When you see the Invisible, you can do the Impossible- Oral Roberts

Oral roberts, one of the Healing Generals of the Healing revival has written “When you see the Invisible, you can do the Impossible”, which is a faith-booster and a perspective-giver. When all the generals of the healing revival fell from their thrones, Oral Roberts kept his place and ran his race. That should push you to hear from this Man who survived, when all his co-generals fell flat on their faces.

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Faith is not something you have to get. It’s something that you, as a born-again child of God, already have. Act on it by releasing it to God. That’s when your healing starts- Oral Roberts

Oral Roberts, The Healing General:-

A young boy in Oklahoma was dying of tuberculosis. One day, he was taken to a evangelistic campaign and he was miraculously healed in the meeting. God promised Him -“I will heal you and you will carry my healing power”. God kept His word by healing Roberts and then sending Him out to bring healing to millions. He is gone now but the impact of his life is still lingering throughout the world.


Faith pleases God. Faith sees what is unseen and brings it into the seen. Faith makes the impossible possible. Faith must be our way of life but most Christians get saved by faith and then walk through life in fear and doubt. This book is all about Faith in God and His promises. If you apply everything taught in this book about faith, you will lead a purposeful and supernatural life.

The Book:-
  • You will receive keys from the life of Roberts on how to find your calling and purpose.
  • You will be taught that perseverance is must-must element for life.
  • You will understand that God is a healing God and he uses you and me to release His healing power on earth.
  • You will receive the secret behind Roberts’ anointed ministry.
  • You will learn how to choose your spouse and how to build a good marriage.
  • You will learn about handling finances and giving to God.
  • You will learn about the importance of Praying in tongues.
  • Roberts shares the secrets He learned from his father, mother and wife.


This book looks like a compilation of different subjects knitted together by God and Faith. It is for sure a good read, as you will have understanding and perspective over many subjects, when you finish the book.

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Here’s a short video of Oral Roberts demonstrating the power of God:-


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