Supernatural Ways of Royalty- Kris Vallotton

Kris Vallotton is the Associate Pastor of Bethel Church- Redding, California. The funny one who completes his partner, Bill Johnson, is the author of many books but this stands out of the stand. Supernatural ways of Royalty is a groundbreaking work, which deals with a life-changing truth – the identity of a Child of God. Knowing your identity in God is the one flag that has the power to stop all battles raging in your heart. A must read for every new believer, highly recommended for those who are struggling to run through life and a refreshing piece to the mature.

“You have not been put on earth for the devil to torment you, you have been put on this earth to torment the devil.”
― Kris Vallotton

Identity in Christ:-

You can’t be shaken, if your identity doesn’t come from your job or money or loved ones. When you believe in Jesus, you receive a new identity- this identity has been given to you as a gift. You are not a sinner anymore, you are not a sinner saved by grace. You are a New creation, you are a Son of God. You are not powerless anymore, you are powerful through Christ. As a child of God, you have authority and power. You are not a normal human anymore, you are a super human.


What will you get out of this book:-
  • You will know who you are in Christ, You will know that you are a valuable and powerful, as a Son of God and a Daughter of God. You will get the message that you have been transferred from the streets to the palace. You are Royalty, the pages in this book are screaming.
  • You will receive a strong dose of the finished work of Jesus. You are not sinner saved by grace, you are a Son, you are a Daughter now. You are not just forgiven, you have been set free. You have a new heart and a new nature, says Kris, wait a minute, Kris says what the Bible says.
  • Kris talks about the importance of imagination and gives us guidelines on what to imagine and what not to imagine. A renewed mind will imagine like a Royal child.
  • You will learn the attributes we must possess as royalty.
  • You will learn about the responsibilities you possess as a Son of the King or a Daughter of the King. You will receive understanding on the authority and power you have as a Child of God to destroy the works of the devil.
  • Like his partner in the Kingdom, Bill Johnson, he gives his shot on the subject of honor and spiritual inheritance.
  • Kris ends this book by encouraging us to go out to change the world. We have been pulled into the palace with a purpose- expel darkness and change this world.

Note:- Bill Johnson, Senior Pastor, Bethel Church- Redding, California has written two chapters in this book.

Here’s a short trailer of the book:-


Kris teaches on Identity, take a peep:-


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