The Road to Intimacy With God

The Men of Old and the Mystics of the past ages knew something and tapped into something we have no idea of. They didn’t have the revelations we have- like Born again experience,Baptism of fire,Freedom from sin,healing and the likes yet they walked with God in a deeper way. For example,Moses and Enoch were not Born again like us yet One walked Face to Face with God and the other went so deep in God He got lost.

Everyone wants to walk with God but only a few walk with God for real. Everyone claims to be intimate with God but only a few experience deep intimacy with God real. Walking with God in Deep intimacy is available for everyone but many don’t walk in it because they don’t take the right way and follow the right pattern. The Secret to Walk with God in Deep Intimacy is well known but Less followed. The Road to Intimacy with God is a Less Chosen Road because you have to surrender yourself completely to walk in it.

Note: Please Don’t come to me with the modern garbage “I’m intimate with God, One with God because of Jesus”. Yes that’s truth…We are One with God…but my point is are you experiencing what Jesus has made available through His finished work.

Right Way and the Right Pattern:

The Right away is the way less walked by. Many ignore it, Some start in it but only a few Walk in it. The Right way to Engage with God is the Long way which has no shortcuts. If you are not consistent in your walk with God, you will be coming back 4 steps and going forward 2 steps and then coming back 6 steps. At the end of the day, you have not gone anywhere. You will never make progress in this Long way without being consistent and committed. If you don’t make progress, eventually you will get frustrated and quit. Real God Lovers, move forward in God even in their sleep.

The Right Pattern to become intimate with God is to run after Him by devaluing everything else in life and by giving Him all your time. You have to Run after Him, you have to Chase Him and that doesn’t look like the average Christian’s life which is nothing but “Lord bless Me, Bless Mommy and Daddy, Bless my Dog”. Watch closely, I said devaluing “everything”, everything except God. Remember, Jesus saying somewhere: “Deny yourself, Leave everything behind and then Follow Me”. I can lead someone into Salvation, into the Baptism of Fire, into Hearing God’s voice, into the realm of the prophetic and healing in minutes but I can’t lead someone into intimacy with God just like that. I can’t pray:” Be Intimate in Jesus’ name”. It takes time, hell a lot of time. To be frank, your tiny little time with God on your busy schedule will take you nowhere in God. You must give Him all your time and be connected with Him all through the day.

Let’s dig into some verses before going further:

Draw close to God and He will Draw close to you. James 4:8. This is a Solid Promise but just singing “Draw Me close to You” by wearing a piggy face on Sunday Morning and running after the world throughout the week will not move you an inch in God. You have to actively pursue Him with Violent Hunger every day.

Friendship with the World means Hatred toward God. James 4:4. Do not love the world or anything in this world. If anyone loves the World, Love of the Father (and Love for the Father) is not in Him.1 John 2:15. Aww Sweet little verses but most Christians skip these verses. You can’t have one leg in the world and one leg in God. You can’t run after money and run after God. You have to choose one. If you don’t make up your mind to turn your back on the world, forget becoming intimate with God. If you want to be intimate with God, You can’t keep your hands always on WhatsApp and your Eyes always on Facebook. Being distracted and Being Busy with Life is the Road that takes you in the opposite direction from Intimacy with God. Being Busy with Jesus is the only way to be Intimate with Him.

Life is like a see saw. If one goes up,the other must go down. If you want God to go up in your life,everything else must go down. You can’t maintain a balance. That’s where most Christians miss,trying to maintain a balance.When you try to maintain a balance,you miss God. JESUS was extreme in every thing and never balanced. He was extreme in His Love for people,extreme in His assault against the devil and extreme in His rebuke of the Religious nuts. We must be extreme in our Love for God and our Service for God.

Requirements for Becoming Intimate with God:

Burning Love for God: You can’t Love God without God. You have to experience His Love first and then only you can burn with Love for Him. The Two Great Commandments must be preceded by the Great Experience of Daddy’s Love. The More you experience and enjoy His Love, the more you will burn in Love for Him.

Violent Hunger for God: You can’t build up hunger for God on your own and you can’t get it from the local store. God gives us the Hunger to Seek Him and when we respond with that hunger by seeking Him, our Hunger increases. Hunger given by God increases by use. If you have lost your hunger for God, ask Him to ignite it again. Pray for Violent Hunger and then put it to use, don’t stop after a time because you will lose it.

Time: Time can be spelled as INTIMACY. No one on this planet would have reached intimacy in a relationship by giving little time, same with God. Little time or occasionally coming to Him for stuffs is just a waste of time. Intimacy with God is born only when you spend a lot of time with God privately and also continue to engage with Him in public all through the day. 1 hour with God and 8 hours with the world means -7 hours with God. I learned this by experience. After I learned this, I started to connect with God all through the day: driving, cooking, bathing or whatever, name it all.

