Who killed the Bible??

God's Presence

No one has killed the Bible and no one can kill the Bible. The Bible is not dead, it is alive. God’s Word has God’s power impregnated in it and it is not outdated. Christians have the most powerful book in their hands but most of them live the most powerless, defeated lives.  

God’s Word works:

Your problems or situations are facts, but God’s Word is the truth. Your pain is reality but God’s Word is a higher reality. God’s Word always works. It doesn’t work for many because it is “conditional”. Most Christians want their answers or blessings but are not ready to meet the conditions. In the end, they go around telling-“God’s Word doesn’t work”. For example, if you want peace and happiness you must transfer all your problems to God. You cannot expect peace from God when you are always thinking about your problem.

Making God’s Word real in your lives:

God’s Word will not make any sense to you if you just give it a little time in your daily schedule. The Bible is not a story book to skim or read, it is God’s Word so STUDY IT.

When you were a baby, your parents used to call out your name again and again because you didn’t know your name. But now, you respond at a single call. Similarly, The Bible becomes real in your life when you know it as you know your name. Study again and again, meditate, and Study again….The more you do, the more the Bible will become real to you.

Holy Spirit, author and teacher of the Bible:

Holy Spirit is the author of the Bible and you cannot understand the Bible apart from Him. The Bible is spiritual and you cannot understand it with your head. You have to study the Bible with your heart with the Holy Spirit’s Help. Holy Spirit is our Bible teacher and so ask Him to teach you. (God also uses specially anointed Human teachers but Holy Spirit must be our primary teacher)

Overhauling your mind:

You are God-like in your spirit (born-again). When you study the Bible with the Holy Spirit, your mind is renewed. A renewed mind is the gateway for everything in your born-again spirit to be released into this world. The more renewed your mind is, the more of God’s power you will see flowing out of your spirit.

God’s Word is alive:

The Bible is not like other books. It has life in it. God’s Word is alive. It is more alive than the people around you. If you are just reading your Bible and not experiencing the stuffs in it, you are wasting your time. The Bible talks about God’s tangible presence, miracles, visions and we “must” experience them in our lives because the Bible is alive. The Bible is supernatural and it must have supernatural results in our lives.

For the word of God is alive and powerful. Hebrews 4:12(NLT)

God’s Word is God:

The way you treat the Bible is the way you will treat Jesus if He was with you. Period. How much time do you give it daily? Do you give God’s Word first place in your life by pushing back traditions and human opinions?

God’s Word is equal to God. Love the Bible, respect the Bible and Live with the Bible.

Do you love your Bible? How much time do you give it daily? Did this post bless you?…Drop your comments below…….




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