Stan Lee is dead, the World of Superheroes is not

Stan Lee, the man behind Marvel, the man who gave birth to Spiderman, Iron man, Thor, Hulk and many others is far gone from this life. He is dead but He has left back superhero characters who will journey with us. Stan lee must be honored for giving us characters that have entertained the world for decades, but my withdrawal from the world of superheroes is something over the head of Stan Lee. Are you waiting for the next Avengers movie? As you wait, here are few nuggets to chew on:-

  • I love the world of superheroes. I love their heart to step out and fight for others selflessly, more than the super powers they possess. Aren’t we called to do the same- live for others selflessly like Jesus?
  • The world of superheroes teaches us that darkness can’t be defeated by human strength, we need super powers. There is a devil on the loose and to knock Him off, we need to access the super powers of the Holy Spirit. If you are losing in life, try surrendering to the Holy Spirit. 
  • Everything in the world of superheroes is not for us to take and apply but there is lot of meat out there. Eat the meat and throw the bones, that’s what wise people do. Stupid people throw the meat because it has bones. People criticize me and call me the “Anti-Christ” for using superheroes as a tool to share Kingdom truths, I’m so sorry I’m going to continue doing that and I’m going to be on this planet for a long time. So hang on. If Jesus walked this earth now, I believe He would use “Superheroes” like how He used a farmer, a shepherd and a business owner to share His truths.
  • Superheroes teach us that no matter what happens, we must not quit. Perseverance must be on your plate, no matter what. It may look like the devil is winning but take heart, Heroes get to win in the end. Jesus our Superhero has defeated the devil for us, now we just have to stand in His victory and not be moved by what the devil is doing. Hold on, don’t get discouraged with life because the climax is already set, we win. 

Stan Lee is dead gone, you can honor Him with a post on facebook or whatever. But this is what I want you to get-“A selfless life lived for others touches the heart of God like no other”. You have been called to be a superhero. You have been anointed to fight darkness and rescue people in the Name of Jesus. As a child of God, you have Holy Ghost superpowers. Take your eyes off you and use what God has given you to touch lives.

“Don’t be selfish. In Humility, value others above your yourself. Don’t be focused on your life and your problems, focus on the problems of others and be a blessing. Be Like Jesus”. Philippians 2:3-5(King Kenneth Version 😛 )

Here is a post I wrote long back with the Superhero theme:-


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