The Secret behind the Church’s Failure

The Church has failed in many ways. You can go to Church every Sunday as if everything is alright, but everything is not alright. The Church in the Book of Acts was a baby church which moved in the basic level of Christian living. We are living below the basic level but go to bed everyday as if the world is shouting “the day was saved, thanks to our Christians brothers and sisters”. Whatever, the devil wants the secret to the Church’s failure to be a secret. I’m here to expose the secret, so that we can walk as the Glorious Church.

Shhh…The Secret:
The secret behind the Church’s failure is that we are taking a defensive position. We are defensive in everything and anything. We have a Church mind-set and not a Kingdom mind-set. When I say “Church”, all you can think of is a bunch of Christians gathering together to sing songs and listen to a message. When I say “Kingdom”, all you can think of is an army of warriors taking down the enemies and expanding their territory. Jesus spoke about the Kingdom more than 100 times and spoke about the Church only twice . He came to establish a Kingdom not to a start a Church organisation. Whatever, the secret behind our failure is that we are defensive and not offensive. Jesus’ design for the Church is that we will be in the offensive position against the devil and his demons. He never asked us to play it nice and safe, He commanded us to be aggressive in taking the Kingdom of God forward.

Hear Jesus right:
Christians are well known for twisting and turning the words of our Big Brother Jesus. Jesus will say one thing but many will hear something else and will live accordingly. One such statement that has been twisted has cost us a lot in our battle against the devil and his demons. Jesus said:

I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it. And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. Matthew 16:18,19(NKJV)

I will dissect this verse into parts and explain:
“I will build my Church”– Jesus said that He will build the Church but now Christians don’t even let Jesus enter their Sunday Morning service. Poor Ole Jesus….Jesus will build His Church and we must partner with Him in His work because we are the Body of Christ.
“The Gates of Hell cannot stand against the Church”– Jesus said the “Gates of Hell” not the “Gates of Heaven”. Read again…We think the Church is hiding behind its Gates with the devil and his demons banging against our walls. But that’s not what Jesus said. Jesus said the Church will be in the offensive position banging on the Gates of the Kingdom of Hell and the demonic forces will be defending their territory in fear. Wow…That’s How it must be…An Offensive, Aggressive, Hell-shaking, demon-scaring Church.
“Keys of the Kingdom- Whatever you open will be opened, Whatever you close will be closed”– Jesus has given us the “Keys” so I think opening and closing will be better than binding and loosing. We don’t open or close something on earth, then it gets opened or closed in heaven. That’s poor translation and most major bible versions have got it wrong. We see what is allowed and restricted in Heaven, and use the Keys of the Kingdom to make the earth like Heaven. Keys of the Kingdom means the Keys of Authority. Understanding and Exercising our Authority is how we become the Offensive, Aggressive, Hell-shaking, demon-scaring Church God wants us to be.

War between two Kingdoms, Match between two teams:

Imagine, two Kingdoms battling against each other. One is defending its territory and the other is going on the offense to conquer. We must be Offending Army and the devil must be the scary cat defending army.

Red-  Church, Kingdom of God                                                                                                                 Yellow- Hell, Kingdom of darkness

  • Present Condition of the Church:

  • Jesus’ design for the Church:

Imagine a football match between two teams. Someone once said “A Good offense is the Best defense”. We must be playing a offensive, aggressive game but we are defending the Goal post from the devil’s team.

  • Present Condition of the Church:

  • Jesus’ design for the Church:

Note: Forgive me for my poor diagrams 😛 . I believe the truth has been made clear.

The devil’s main weapon:
The devil’s main weapon to keep the Church in the defensive position is Fear. Talk about the Supernatural and the realm of demons, majority of the Christians will get scared. The devil has injected fear into the mind of the Church, thereby preventing the Church from taking its right position- offensive position. Most Christians quote that “The Greater One lives in Me” but fail to really believe it and live in fear. The devil walks around winning even though he is no match for the weakest Christian in the Kingdom of God. It’s High time that every christian stop fearing the devil and start injecting fear in the devil’s mind.

For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline. 2 Timothy 1:7(NLT)

Secret behind the Argentine Revival:
While Pastors are pastoring Churches around the world, Pastors are pastoring cities in Argentina. Some Churches are running 8 services “everyday” and each service is packed with thousands. Carlos Annacondia is considered to be the key player behind this Move of God and everywhere people have started to divide the Church growth as “Before Annacondia” and After Annacondia”. When asked what is the secret behind the Argentine Revival, Carlos says: “The Christian life is like a Boxing match. If you stop punching, your enemy will start punching. So keep punching.”. Carlos is known for going Head on against the demonic in his meetings. He will say:”Listen to me satan….Blah blah blah” and people will start manifesting demons everywhere. Some people will manifest demons far away from the meeting ground in the streets.

If we don’t punch the hell out of the devil, the devil will punch the life out of us. If we don’t go on the offense, he will take the offense. If we don’t scare him, he will scare us. You have God’s Authority and Power. You are a Son of God, a Daughter of God. The Greater One lives in you. You have been designed to go against the devil and his demons. Don’t be defensive, Don’t try to play it nice and safe. Get on the offensive position. Become aggressive and scare the hell out the devil. Live life in a way that you become one of the devil’s worst nightmares. Live life in a way that demons in hell are trained with your photo on the wall. Let the devil wet his pants when he hears your name. Jesus said: “The Gates of Hell cannot stand against the Army of Sons and Daughters of God.”. Go Head on against the devil and the powers of darkness.


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