What Captain America taught me

Captain America, the superhero with a crazy shield made of vibranium which was mined from Wakanda whose king is the Black Panther AKA T’Challa, who battles Erik Killmonger in the movie black panther for the throne of Wakanda. Woooo that’s how you move away from what you wanted to say and write a sentence that’s too too long(Pardon Me English). Forget Wakanda and Black Panther, let’s laser target Captain America. 

Falling in Love with Captain America:-

I watched Captain America movie series this year and I learned a lot, like how I learned a lot by watching Fast and Furious series before(That will be another blog post). I fell in Love with Captain America’s heart for people- he is not even willing to sacrifice one soul- that sounds like Jesus’s parable of the Lost sheep where the Shepherd leaves the 99 and goes in search for the Lost One. God’s heart beats for everyone, irrespective of how they look or how they behave. He loves the world, He loves all of us.

The characterization of every superhero in the Avengers world is profound. For me, Captain America stands out because of his heart. Cap’s heart filled love and sacrifice, has another element and that’s what I want to focus on- perseverance. Cap is a man of perseverance- a man who never gives up, a man who hopes, a man who fights through pain, a man who stands against storms and screams “Bring it on”.

Attention:- Please understand, my heart behind this post. Don’t use this post to waste your time on movies saying “I’m learning from God”. Keep everything in check, don’t get addicted to anything except God. Be addicted to God’s presence and God’s Word.

I can do this all day:-

The epic battle between Iron Man and Captain America in Civil War has become close to my heart because of the portion where you have a bloody Captain America (ready to box) says “I can do this all day”. “You can punch me all day long but I’m going to keep coming back. You can hit me hard, it can pain so deep but brother I’m sorry, I’m not giving up. That’s my best friend over there and I’m not letting you touch him. Yes, He sinned against you. Yes, He did bad things. He even punched the hell out of me but He is my Best Friend and I’m not going to give up on Him”.

Iron Man finds out that Cap’s Best Friend Bucky is the one who killed his parents. So Iron Man makes his revenge move and Cap comes to the rescue of his friend. Baam Baam Baam…Iron man knocks Cap hard and commands him to stay down. Cap coughs the epic dialogue of the series-“I can do this all day”. Wait a minute, didn’t Captain America utter the same dialogue in ‘Captain America- The First Avenger’ when he was beaten by a bully? He was a powerless, puny boy then, he is a superhero now, irrespective of his physical strength, his heart kept coughing- “I can do this all day”.

Life and Perseverance:-

God never promised an easy life. Life will punch you on all sides. You can’t run from the difficulties of life. A new job, a new boyfriend, a new gadget or a new car is not going to help you play life. What you need is- perseverance- the secret of all secrets locked up in the depths of the hearts of those who lived victorious lives in the eyes of heaven.

If you don’t give you, you will eventually overcome what you are fighting. Everyday, all around the world, people are missing out on blessings and victories by giving up when they are a little finger away from the finish line. If you don’t give up, you will reach the promised land. If you don’t give up, you will live the dreams you have in God. If you don’t give up, your life will turn out to be beautiful because God is always working for your good. Look at life’s storms, Look at the devil and say “I can do this all day”, because the One who is in you is greater than everything against you. Don’t give up on life, Don’t give up on your relationships, Don’t give up on your dreams. 

“We inherit the promises of God through faith and perseverance”. Hebrews 6:12

The scene from Captain America-The First Avenger:- 

The scene from Captain America- Civil War:- 

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