Who and What are you listening to???

What you listen to is what you become. The teachings, your ears are open to hear are going to be the foundation and pillars of your life. In the natural, you grow by eating food. In the spiritual, you grow by eating the Word. Your physical health will get affected when you eat junk food and also when you eat only one kind of good food, ignoring the others. Your spiritual health will get affected when you listen to false teachings and also when you listen to only one truth or subject, ignoring the others. I’m not going to talk about eating junk food; I’m going to talk about eating an unbalanced diet. Feeding on unbalanced teachings is the subject here, not false teachings. Here we go…

Unbalanced teachings in the Church:-

The Church has been caught up in the stupid practice of circling around a doctrine or a Man of God for too long. Started in the days of Paul, continued through the ages and is present even now. But Paul was like-“C’mon guys…it’s not about Paul or Cephas or Apollos…it is all about Jesus Christ…Stop exalting the servants of Christ”. When people fall in love with the teaching of faith, they set themselves apart and expose themselves only to Faith teachers, thinking everyone else in wrong. When people fall in love with a Preacher’s teachings, they just listen to him and don’t listen to anyone else, thinking everyone else except this preacher don’t have revelation. If the preacher focuses on a single subject saying that’s what He is called to preach, then the people listening to him will end up unhealthy.

A Wise Leader from the Word of Faith Movement said years back-“The Faith message is not the only message in the Word of God, but some people have latched onto the faith of God- what it can get them and so forth- until they have perverted this greatest truth of God’s Word. Anyone who is locked into hearing only one message from God’s Word is in trouble”.  Those who have ears, let them hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying. If you take his wise words into heart, you will keep yourself from harm and deception.

We must not gather around a doctrine or a man of God, we must gather around the Entire Word of God and around Jesus Christ, our Lord and King. We must preach the Gospel of the Kingdom, not a Gospel of this and that. The problem with the practice of gathering around a particular Preacher or Leader in the Church is harmful because no one out there is feeding a balanced diet to the people, with a few exceptions.

For I Have not hesitated to proclaim to you the “Whole Will of God”. Acts 20:27– The Will of God is the Word of God, and Paul preached the Whole Word of God not a part of it.

For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine, instead to suit their desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears WANT TO HEAR. They will turn away from the truth and turn aside to myths. 2 Timothy 4:3,4– Sound doctrine means having all the truths in place not just half or a few. If you are HEARING WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR, you are holding hands with the devil. Myths are not just the lies from the pit of hell but are also the overemphasized truths that open the door for myths to enter in. Demons are not just busy introducing false teachings but are also busy making people emphasize one truth over the other.

Good diet, Good health:- 

A balanced diet is the secret to good health, both in the physical and the spiritual. A balanced physical diet must contain all the nutrients(carbs, protein, minerals, etc) in the right amount. A balanced spiritual diet must contain all the truths of the Word of God.

