

Bono, U2: Bono is the lead singer of the world famous rock band U2. You would have seen his Rock n Rolla looks or seen him sing and strum his guitar, but you better know his other side. He is a Jesus-Lover and a philanthropist who fights against poverty through numerous ways.

Hey Bono, you are a Rock star…Why do you have to waste your time and money serving people???

Heidi Baker: Heidi Baker is one of the craziest people I know in planet earth. She is really from another world. She just lives to love God and to show people the love of God. She is changing this world alongside her husband Rolland from Mozambique, Africa. They have planted 10,000 Churches and they have established lot of feeding programs, medical facilities, schools or whatever…name them all. She has seen the dead raised, food multiplied and all kinds of crazy miracles. She has been shot at, beaten up, been in shipwrecks and still goes on with her work. Once, I looked at my wife and said- “Heidi baker…I just love this woman”.

Hey Heidi baker, why didn’t you just stay in U.S?? Why do you have to suffer all this garbage for people who are not related to you, who don’t look like you or whatever??

Jesus: The Church is in a very bad state because it knows nothing about Jesus. Jesus went around doing good, feeding the hungry, healing the sick, setting the demonized free and loving the unloved. The Pastors of His day declared that He was demon-possessed, His family called Him a lunatic but He was not moved. He kept doing good and in the end, gave His life on the cross for saving mankind. And that’s living life.

Hey Jesus…Why did you leave heaven and come down?? Why suffer and die for sinful humanity??

Note: You can check out more about Bono and Heidi in the internet and study your Bible properly to know about Jesus who has commanded us to live like Him.

What will you do? :

The people who live their lives for others must know what they are doing or they must be nuts. You just got one life-shouldn’t you be busy building a nice home, waiting for the next Apple product, spending your busy schedule in Facebook, thinking about how to earn more money and how to buy the advanced appliances, talking about Movies and sports with your friends, watching the same boring Sunday morning show called Church service even though people around you are hungry, hurt, sick and dying. Right??…

Even though I didn’t like the Movie “Son of God”, a particular scene shook me. Peter will ask Jesus-“What are we going to do???” and Jesus will answer-“We are going to change the world” and I whistled saying-“Yeahh…I will change the world”. What will you do? Will you just go through life or step out and do something?? Who will help the poor, who will heal the sick, who will protect the innocent?? Who will stop prostitution, terrorism and child abuse?? This call is for a selfless, crazy, radical, tough life but also a more enjoyable, satisfying, pleasurable life than a normal one. You will have to take bullets to change this world. I have answered the call; I have told God-“I will take the bullets to change this world. I put my life on the line”…

To know what are the reasons behind the darkness in the world, dive into this post-http://holyspiritrevolution.com/3-reasons-darkness-world/

Start today, touch one life at a time…impact someone’s life today, give hope to someone, give a helping hand to someone, love someone…Come let’s change the world!!





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