The Marriage Road from Darling to Donkey

eeyorepinThe Marriage road starts with Darling……..As time passes by……..Darling turns into Donkey….The joy and excitement of marriage diminishes with the end of the “honeymoon effect”. No more hugs and kisses…..No more “I love you”…..

Few days after marriage:

Husband: My Darling,You are the most beautiful woman in the whole wide world.

Wife: My Darling,You are the man of my dreams.

Few months later:

Husband: Go and see your face in the mirror. You look like a pig.

Wife: You are a donkey.

Husband: You are related to the devil.

Wife: Yes I am coz you are the devil.

The Road from Darling to Donkey:

Why the marriage road starting with Darling comes to Donkey??When a man and woman come together for the first time, certain attractions hold them together. These attractions look like Love but are not. The fire of marriage snuffs out with the attractions losing their power, as time passes by.

Nothing holds them together now…So they get separated or live together for the sake of their family or society.

The Antidote:

Love is the antidote for this issue. Love grasps couples together. Attractions are for moments but Love holds couples together till rapture separates them apart.

The grasping power of Love will not be effective if there is no growth in Love. Love must grow…Relationships must be built…A building is not built in a day…Six-packs abs doesn’t come in a day…Relationship must be built each day .Couples lose the joy and excitement of marriage because they forget to grow in Love.

Growing in Love:

A Christian cannot give excuses for not loving. I will tell you why. The Bible says God is Love(1 John 4:16). When you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, God comes to reside “in” you. God is “in” you, so Love is “in” you.

Then why do Christians have a problem in loving others??Having Love inside of you doesn’t mean that you can love perfectly. If you own a car and you don’t know how to drive it, what will you do? You will learn from someone who knows driving.Similarly, you have Love in you and you learn to love from someone who knows how to love perfectly. There you go…Learn love from the greatest lover in history, Jesus.

Now about your love for one another we do not need to write to you, for you yourselves have been taught by God to love each other.1 Thessalonians 4:9(NIV)

The more you learn to love from Jesus ,the more you will grow in Love and your marriage will become more exciting every day.






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