The Marriage Kick-Off

(Read my previous post before reading this-A prelude to a Biblical Marriage)
640px-German_kick-off_-_Euro_2012A football match….Referee blows the whistle….Kick-off….Match starts. “Before” the kick-off certain things must be done.

God created everything “before” He created Adam. God send the Holy Spirit “before” the Apostles started their ministry. Something must be done “before” something important. Similar to a football match, “before” your marriage kicks-off something has to be done.

The Kick Out:

In football, before kick-off all the players are placed in their right positions. A positioning of people has to be done “before” you get married. “Before” your marriage kicks off; you have to kick out certain people down the list. Who are they?Your parents. You have to leave your father and mother “before” you get united with your husband/wife.

Leaving them doesn’t mean that you abandon them; it means that you give your spouse a place above them and get out of the emotional attachment. Most marriages are in ruin because the couples have not left their parents. Husband/wife please their parents and not their partner. You can’t please everyone, people will be offended. So give your spouse the best place in your life.

Leaving your parents is one of the foundations of marriage. Building without a proper foundation will not be successful.

At the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female,’and said, ‘For this reason a man will “leave” his father and mother and be “united” to his wife’.Matthew 19:4,5(NIV)

Right positioning:

Love them, don’t let them control you. Honor them, don’t let them boss you. Ask advice; don’t let them take the decisions. Take care of them; don’t let them take away the peace in your marriage. No more being daddy’s girl or mummy’s boy, you belong to your spouse.Your spouse is below God and above every other.

Widespread misconception of a command:

The Bible says Children, obey your parents (Ephesians 6:1, Philippians 3:20).It is a command for Children and not for men/women. As a man/woman, you surrender to your spouse and honor your parents.

All you boys and girls out there leave your parents before marriage. All you married couples, it is never too late.

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