  • If all you hear is Faith and not Love, you will be in trouble. If all you hear is Love and no Faith, you will be in trouble.
  • If all you hear is revival and awakening and nothing on the characteristics of a good family, families will fall apart while revival fire is spreading. If all you hear is how to run the family, people are going be satisfied with a good family life and won’t get up to set the world on fire.
  • If all you hear is grace and nothing about sin, we will have people smiling at Jesus while they are sinning. If all you hear is on sin but nothing on grace, we will have people fighting sin on their own strength and failing on repeat mode.
  • If you all you hear is the Holiness of God and nothing on the Goodness of God, we will have people who respect God but don’t connect with Him as a friend. If all you hear is the Goodness of God and nothing on the Holiness of God, we will have people who connect with God as a friend but misuse that connection due to the lack of respect. (Many understand “Holiness” as purity and sinless, which is not true, but I have stated it in the way most people see it to get the point through. Holiness means “set apart”, on a different level, and includes all the attributes of God. Holiness is not purity, it includes purity).
  • If you all hear is weird, out-of-world supernatural teachings and nothing on leading a natural life, you are going to become too spooky for the world to be attracted to you. If all you hear is on how to live out the natural part of our lives and nothing on the supernatural, you will be so normal that the world will think there is nothing different between them and the Church.
  • If all you hear is the Finished work of Jesus and not on the Unfinished work of every child of God, we will end up with a lazy and selfish church that is sitting on what Jesus did saying-“He did everything, I don’t have to do anything”. If all you hear is the unfinished work of the Church and not the finished work of Jesus, we will have a Church working up in its own strength without knowing what she already has in Christ.
  • If all you hear is end times teaching and nothing on the present times, we will have people thinking too much about the future while missing out on the present. If all you hear is on the present and not on the future, people will lack knowledge on what the future holds.
  • If all you hear is healing and miracles but nothing on helping orphans and taking care of widows, we will have a power-addicted church that is always on the run to heal the sick, get a testimony and share it on Facebook while ignoring the poor, orphans and widows on their way. If all you hear is helping the poor and building orphanages and nothing on the power of God to heal, the Church will become another social organization in town and miracles will become foreign.
  • If all you hear is on evangelizing people in the world and nothing on discipling the people in the Church, we will have an Orphanage not a Church. If all you hear is on discipling those in the Church and nothing on evangelizing the world, we will have a Church that is happy within four walls and doesn’t go out to shine its light to the world.
  • If all you hear is Church growth and how the Church should function and nothing on marriage, divorce rate and adultery rate will be high. If all you hear is marriage and how to be a good husband and wife, the church will not move forward.
  • If all you hear is sexual sins and nothing on the good side of sex, we will have a Church that thinks sex is bad. If all you hear is the good side of sex and not on sexual sins, we will have a Church playing with sexual sins not knowing which is OK and which is NOT OK in the area of sex.
  • If all you hear is demons and deliverance, you will start seeing demons in every bush. If all you hear is the Holy Spirit and Angels and nothing on demonology, you will not be aware of the operations of the demonic and will be taken down without notice.
  • If all you hear is sugar-coated teachings that make you feel good, you are going to continue your secret affair with the devil until destruction knocks all your tooth off. If all you hear is hard-hitting messages that make you uncomfortable, you are going to sink in your chair.
  • If all you hear is encouraging teachings and not correcting/rebuking teachings, you will continue to go on a date with the devil without knowing who he is and what he is going to do to you. If all you hear is correcting/rebuking teachings and no encouragement, you will lose courage and won’t amount to anything in the Kingdom.
  • If you all you hear is man-made rules and traditions, just get up, walk off and don’t return. If all you hear is the Old covenant inserted into the New Covenant, just get up, walk off and don’t return(The problem is not with the Old Testament but with the Old Covenant. The Old covenant is outdated but you can learn a lot from the Old Testament).
  • If all you hear is Joel Osteen and Creflo Dollar, you are going to be in trouble. If all you hear is Paul Washer and John MacArthur, you are going to be in trouble. Don’t just take a dose of Joseph Prince, take a dose of Derek Prince. Don’t be satisfied with Rick warren, get something from Rick Joyner.

Pheww….I can go on and on…

Preach the Word. Be prepared in season and out of season- Correct, Rebuke and Encourage with great patience and careful instruction. 2 Timothy 4:2- You must receive Corrections, Rebukes and Encouragements, if you are not, then you are in the wrong place listening to teachings that are harmful to your spiritual health.

Important Note:- I quoted these preachers in random, not as a tip for a balanced spiritual diet. I’m not speaking for someone or speaking against someone. Please Understand Me. Adding to that, the list of subjects mentioned is not all the subjects out there, but  i believe it covers the ministry of teaching in its entirety.

Unbalanced teachings= False teachings:-

Listening to one truth without listening to the Entire Word of God is as dangerous as listening to a false teaching from the pit of hell. Being in a Church, where only one part of the Word is emphasized, is as dangerous as Being in Cultic churches like Jehovah’s witnesses and Mormons.

