Trust Me, You have God’s Power in you…

We are surrounded by people who are hurting, in pain and dying of some sickness. Most of us think-“God, where are you?? People are hurting” but fail to listen to His reply-“Guys, what are you doing? I gave you My power and My authority. You are the Light of this World. Read your Bibles properly”. You are responsible for the chaos in the world. Don’t panic, you have God’s power in you to change the world. Trust me, you have God’s Power. If you don’t trust me, then trust God-

Power from Heaven for every Christian:

The Baptism in the Holy Spirit is a “gift from God” which is available for everyone who believes in Jesus. It is for power and not for tongues. Jesus didn’t say-“When the Holy Spirit comes on you, you will speak in tongues”, Jesus said-“When the Holy Spirit comes on you, you will receive Power”. Tongues is the initial evidence but not the purpose of Spirit Baptism. Tongues is important for our Christian life, I pray more in tongues but the primary purpose of Spirit Baptism is not tongues but Power to expel darkness, drive out demons, heal the sick and transform the world around us. God’s Power doesn’t have to come down from Heaven to change the World, it has to come out of You.

You will receive Power when the Holy Spirit comes on you. Acts 1:8(NIV)

You will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. The promise is for you and your children and for ALL who are far off-for ALL whom the Lord our God will call.Acts 2:38,39(NIV)-It is for all not only for the people on stage.

Receiving the Baptism in the Spirit:

If you are baptized in the Spirit, you have God’s power in you. If you have not been baptized in the Spirit, you can get baptized right now.The only eligibility for receiving the Baptism of Power is “believing in Jesus, receiving Him as your Lord and Saviour, surrendering your life to Him”. So if you believe in Jesus, if you are a Christian then receiving the Baptism of Power is just a step of Faith ahead of you. You don’t have to be a “Super Prophet” or a Missionary to receive God’s power. Ask God to baptize you in His Spirit and receive. You don’t have to bang Heaven’s door for hours and days to receive the Baptism in the Spirit, you will receive it the moment you believe.

In the book of Acts, Christians waited for the baptism in the Spirit “only” on the Day of Pentecost, after that every Christian received the Baptism in the Spirit “instantly”. Believe and pray, you will be baptized in the Spirit instantly. You don’t have to wait; you can receive right now if you will believe. It is a gift, you receive it “by receiving” not by praying hard or fasting more. You can pray hard and fast more after you receive the Baptism in the Spirit.

I have been Baptized in the Spirit…but :

If you have already been baptized in the Spirit but not moving in power, then it is like buying a car and letting it stay in your garage. You are responsible for taking the car out of your garage and using it for your transportation. Similarly, you are responsible for releasing the power that has been given to you. Remember, Jesus’ parable on the gold coins where one guy buried the coin given to him and didn’t use it. Most Christians are doing the same by burying the “Gift from the Father-the Baptism in the Holy Spirit”. Maybe, you are one these “burying” Christians. Before you read further, pause for a moment and think about what happened to the guy who buried the coin and didn’t use it. I sure that Jesus’s answer will not be-“It’s Okay, No problem”.

Demystifying the Power of God:

After teaching in a Church, I started ministering to the sick. A guy came to me, told me that he was suffering from a problem in his urinary bladder. He was in constant discomfort and pain. When I laid my hands in his stomach to minister, I was interrupted. The Pastor of that Church was yelling “unwanted” stuffs in the microphone and I was getting distracted and the guy who I was praying for couldn’t hear me. To be Honest, I wanted to stick the microphone in that Pastor’s mouth and say-“Hey Pastor, Shut your Speaker off…I’m ministering to the sick”. In the midst of this chaos, that guy said-“I’m Healed”. I thought-“Woooo..You mean you got healed…but I didn’t pray for you properly”. He grabbed a microphone and started sharing the testimony of his miracle that happened few secs ago. He said-“When brother laid his hands on me, I felt fire flowing from him into my body and I got healed”. I thought-“Woooo…you mean fire flowed through my hands into your body…I didn’t feel any fire”. That was a double treat for me.

See, I was not able to pray properly because of the yelling Pastor and I didn’t feel God’s Power, but God’s Power in me flowed through me into his body and he got healed. I didn’t feel the power of God in me, but the guy I was praying felt the power of God flow through me. Most of you are not stepping out because you want to “feel” God’s power. But you can see that in the presented case, I didn’t “feel” God’s Power but the guy got healed. I didn’t “feel” powerful but I “knew” I was powerful because the Greater One is in me, because I have been baptized in the Holy Spirit and because of that the guy got healed. I base my Faith in God, in His Word and in the revelation I carry.

Then…Do I feel God’s Power??Yes… How does it feel? Sometimes like Fire…Sometimes like liquid fire or burning oil. What I’m trying to say is that feeling God’s power is cool but you don’t have to sit back and do nothing because you don’t feel powerful. God’s power is spiritual, you can feel it in the natural but that doesn’t mean there is no power if you don’t feel it. If you are baptized in the Spirit, you have God’s Power in you whether you feel it or not. And Guess what, when you believe and start doing stuffs for God you will start “feeling” God’s power clothing you.

Keys for Operating and Growing in God’s Power:

  • “When you believe that you have God’s Power in you, you will start operating in God’s Power”. Faith activates the Power of God in you. To walk in Faith, you have to kick out fear, unbelief, doubt and logical thinking out of your life and this happens through intimacy with God. Intimacy with God is the key to walk in Faith and Faith is the key to walk in God’s Power. Just Believe…
  • What about Prayer, Bible Study and Fasting??? They help you become intimate with God and walk by Faith, but you can do all these and not be intimate with God. That’s why I said Intimacy and Faith. Prayer and Bible study become religious practices when there is no fruit in your life.
  • God’s Kingdom works with this principle in everything-“What you do with the little you have, qualifies you for more”. You can fast and cry to God-“God, use me like Reinhard Bonnke…Use me like Billy Graham” but if you don’t step out do something then God will say-“In your Dreams Fella”. Doing is what takes you to the next level of Doing, not just praying and desiring. God’s unlimited Power is in you now but the level of God’s power that flows through you depends on your “stepping out and doing by obeying Him”. Remember playing games as a kid, Finish Level  1 to go to Level 2.
  • Peter had to step out and heal a lame man before walking in a level where people who got near him got healed. Peter didn’t sit in the upper room and say-“God I won’t go out unless you promise me that people will be healed by coming under my shadow”. He grew in God’s Power by doing. That’s a key.
  • People who do, grow in doing. People who don’t do, will never do anything. Can I tell you something as a Brother in the Lord??-step out now and release God’s power to someone who is sick or demonized or hurt. You may ask-“Tell me about the “Hows”??.Here it is-“Believe that you have God’s Power in you, step out and do what Jesus did as recorded in the Gospels when He ministered to people”. Do something immediately after reading this post-Ask God what to do,call someone, go in person..Whatever…Do something now. You grow by doing. God rewards faithfulness not Church attendance and Daily Devotions. Be Faithful,Believe and Obey. Above all, surrender your life completely to God and repent from the “Normal Christian thinking” that it is all about “you, your life and your wallet”

You are responsible for carrying the Power of God that has been implanted in you to this hurting world. So get out of your comfort zone, take the buried gift of God’s Power out and serve.


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