Stop your “spiritual warfare junk” & Start scaring the hell out of the devil

Some groups say-“The devil is attacking us; let’s declare war on the devil. Let’s go on a fast”. Another says-“We are facing heavy spiritual attack; let’s get into warfare mode”. And another says-“This is because of this kind of witchcraft. It is dangerous and to break it we have to do this and that”. The Church has moved into stupid “spiritual warfare” stuffs and it is time to break free from these malpractices.

Spiritual Warfare-Real or Reel??? :

Spiritual warfare is real but not real in the way most Christians do spiritual warfare. Spiritual warfare is not fighting demons or warring against spiritual forces. Spiritual warfare is not fasting, shouting or yelling in tongues against the devil. Jesus is our example and we don’t see Jesus doing anything the present-day Church does in the name of spiritual warfare. I’m not against fasting or speaking in tongues. I’m for all this when it is done in the right way. Look at Jesus- Jesus fasted to prepare Himself, Jesus prayed to God the Father, Jesus pinned down the devil in a one-on-one match with three verses from the Bible and drove out demons with a command. The Bible commands us to live like Jesus not like some “spiritual warfare” deliverance preacher and that tells us that the “spiritual warfare” stuffs practiced in today’s Church are plainly unbiblical, devil-praising malpractices.

Note: I believe in demons, witchcraft and all but I hate it when people praise the devil by emphasizing the works of darkness.

How I treat the devil:

devil: I will destroy your life.

Me: Booo… 😛

devil: Awwwwww!!!!!

Me: Hey devil…

devil: What???

Me: Kiss my feet… 😛

devil: Erggg… 🙁

Sometimes, when I walk and pray I will stomp my feet on the devil’s head. You may say-“That’s just your imagination”…That’s not just my imagination, that’s how I live.

I do spiritual warfare in a different way than most Christians. I treat the devil in a really bad way. Once, I was told that demons were sent against my wife and my unborn child. I didn’t go on a 40-day fast. I didn’t get together a team of “prayer warriors” to fight the devil’s attack. I simply shook my fist at the devil’s face and roared-“Hey devil, you touch my wife or my child. You’re dead”. Another time, we went to pray for a girl whose entire body was taken down by some unknown sickness. When we went we were told about all kinds of witchcraft stuffs –“lemon, blood, and broken stick” placed against the girl. They were just praising the devil’s works but I started praising Jesus’s work on the cross and ministered healing to her.

Note: I believe in driving out demons and breaking witchcraft over people but I’m against “praising” and “fighting” the devil.

Once, a young girl came to me telling that a Prophet told her that there were demons in her doll and she was “commanded” to throw the doll out. The girl told me in her innocence-“But it is my favorite doll”. I told her-“You don’t have to throw the doll out, just command the demon in that doll to leave in Jesus’ name”. The prophet can be correct in discerning a spirit in the doll but he was terribly wrong in asking the girl to throw the doll which induced fear in her. On the other hand, I injected boldness in her to deal with demons in the right way. I believe in spirits, witchcraft and all but that doesn’t mean you can go around injecting fear in people. Just tell the full truth, don’t just stop with “I see a snake or dinosaur” but continue saying “You can kick that demon out in Jesus’ name”. Prophets, I don’t care what you see…I care how you see what you see and what you do with what you see. Prophets, stop being spooky and grow up!!!

The right way to treat the devil:

Jesus said that the first sign that will follow Christians is that they will drive out demons in His name(not fast out demons or declare war on demons or yell at demons for hours). If Jesus asked us to do something then it means that He has already empowered us to do it and the reason behind all “spiritual warfare junk” is stupid beliefs, stupid thinking and stupid teaching in the Church. The Bible clearly says that Jesus has defeated the devil and his army through His “death, burial, resurrection and ascension”. The devil has already been defeated so it is foolishness in its best state to fight someone who has already been defeated. I would rather get hit by a mosquito than by the devil, who is a loser!!!

After defeating the devil and his demonic forces, Jesus had a public show declaring that He has defeated the devil through the cross. Colossians 2:15– Jesus has defeated the devil already. We are not the “fighting army”,we are the “occupying army” that comes after the war has been won.The war is over.

After defeating sin, death and the devil, Jesus ascended and sat at the right hand of God. Every Christian believes that Jesus is far above everything but fails to receive the full truth. The full truth is-“Jesus is seated in Heaven far above everything and so are you”. What?? Yeahh…You are seated in Heaven right now, far above everything-that includes the devil.

God raised Christ from the dead and seated him at His right hand far above all rule and authority, power and dominion(devil and his forces). Ephesians 2:20,21-Jesus is not just above everything,He is “far above” everything.

God raised us(you and me) along with Christ and we are seated with Christ in Heaven,right now. Ephesians 2:6-You are also in Heaven,right now.You are also not just above everything,you are also “far above” everything.

So, you are in Heaven seated at the place of ultimate authority and power-with Christ and in Christ. Where is the devil then? Under your feet. The devil is under the feet of Jesus and He is also under your feet because you are in Heaven with Christ and in Christ at the right hand of God. So if the devil is under our feet, shouldn’t we be walking over Him??…All authority in Heaven and earth was transferred by Jesus to the Church. We have to walk over the devil, destroy His works because we have authority.

God has placed all things under the feet of Jesus. Ephesians 1:22– Connecting this verse with Ephesians 2:6 tells us that everything in under our feet too.

Real spiritual warfare:

I’m not saying we will not have battles. I’m saying we are fighting the wrong battle. Real spiritual warfare is knowing who you are in Christ, what you have in Christ and standing in it. Staying in Faith, Staying in the Truth is the battle. When you are in Faith, in the Truth you will pin the devil down. But if you move out of Faith and Truth to walk in sin, worry and fear then the devil will take you down because you are playing in his lawn. The devil can touch you only when you “allow” him to and the battlefield is in your mind. If you allow the devil’s thoughts into your mind and entertain them, then you are in a way saying-“Mr. devil, I’m inviting you into my life..Destroy my life”. Jesus has defeated the devil so if the devil is playing with your life then it is because you let him in. Keep your mind clean and know who you are and then you will pin the devil down without doing “spooky” spiritual warfare junk.

When light shows up, darkness leaves. Light doesn’t have to fight or chase darkness, it just has to show up. When you know who you are and what you have in Christ, when you fully understand what Jesus has done for you then you will walk as the light. And darkness will leave without any arguments. Believe, Meditate and confess the truths I have shared so that you can walk in the truth.

I’m untouchable and unstoppable because the One who is in me is greater than the one who is in the world. 1 John 4:4– The Greater One is in you and the devil is no match for you.

Choose one way:

  • People want you to fear the devil.
  • The devil wants you to ignore his works or he wants you to be in a fight mode.
  • God wants you to walk over the devil.

You can choose one the above ways-You can fear the devil and live in a defeated state or You can ignore the reality of demons and allow him to take you down or You can fight the devil till your face turns blue in some “spooky” way or You can walk over the devil and kick him in his face when he pops up in your life.

Let me give you a fresh start to a life that will scare the hell out of the devil, say it out loud-“I’m seated in Heaven with Christ. I have authority and power over the devil and his works. Jesus has already defeated the devil and the devil is under my feet.” Live like a King…Walk over the devil…Get out of “warfare mode” and move into “reigning mode”. ..And By the way, I love the pic I have inserted in this post..Lol..


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