You need a balanced diet both in the physical and the spiritual. Sugar is considered a poison in the nutritious world. In the Same way, Sugar coated teachings that make you feel good and nothing else are poisonous to your spiritual life. Apple is good for your health but eating only Apple is not good for your health.

All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work. 2 Timothy 3:16, 17– If the Word of God you hear doesn’t teach you, rebuke you, correct you and train you/equip you to do good works, then you are listening to the True Word of God. The True Word of God, when taught, will contain all these four elements- teach, rebuke, correct and train.

Called to Preach:-

Preachers say-“I’m called to preach this message”, “Jesus came to me in a vision and asked me to teach this message to the Church”, “A n Angel came and gave me revelation on this subject” and emphasize a particular message or subject throughout their ministry. This leaves the people tuning in to their ministry with limited revelation, an unhealthy spiritual life and narrow minds. According to the Bible, you are called to preach to the Gentiles or the Jews, like Paul and Peter not to preach a specific message. Even if there is a specific calling to preach a specific message, Jesus would not ask anyone to preach only one topic while ignoring others. Jesus can come in a vision, Angels can show up and the Holy Spirit can unveil truths to people but they will never say-“Preach only this, ignore the other truths”.

If a preacher can cover only one subject or truth, He must have others covering other subjects from His pulpit or He must encourage those listening to him/her to listen to other preachers who cover other subjects. My personal belief, after studying the lives of many preachers is this:- they either received a special revelation on a particular subject or were blessed by a particular truth or message through another preacher and then made it their calling to preach it or made it their ministry. What I’m saying is that, “they chose” to preach a specific message or emphasize a specific revelation; “they were not called” do it.

I had been entrusted with the task of preaching the Gospel to the Gentiles, just as Peter had been to the Jews. Galatians 2:7

The Teaching ministry of Jesus and Paul:-

Jesus was not a Holiness Preacher and Paul was not a Grace Preacher. Both of them were not Faith teachers. Both of them covered a lot of different subjects in their teaching ministry and thereby can’t be branded as a particular preacher or teacher. Why then do we have people taking a subject from the Bible and branding themselves with it???

Jesus spoke on Love, Faith, Giving, Forgiveness, Angels, Demons, Marriage, Sexual sin, Suffering for the Gospel, Work of the Holy Spirit, Prayer, Obeying the Word of God, Responsibilities of a believer, Purpose and call of the Church, etc. Paul spoke on Love, Faith, Giving, Forgiveness, Demons, Marriage, Sexual sin, Suffering for the Gospel, Work of the Holy Spirit, Prayer, Identity of a believer, Responsibilities of a believer, Purpose and call of the Church, Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit, etc. We are called to live like Jesus and He is only model for Christian living, not only for Christian living but also for a Leader. Next to Him, Paul will be in the list. They covered many subjects; they provided a balanced diet to their hearers.

Take the Epistles of Paul, the first half talks about what Christ has done for us and in us, and second half talks about what we must do and how we must live because of what Christ has done for us and in us. The problem arises, when people emphasize the first half or the second half, and ignore the other. One group talks only about what Christ has done and another group talks only about what we must do. Both are incomplete, Paul didn’t ask us to pick and choose. We must know what Christ has done for us and in us, and then out of that revelation, we must do what we are called to do and live lives pleasing to God.

Holiness Preacher? Grace Preacher? Faith teacher? End times teacher? Preach and Teach the Entire Word of God. Encourage, Rebuke and Correct. The Church needs a balanced diet to be strong and healthy. Who and What are you listening to? Are you receiving a balanced diet? Do you think you have to change your spiritual diet? Your Pastor can be the only one you listen to or You are someone who listens to many preachers through the internet, whatever, you need to check whether you are receiving the entire Word of God…If you want to Grow Up healthy and strong, check your diet and eat a balanced diet.




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