True prosperity Vs False prosperity…What does the Bible say about Money?


The Prosperity movement has swept through the entire world. The Church has never been the same after the prosperity movement. Long before, the Church believed that “being poor was Holy or Humility” which was hammered down by the prosperity movement. I believe strongly that God wants His children blessed but I strongly disagree with lot of stuffs and teachings on this topic going on in the Church.

“Prosperity” means Financially blessed or fully supplied and not a “millionaire lifestyle”!

The Birth of the Prosperity Movement:

From my study,I believe the prosperity movement was birthed out from two leaders-Kenneth Hagin.Sr and Oral Roberts. The “sow your seed” method used by the preachers of today was brought to the Church-stage by Oral Roberts. Kenneth Hagin on the other hand was suffering financially before He got the revelation that –“God doesn’t want me poor”. Later, He went on to take on the Church-stage with teachings on prosperity. Am not against “prosperity teaching” but am against money-minded “false prosperity teaching”. Many claim that they are following the teachings of Kenneth Hagin or Oral Roberts but the truth is many have taken it to the extreme causing harm to the Church. Many people don’t know about a meeting Hagin held a few years before he died.

Kenneth E Hagin’s Teeth-breaking Tulsa meeting:

Kenneth Hagin invited the preachers of the Faith movement who were following His teachings to Tulsa. In this meeting, Kenneth Hagin rebuked the preachers who were assembled for twisting His teachings and manipulating the Bible. This meeting took place in 1999 and Hagin went to be with the Lord in 2003. (Read Kenneth Hagin’s book-“Midas’s touch” to know more about His corrections to the prosperity teaching). The man who was the major player in birthing the prosperity movement had to rebuke preachers as they were manipulating the Bible to satisfy their greed. Now, He is gone and the prosperity teaching has become too corrupted! There are a lot preachers who are calling the prosperity teaching as unbiblical or heretic because many have corrupted it. They are on the other extreme. We need preachers who will correct the extremes and stay with the Bible!!

Church or Market?…You decide:

A preacher says-“If you send me this much dollars, you will receive the Pentecostal blessings” another says-“If you sow a seed into my ministry, you will receive your healing”. What???…Jesus didn’t go around asking people to pay for their healing. Jesus didn’t ask His followers to send Him a check to receive the Pentecostal fire!

Sow this much and you will reap more. Sowing and reaping works, but the Bible says-“Give and it shall be given” and not “Give with the intention of getting more”. That’s greed, that’s business. Hagin says-“Don’t make the offering plate as a heavenly vending machine”

We have a lot of teachings on “How to get financial blessings from God” but nothing on “How to give to others”. Jesus said-“Sell your possessions and give to the poor” and the Apostles followed it but now most Christians are storing up wealth. Am not saying we must not be blessed financially, am saying we must not be selfish and greedy!

Important Note: Kenneth Hagin who is considered to be the Father of Word of Faith-Prosperity movement,didn’t drive a Ferrari or Bentley; He drove a Ford Bronco. He was blessed financially but He was a humble man who lived a simple life!

Giving to the Church or Ministries:

With the rise in money-corruption in the Church and ministries, lots of believers have stopped giving tithes and offering or they are giving followed by off-stage gossips about the pastor. Friend, what you give to a servant of God or ministry is what you give to God. You can’t give to God directly. In a movie, a guy collects money in the name of God and goes to the temple-“God, I will throw all this money in the air. Take everything you want and I will take what falls down”. Ha ha…It doesn’t work that way. You give because you are giving to God. Every preacher who mishandles God’s money, will have to answer God. Don’t give to any preacher who always talks about money and misuses money. Don’t give to a preacher who says-“If you give me an offering, you will have your miracles or healing”. 

On the other hand, you can’t expect men of God to live like beggars. A believer drove a “big car”, sat before me and started gossiping about a Pastor’s son who bought a “bike”. That’s devilish. Believers who gossip about “real” men of God are in big trouble. For more info, read my post on “gossiping believers” which is the most viewed post in my blog-

Men of God are God’s children and God will bless them abundantly. There must be a balance. Forget everything, Be a cheerful giver!! Don’t stop giving, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you to the right ministries or Churches to give. If you are not able to find the ones, consult those who the right ones!

God wants you blessed:

Most Christians have their eyes on God’s Hand and not on His face. Am not saying God wants you to be poor, Am saying don’t focus on money, don’t love money. Don’t make money your God. Love God and give Him first place. God wants you to be blessed financially. God wants you to be fully supplied. He is a Father not a dictator. God wants you to be blessed so that you will be blessing!

For the love of money is the first step toward all kinds of sin. Some people have even turned away from God because of their love for it. 1 Timothy 6:10(TLB)

My secret to true prosperity:

My secret to prosperity is simple-“Love God”. You may say-“What?? Am loving God, am not blessed financially”.  Wo wait…Jesus said-“Seek me “first” and all these things will be given to you”(Matthew 6:33). So, if you seek God you will be blessed. If you are not blessed, it means you are not seeking Him properly. Jesus is not a liar. (Many are seeking blessings not God). Another thing we have to understand is that God has “already blessed us” through Jesus and we have to receive our blessings by faith. Before you go, chew on these points-

  • God wants you to bless you because you are His child. He wants to bless you so that you will be a blessing to others!
  • Believe God for your life and He will take care of you!
  • Give offering because you want to give and not have to. Give to the needy like a machine-gun. I give because my Daddy in heaven is a giver!
  • Don’t give to “business men” who portray themselves as preachers. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you the right ministries or Churches!
  • Seek God and Love God. Use money but don’t love money. Don’t put money first. Store up treasures in heaven not on earth!

“Poverty is humility” and “Come to Jesus and He will give you lots of cash” are two extremes which are extremely dangerous. Stay in the Word. Love God and He will take care of you…..

What is your stand on “prosperity”? Did this post help you in understanding the right view of prosperity? Tell us…..


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