The WhatsApp God

When Mystery and Simplicity kiss each other, you get God. God is mischievously mysterious and innocuously simple. It takes faith to understand God and understanding to misunderstand God. The Mysterious God can’t be put in a box but He is reachable because of His ways. God is Love and Love is His way, you can rest on that. God is good and is always working for your good; you can rest on that too. But it takes faith and trying to understand will push you into misunderstanding. Enough of messing with your mind…

The WhatsApp God:-

WhatsApp, the cover boy of modern communication was created by Brian Acton and Jan Koum. The present owner of WhatsApp is Facebook. Okay, never mind, enough of information that has nothing to do with this post.

If I’m online on WhatsApp and messaging you through that platform, you have to get into WhatsApp to connect with me. If you don’t, you can’t get my messages or smileys or selfie pics or gifs or whatever. If you don’t switch on your phone, connect to the internet and get on WhatsApp, you aren’t getting pizza my fella. You can’t be mad at me or be mad at Brian Acton, if you don’t receive my messages. You have a part to play in the connection, if you don’t play your part, you are not getting anything. Similarly, you have a part to play in your connection with God; you have responsibilities to fulfill to receive from God. You can’t sit on your couch, eat potato chips and expect God to work on your behalf.

God is online on WhatsApp and messaging you. You have to get online with Him, to connect with Him and receive from Him. You can’t wave a wand and expect God to work. You need to get online with God. Faith gets you online with God. We will do everything else except faith and wonder why God is so insensitive. My friend, God is not insensitive, you are being stupid. Faith is the bridge between heaven and earth, if you don’t operate in faith you can’t connect. It has been set and established, if you are smart enough you will be working on walking by faith and not doing other stuff.

“You can pray for anything, and if you have faith, you will receive it”.Matthew 21:22

Get off Facebook Messenger, God is not there:-

God is on WhatsApp but if you message him on Messenger, you are not going to receive answers. You can send him voice messages, send him video messages, send him every smiley on the planet but you won’t get a reply because God is on WhatsApp. Go there, message Him there, you will get all the replies you need.

Doubt, fear and worry come natural to us but those stuff put you on messenger, you won’t receive anything from God there. God is not bad or insensitive; you are on the wrong platform. Get off messenger and Get into WhatsApp. Get off doubt, fear and worry and Get into Faith and you will get all the replies you need. The problem is never on God’s side, it is always on our side of the equation. You are on the wrong platform; you are not getting online with Him. If you don’t get into faith, you can’t get online with God and if you don’t get online with God, you can’t receive anything from God. Persistent Faith gets you online with God, not faith that jumps back to fear and doubt and worry when things don’t happen immediately.

WhatsApp  ⇒ ⇒   Faith   ⇒ ⇒   God

Messenger ⇒ ⇒   Doubt, Fear, Worry   ⇒ ⇒    devil, negative powers

The Misunderstood God:-

God is good all the time. God is always working for your good. He wants you blessed more than you want yourself blessed. He wants to answer your prayers, more than you want your prayers answered. He wants to set you free more than you want to be free. When you try to understand Him outside faith, you will misunderstand Him. Uninstall Facebook messenger and stay online in WhatsApp. Uninstall doubt, fear and worry from your life and stay online with God through faith. I believe, now you will know why you didn’t get answers to prayers and why your life is messy even though you go to Church faithfully.

P.S:- Virtually, you can use messenger. I don’t have anything against Mark Zuckerberg. I used WhatsApp and Messenger as images to deliver spiritual truths.

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