The Secret behind John G Lake’s healing ministry

John G. Lake is one of my favorites in the Kingdom of God. History has seen crowds of Powerful Leaders in the Church but some among them stood apart from the crowds, and then there are a few who are honored as Generals in the Lord’s army. John G. Lake was one such man. “Healing” has become synonymous with “John G. Lake”, among those who believe that healing and miracles are for today(Those who don’t believe should read their Bibles properly).

Before you learn the secret, a few facts from the life and ministry of John G. Lake to pump you up.

Some crazy facts about John.G.Lake
  • John G. Lake stopped a plague in Africa and it is said that those germs died when they are placed in Lake’s hands.
  • John G. Lake rubbed his hands on a pole before leaving a place and people who touched the pole got healed for a long time.
  • It is also said that John G. Lake’s plate carried the power of God even after his death.
  • John G. Lake started Healing rooms in Spokane, Washington and saw 100,000 documented healing miracles during a 5 year period(1915-1920).
  • During his work in Spokane, the city was declared as the healthiest city and he was responsible for the shutting down of Deaconess hospital. (The Days are coming, when we will see hospitals shut down because of the healing power flowing through the Sons and Daughters of God)
  • He repeated the same thing in Portland, Oregan – 100,000 healing miracles.
  • He trained people in healing and called them Divine Healing Technicians.
The Secret

The Church has been struggling with zero results to partial results in the area of healing. I believe, if the Church gets hold of the secret behind John G. Lake’s healing ministry, there will be a healing explosion in and through Churches. Here you go(The secret was shared by John G. Lake in a letter he wrote to Carrie Judd Montgomery- it has been added at the end of this post):-

“Don’t pray to God to heal the sick, you command the sick to be healed in Jesus’ name”

If you are failing big in the area of healing and miracles, then you must be praying the traditional way of asking God to heal the sick. You don’t have to ask God to heal the sick, He defeated sickness for us through Jesus’s finished work. Now, it’s our responsibility. Oh yes, you heard me right. God has commanded us to “heal the sick” not to “pray for the sick”. We have power and authority in Christ to kick out diseases from bodies.

When Peter encountered the lame at the Gate of Beautiful,  He didn’t raise his hands up and pray-“God, I ask you to heal this man. Be merciful(as if God isn’t merciful) and heal this name”. He roared-“In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk”. Peter healed the sick man with a command released in Jesus’ name, he didn’t minister with a traditional prayer. Now do you see why you are not seeing results in the area of healing?

  • Command diseases to leave in Jesus’s name.
  • Command pain to leave in Jesus’s name.
  • Command body parts to function properly in Jesus’s name.
  • Command body parts to be created in Jesus’s name.

Model prayer:- “Pain, I command you to leave right now in Jesus’s name. Back be healed. Bones, muscles be healed in Jesus’s name”.

Got the secret? Now go and apply it. Let Jesus, the healer flow through you and set people free from sicknesses and diseases.

If you want to learn more about healing from John G. Lake, you could get his book on healing here:-
John G. Lake on Healing.

If you want to dig deeper, you must get Roberts Liardon’s giant book on John G. Lake(this book can also be used as a weapon 😛 , it’s big ) :-
John G. Lake: The Complete Collection of His Life Teachings

The mantle of John G. Lake has come upon a man called Curry Blake, who is the overseer of John G. Lake Ministries. Curry Blake is a man of crazy faith like John G. Lake. He is impacting the world with his blunt teachings of the Word and the Power of God. I highly recommend his teachings and ministry. Website:- 

On 22 April 1911 John G Lake wrote a letter from South Africa to Carrie Judd Montgomery in which he explained the “secret” of his success in healing the sick, where miracles had become almost commonplace. The letter (updated in language for the modern reader) reads as follows :

“Dear Carrie, I am enclosing with this letter some news of what the Lord is doing among us in terms of healing. A while back I wrote what I thought was a helpful letter on the subject of divine healing to a missionary by the name of Hoover, at Valparaiso in Chile. The letter set out what I regard as the secret of the dynamic ministry of healing which the Pentecostal movement of South Africa practises. Unfortunately I didn’t retain a copy of that letter but I’ll arrange for one to be sent to you.

I feel that what we are doing in terms of healing is more cutting-edge than what the Pentecostal movement in general is doing. I am really convinced that God has laid it deeply on my heart to teach how the Kingdom of Jesus Christ is being advanced at this time. The secret of our success in healing ministry is due to the fact that we teach our ministry teams to pray prayers of command (which they have the authority from God to do once they have been baptised in the Holy Spirit), while in other healing ministries they still follow largely the old practise of praying prayers of petition and asking God to heal the sick.

This is how we get the results we are getting : we don’t pray in the traditional way for God to come and heal the sick. Instead, believing that He has baptised us in the Holy Spirit, and that we have received the authority of God through that baptism, we command the devil and his works to depart in the Name of Jesus. (Of course I’m not suggesting that there aren’t also times when God sends a real spirit of intercession for a sick individual on Christians and that their prayers make a difference in the healing outcome).

But I am convinced that there is this widely unrecognised and more successful way of praying for the sick, namely that of exercising the authority of God over the devil and his sicknesses that, when learned by Christians, will put the ministry of healing miles in advance of where it is now.

Think of verses such as Acts 3;6 where Peter said “Silver and gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you.” What did Peter have ? He had the authority that Jesus had given him. I don’t think the church has ever really caught the force of Jesus’ words “proclaim release to the captives”.

In terms of my own journey into healing, there were a number of significant milestones. My interest in healing first arose when I heard of a young man from Detroit who had been healed in one of your centres in Buffalo. Then, many years after that, I heard teaching from John Alexander Dowie and really began to understand the subject of healing. However it was only after I was baptised in the Holy Spirit that I received the anointing and authority which God gives all believers and this compelled me to command sickness and the devil to leave, rather than ask the Lord that He would take them away.

Your brother in Christ,

John G. Lake"


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