Why Books are the Best Gifts

I was not a natural when it came to reading. I was busy playing video games, when my brother and sister devoured novels. After my encounter with Jesus in my bedroom, I had this supernatural desire for books(Books about God, I’m still allergic to other books). I bought books, studied them and even started gifting them. After studying many, many, many books(I can count a 100 right before my table), I can say that this habit has been life changing.

Why should you read books?

Some may think why should I read books, when I have my Bible and some others may think why should I read books, when I have a good pastor who teaches me every Sunday. Studying books written by leaders and others from different parts of the world is not a replacement for your Bible or your Pastor. Hearing from God and receiving revelation from God must always be your primary connection with heaven. You must be a part of a physical fellowship where you are taught the Word(I should add that a lot of churches and fellowship teach junk and not the Word). Here are few reasons on why you should read books:-

  • God won’t give one person every revelation heaven can afford. God distributes revelation that we need each other to grow into maturity. We have the mind of Christ, not you or me.
  • A single truth in the Word can be seen from different perspectives, ever heard someone say that revelation is multifaceted. When we learn from each other, we gain fresh and new perspectives that take us deeper in God and empower us to live victorious.
  • God has this habit of dropping your keys in someone else’s pocket. Elijah carried Elisha’s key, Moses carried Joshua’s key, Paul carried Timothy’s key and the list goes on. The keys you need for your life can be in some of the books God has released into this world. The answers you need for your life can be in the book written by someone on the other end of the world.
Why gift books?
  • Books are not costly but they are powerful.
  • A good book can turn someone’s life around, a box of chocolates or a coop watch can’t do that.
  • A super duper phone can excite someone but a good book can empower them for life.
  • A book may last for decades, knowledge from the book can last for a lifetime.

I believe those are good reasons to gift a book to your loved one/loved ones, this holiday season. 2018 is coming to an end with Christmas and New year at the door, and a good book can give a good ending and good beginning for your loved one/loved ones.

My handpicked books:-

P.S:- If you are short of money or if you want to send to multiple people and don’t have much money, then Andrew Wommack’s book will be an affordable pick.

Buying-Gifting guide:-
  • Click the link of the book you want to gift.
  • Look for the best offer– choose paperback, choose new and choose the best offer(with free delivery).
  • Click buy now or add to card.
  • Tick yes for gift wrapping. Add a cute message.
  • Type in the address of your loved one. (If you want to gift the book in person, type your address and forget amazon wrapping your gift)
  • Pay and your gift will be on the way to your loved one. (Don’t give COD, if you are sending the gift directly to your loved one)

P.S:- You can gift yourself a book too. You can enjoy this Christmas-New year season on a good book. I always gift myself with good books. If you have trouble buying, ask me for help.

Happy Gifting. Happy Christmas and Happy New year. Much love from my heart to yours.


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