When Heaven Invades Earth- Bill Johnson

Bill Johnson is the Senior Pastor of the famed Bethel Church in Redding, California. He is considered as a Father and a General of the present-day move of God. He is a master in activating a supernatural lifestyle and a miraculous mindset. If I’m not wrong, this is his first book, the beginning of a series of books, rich in wisdom and revelation. When Heaven invades earth will expand your life to the supernatural realm and will leave you with a deeper passion for God.

P.S:- Bill is one of my fav authors. 

Bill nails this point again and again through different ways- “As Sons and Daughters of God, we can and we must walk in the supernatural”. If you study this book with an open heart, you will catch the same fire that is burning in Bill’s heart for the power of God to manifest and bring change on earth.

What you will encounter in this book:-
  • The supernatural is the normal way of living for every believer.
  • The Great commission can’t be achieved without the Great empowerment, and the great empowerment enables you to work miracles in His name.
  • What is faith and how walking in faith will unlock the supernatural over your life.
  • How to pray heaven down and change earth.
  • How to partner with the Holy Spirit, the power agent of the Kingdom of God.
  • We need both character and power, not just character.
  • Lack of power in our lives and churches costs us so much.
  • Our job is to be Jesus to this dark world and you can’t be Jesus to this dark world without operating in power.
  • Many more refreshing and compelling truths.

The book will do what it claims to do- it will activate you to walk in the supernatural. If you are hungry for the power of God to manifest in healing and miracles, get this book and eat it. It will be life-changing for sure.

“The doctrine stating signs and wonders are no longer needed because we have the Bible was created by people who hadn’t seen God’s power and needed an explanation to justify their own powerless churches.”
― Bill Johnson, When Heaven Invades Earth. 

“If you assign ten new believers the task of studying the Bible to find God’s heart for this generation, not one of them would conclude that spiritual gifts are not for today. You have to be taught that stuff!”
― Bill Johnson, When Heaven Invades Earth 

Love for God and Power from God:-

Bill Johnson talks about the Power of God, miracles and the supernatural so much not because they are cool but because He loves God. I have watched many talk about the supernatural and miracles because it’s cool or to increase their significance. Not so with Bill Johnson. Earth knows Him as Man of healings and miracles but Heaven knows Him as Man who loves hanging out with God. We must not become “Miracle lovers” or “Lovers of the Supernatural(We must celebrate them as gifts from God), we must always be “God Lovers” who work miracles in His Name and with His power.


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