Set your Hearts on God…..Set your Minds on God not on earthly things. Colossians 3:1,2 – “Set” is like Setting a Channel in your TV. Tune to God’s Channel and throw the remote. Stay tuned to God. “Set” also means constant connection or engagement.

Other two requirement are very important but less understood or practiced by this generation.Tell them love God,they will jump up and Down. But the puzzle will be incomplete without these two:-“Humility and Reverence”.
Truth Time:
If you believe in Jesus, you are God’s Son or God’s Daughter. God loves you so much and wants to hang out with you because you are His cute little child. When we surrender our Lives to Jesus, we are transformed and filled by God. God is in us and He is One with us: that’s the closest you can get. He is so close to you than anything and anyone. He is One with Us: that’s Crazy News. The Truth on Paper is Cool but we have to experience His closeness and Oneness with us. We must Move from Believing the Truth to Experiencing the Truth.
Let’s Get Practical Now:
You must develop a Lifestyle to become intimate with God not some Devotional pattern you do every morning. You must give all your time: wherever you are whatever you are doing you must be connected with God. Never forget this…Let’s go…
Lifestyle of Meditation: Meditation will take you deep in God, take you deep in the Spirit. Meditation is nothing but thinking something over and over again or chewing something in your mind. All through the day, our minds are meditating on something or the other. Why not Meditate on Something Useful??…What you Meditate is What will Manifest in your life.

Meditate on God, on His Word and on His Works. You can meditate all through the day because most of what we do in our daily schedule doesn’t require the active operation of our minds. Meditation will unlocks verses you don’t understand. When you slide into meditation the Holy Spirit will slide in revelations. Meditation transforms you, changes you because renewing our minds results in transformation. Private Meditation which is totally active and Public Meditation which is partially active is necessary to engage with God. Meditating on God is like plugging an electronic device to its power source. When you are Meditating, you are connected with God and You are ON.

Lifestyle of Talking with God: Communication is the base of every Relationship. Strong,Deep,Consistent communication produces Healthy relationships. Same applies to our walk with God. Talking with God when you have problems can get you out of problems but won’t make you intimate with Him. You must talk with Him throughout the day. Talking means “You speak,He speaks not just you speaking”..Hearing His voice all throughout the day and not just when you need directions or help, will take you deep into God’s heart. People tell Me that they don’t have anything to talk with God beyond 5 mins, I’m shocked because I have a lot to talk with Him. We talk a Lot with those we Love.
 Lifestyle of Soaking in God’s Presence: It is in the place of stillness and quietness, you encounter God. Resting in His presence is the key that unlocks the door of intimacy. It is in the place of physical and mental stillness, your spirit is awakened and you start to see God in a totally different way, and you connect with your Lovely Daddy. God is a Spirit and to connect with Him, you must do it spirit to spirit. Most Christians don’t enjoy intimacy with God because they are trying to engage with God in the physical and mental realm. Most church activities are purely physical and mental. We need to get over into the Spirit realm because that is where we meet Him. I want to Meet Him not just read about Him or hear about Him or sing about Him.

When couples are in a deep intimate moment, words and actions are considered distractions. Same with God, Seeking His face and Soaking in His presence in Rest Mode takes you deep into God. Resting in His presence is also the breeding ground for revelation from God. It is also the playground for Experiences and Encounters with Daddy God. If you have trouble experiencing His presence, start by saying: “God is in Me. He is always with Me. He is with Me now” and Pray:” Daddy, Manifest your presence. Wrap me in your Sweet presence. I want to experience you and encounter you”. Faith is the key that unlocks an experience: Just believe and Keep believing. Don’t struggle, just rest…Come like a Little child into Daddy’s Arms.

The More you Soak in His presence, The More you will go deep in God. The More time you give to Soaking in His presence, The More Intense and real His presence will become. You can Know a lot about God by listening to people or by talking with people or studying Materials about God but to Know God…You have to learn to shut up. Shut your Body, Shut your mouth, Shut your mind…Shhhh…Soak…Go deep…Find a quiet, comfortable place. Position yourself in a comfortable way, then dive in.

Be still and Know that I’m God. Psalms 46:10

Note: Studying the Bible with the Holy Spirit is important and that’s your ground for meditation. Praying more in Tongues will also take you deeper because it is purely spiritual-spirit to spirit talk. Tongues will help you engage with God on the inside and live from the inside out. Fellowship with Crazy Lovers of God will also help you go deeper in God.

What Now…Run after God, Throw the World behind, Burn with Passion and Hunger, Give all your Time, Meditate, Hear His Voice and Soak…Go Deep…The Road to Intimacy with God is a Long Road but there is Fun all through the way. Think about this: God has promised us that He will be with us all the time. He is with Us all the time, so giving your attention to Him only during your prayer time and ignoring Him through out the day is cruel.  Stay aware, Stay connected…Walk the Road Less walked by!!!






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