The God Chasers- Tommy Tenney

With a catchy title, Tommy knocks your heart off to the right place- a place of hunger to encounter God. Every word in this book is dripping with passion for God because it is written by someone who is passionate about God. If you are serious about God, you will catch the fire, Tommy wants to transfer through this book. “The God Chasers” is a spiritual treat from Tommy Tenney for the God lovers out there.

A dangerous book:-

Cindy Jacobs says “This is a dangerous book”. I agree. It is not for the weak-hearted. It is for those who are willing to take the hard road of walking with God, it is for those who are willing to lay everything down and run with one passion- Him. If you are aching for a deeper relationship with God, this is a fire-starter for sure. It will push you, drive you, make you hungry and uncomfortable that you will chase God like a madman.

“He’s looking for people who are hot after His heart. He wants a Church of Davids who are after His own heart (not just His hand)- Tommy Tenney(God Chasers)

What will this book do to you?
  • This book will set your heart on fire for God. You will be left with a longing for a more of God in your life.
  • This book will move from a place of concepts about God to a place of encounters with the Living God.
  • This book will make you dissatisfied with a normal church service with programs and will make you hungry for a service filled with God.
  • This book will make you uncomfortable and push you out of your comfort zone to seek God with all of your heart.
  • This book will take your relationship with God to the next level.
  • This book will leave you with one cry-“I want God”.



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