The Purpose Driven Life- Rick Warren

A New York Times Best seller, this book is one of the greatest books of all times and a must read for every believer. Rick warren takes you on a life changing journey in unearthing your purpose on earth. What on earth Am I here for? What is the purpose of my existence? -This book will answer the questions that are in the deepest places of your heart. Yo yo, you are not an accident, you didn’t drop here by chance, you are here on purpose. You were created with a purpose bigger than you can imagine. It is an easy to understand, a-chapter-a-day styled book. Buy it and soak in it, this book needs a higher dose of meditation.

P.S:- A flawless preacher doesn’t exist, a flawless church doesn’t exist, a flawless ministry doesn’t exist. Jesus is the only flawless one to walk this earth. Every book I guide you to will have flaws, some will have few and others many, that must not keep you from the gold they carry. Just because David slept with Bathsheba, just because Peter rejected the Gentiles once and got hit by Paul, you don’t reject their writings. Do the same here. Learn to eat the meat and throw the bones. Learn to take the gold and throw the trash. Read every book with the Spirit and with the Bible. I don’t agree with everything, everyone I mention says. I’m just a messenger directing you to places where you may find some gold that will bless your life.


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