Steven Furtick, John MacArthur and the birth of a Book

Steven Furtick, the cool looking Pastor of Elevation Church, is the face on the cover page of today’s Church. With his heart-shaking messages, which are inspiring and relevant, he has captured the attention of believer all around the world. Check your Facebook feed, He is there. Check your Instagram feed, He is there. Try YouTube, He is there.

A Hot Church and a Cool Pastor:-

Elevation Church is one of the fastest growing churches in America and their influence is world wide. Started in 2006 by Steven Furtick and others with a first service attendance of 121, they have grown to have a weekly attendance of 26000. Currently they operate from 17 locations with their headquarters at Matthews, North Carolina.

Many are critical about Megachurches but Elevation church is a hot church, that serves it’s community and works on impacting the world. Steven has led the Church to be community focused.

In 2008, they gave out 40000$ to their members on envelopes carrying 5$, 10$, even 1000$ to use it kindly on others. For Love Week 2018, Steven Furtick and the people of Elevation partnered with 319 organizations with over 15,000 volunteers from Charlotte to the Philippines. They joined together to serve 91,277 hours within a span of seven days. Serving the community is at the heart of this vibrant, contemporary Church.

They love their Cool Pastor who has a new hairstyle for every season and wears “college kid” outfits. People don’t come to see his cool “unpastoral” outfits, it is his messages and visionary mind that draws people to Elevation Church.

Flashback Steven:-

Steven Furtick’s Grandfather was a Methodist preacher but He didn’t have anything to do with God until He turned 16. He was part of a band and went around with his guitar. One day, he was invited to a revival in First Baptist of Moncks Corner, S.C. He encountered a guy called Jody Jennings there and his conversations with him led into salvation and surrender to Christ.

He felt a destiny pull, a call to preach from the beginning of his Christian life. When his friends were busy partying, he got busy serving Jesus by loving on people. He invited his friends for lunch with a deal-“I will buy you lunch, if you hear me preach”. From the beginning, Steven Furtick was a fireball for Jesus.

The charismatic, enthusiastic styled speeches didn’t start off suddenly when eyes from all around the world were placed on Him. His wife, Holly, has said that Steven has preached his heart from the beginning. They got a few families together and started Elevation Church, which has become a prominent mark in the world of today.

What’s with John MacArthur?

Steven Furtick Vs John MacArthur:-

John MacArthur is the pastor of Grace Community Church. He is considered to be one of leading voices in the Baptist world. In an interview, during a rapid fire round, when the name “Furtick” was mentioned, John made some sarcastic gestures and said “unqualified”. If you don’t mind, I think John’s one word definition of Furtick meant this-“Steven Furtick, you are unqualified to be a Pastor”.

Steven Furtick was watching John MacArthur’s interview while getting ready to preach. With half his mind listening to John and the other half working on getting ready, He heard his name being mentioned. When his mind got completely focused on the video at the mention of his name, He heard those words-“unqualified”. Ouch…

Steven Furtick is a product of the Southern Baptist Convention, He had heard a lot about John MacArthur. He would have expected to receive a nice word from a Senior Man of God. But what he got was “unqualified”. Ouch…

The Response, a Book:-

We all have been insulted, judged and called with names. Our responses would have been different based on our attitudes but I have never heard of a response like this- a book, in response to a bad comment. You heard me right, Steven Furtick went on to write a book called “Unqualified” . When his hurt heart wanted to blast John MacArthur, Steven Furtick controlled his tongue and guarded his heart. He didn’t react with hurtful words or a video demeaning John MacArthur, He responded with a book to glorify the God who uses the unqualified.

The best part would be that He has thanked John MacArthur in his book(I think it has some sarcasm to it 😛 ). “Behind every man, there is a woman” is old-school. This is new school- “Behind every successful young Man of God, there is an elderly man of God who criticized him”. (My heart is that the Old and the Young work together. Seeing some of the Old warriors in the Kingdom partner with the New ones with love and respect is heavenly to watch)

Lesson to learn:- When people hurt you, abuse you, insult you, devalue you, discourage you, shame you or humiliate you, don’t react in pain. Pause and respond.  Respond with Love, Faith and victory. The devil wants you to react, don’t let him have a shout.

Is Steven Furtick not fit to be Leader? Is He a False Teacher?

There are no perfect leaders in the Kingdom. There are no perfect teachers in the Kingdom. Everyone has flaws in their hearts and everyone has flaws in their teachings. If someone claims to be perfect in heart and teaching, stay away. We are all in a process, growing up to be like Jesus in heart and in our teaching.

So judging someone as “not fit” and calling someone a “false teacher” just because you don’t agree with them at some points or just because they are in error in certain areas is stupidity as it’s best. Let’s be merciful to each other, even to our leaders. When some leader is pulling the Church away from it’s core doctrines and introducing teachings that are literally harming people, sound the alarm on that guy. If that’s not happening, then attack the flaws in the teaching and not the person.

Here is Steven Furtick’s core beliefs and valued as defined in their church website:-

If you want to get Steven Furtick’s Unqualified, follow this link- Choose “Paperback” if you are concerned about the price, Choose “Hardcover”, if you like to hold hardbound books :-

(Un)Qualified: How God Uses Broken People to Do Big Things



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