Shhhh…Let’s Talk About Sex!!!

Warning: Adult Content –18+ or PG. If you are not yet 18 yrs, then don’t read alone. Get your parents or some elder to sit with you and then read on.

You grew up with no knowledge of sex, and then suddenly one day you started receiving information about sex from the wrong places. Pastors stay silent, Parents think you will learn on your own but what they don’t understand is that your view of sex is carved by Hollywood and Porn or by a Religious Mindset. The reason for rapes and every sexual sins is the silence of the Church in the area of sexuality.

If you think you know about sex because you have seen some R Rated movies, some Porn videos and drawn some info from your friends then you are in the wrong boat which is going to sink. Moreover, if you think sex is bad then you are in the wrong boat too. The lack of proper teaching in the Church has caused many to view sex in the wrong way. Now get ready for some “Yokki Yokki stuff” that you won’t hear in Church, jump in…

Devil and sex:

“Sex is bad” or “Sex is evil” because it is of the physical realm is one of the demonic false teachings of the Gnostics. Many Christians hold on to this demonic belief. The God who created your spirit is the one who created your body. The physical body is not Bad, it just responds to the decisions you make on the inside. The word “Flesh” in the Bible is not talking about the physical body but the sinful nature. If you are holding on to this belief, get it off you before you finish this post because it is demonic.

God and Sex:

If God was not shy or ashamed to include Sex in His book, why should we be???...If you have read the Bible properly, you will know that the Bible has a lot to talk about Sex. Songs of Solomon is too erotic but God put it in His book. Isaac was found caressing Rebecca and God felt that it had to be written in His book…Hello??????…We try to carve God according to our culture and background then get shocked when He breaks the box we have built for Him.

God’s version Vs Devil’s version:

Before we proceed further, let me tell you the differences between God’s version and the devil’s version of sex. God’s version of sex is the sexual union between a husband and wife. God created sex for Marriage and it is to be an expression of Love.( Adam “Made Love” to His wife Eve. Abraham “slept” with Hagar. There’s a difference)

The devil’s version of sex is every form of sexual act that doesn’t include a man and a woman in a marriage covenant. Premarital sex: Having sex with your girlfriend or boyfriend, Extramarital sex: Having sex with someone who is not your spouse, Virtual Sex: Having sex with someone on a video by watching porn or Rated movies, Prostitution, Homosexuality (God’s plan is always Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve), etc.

People choose the devil’s version of sex because they don’t know that God’s version is better than the devil’s version.

An Evil void in the Church:

The devil hates sex. The reason for sex being the hottest topic in the world is that the devil is busy corrupting a sacred act created by God. The Church thinks it is “too holy” to talk about sex while the devil is running wild corrupting sex. If the Church is silent, the world will teach people about sex. If God’s version of sex is not proclaimed, then People will adopt the devil’s version of sex from Hollywood and pornography. The reason for the popularity of sexual sins in the Church is the lack of proper teaching. We have Leaders who masturbate on Saturday nights and preach or lead worship on Sunday mornings because the Truth about sex is unknown. We have people sitting in our Church with someone other than their spouses, lifting their hands in worship while forgetting that God is against having an affair.

Pastors, do you know how many people in your Congregation are watching porn daily/weekly without fail, sleeping around before marriage, fooling around with someone other than their spouse??? Parents, do you know what your Children are watching in the Laptops and Smart phones you gifted them??…The devil uses our wrong approach(Shy or ashamed or thinking sex is dirty) to sex as His weapon to destroy God’s people.

If Truth sets people free, then lies will put people in chains. People are caught up in sexual sins because of the lies they have believed in. People with religious mindsets have a pathetic sex life in their marriage because of the lies they have believed in. We need the Truth to be fired to set people free. God’s version of sex is the Truth.

Demystifying Sex:

Sex is not dirty; Sex is not evil; Sex is not bad. Sex outside a marriage covenant is dirty, evil and bad.

Sex was God’s idea. He is the Mastermind behind sex not the porn industry or Hollywood. Sex is Good because God found that everything He created was good except that the man was alone and gave him a partner thereby creating marriage which includes sexual love. Then He declared: “VERY GOOD”. So, Marriage is Very Good and sex which is a part of marriage is also Very Good. If God is Holy, then Sex is Holy. It can be corrupted by man’s fall but in its original state sex is Holy.

If God found it important to install the Sex Software in the Computer of Marriage, then Sex must be important. Religious nuts don’t have the rights to write it off as unimportant or bad. Okay, Sex is God’s Idea. Sex is Good. Sex is Holy. Sex is Important. I think that shook the hell out of you…..Hell has planted a lot of lies about sex in the Church which has caused most Christians to have a wrong view of sex. The beauty of Sex can be restored only when you humble yourself and receive God’s view of sex.

The writer of Hebrews was inspired by God to tell us that Sex was a sacred experience that must be honored and not be corrupted:

Marriage must be honored by all and the Marriage “Bed” kept pure. Hebrews 13:4(The Greek word for Bed is “Koite” which means “Cohabitation by implanting the male sperm”, to be blunt it means “Sex”.)

Digging deeper:

The sages of old have said, “When a man unites with his wife in holiness, the Shekinah is between them in the mystery of man and woman”…Dude, that’s way too deep… Shekinah means the Manifest Presence of God or the Glory of God. Did the sages of Old know something about sex that we don’t know?? … Because they said that the Shekinah Glory Moses encountered will be present when God’s version of sex is performed. I don’t know…

Adam was walking in the Glory in the Garden of Eden, He was birthed out from the Glory and His birthed consisted of sexual organs and a part of His nature open for sexual intimacy in marriage. God didn’t install sex and sexual organs after the fall, He did it before, in the Glory. Did you get that???…

I remember reading one of C.S.Lewis’ quotes: “If anyone says that sex, in itself, is bad, Christianity contradicts him at once”. Sex in its original form is not bad, it is Glorious. Man has corrupted sex by teaming up with the devil.

Note: If I have irritated you by what I have shared, it is a good sign that you have religious spirits in you that need to be kicked out. Go get some help…If breathing with your physical respiratory organs and Excreting with your physical Excreting organs is Normal and Good, then Sex is normal and good. If you say No, then stop breathing and close your excretory outlets with stoppers because they are in the same body. Many use Paul to support their religious garbage. But Paul was not against Marriage and Sex, Paul made some statements about marriage because of the issues people were encountering in the institution of marriage which was distracting them from God. When marriage is done without selfishness, there won’t be issues to distract you.

Purposes of Sex:

Glorifies God: God created Sex and when we handle it in His way, He is Glorified. Everything we do will Glorify God when we do it for Him, with Him and in Him. You can Glorify God by eating and you can Glorify God by having sex, not just by doing Church stuffs.

Reproduction: The command to be “fruitful and multiply” still stands. God receives pleasure when we reproduce. Children are a gift from God and receiving that gift is one of the important purposes of marriage.

Sexual Pleasure: Sex was not just intended for reproduction, it was also intended for experiencing mutual pleasure. Sex is to be enjoyed in marriage, regularly. Sexual Love is a form of Love which has to be expressed from time to time not just during your Honeymoon. Don’t take my Word for the answer, look into the Bible:

Now, getting down to the questions you asked in your letter to me. First, Is it a good thing to have sexual relations?. Certainly—but only within a certain context. It’s good for a man to have a wife, and for a woman to have a husband. Sexual drives are strong, but marriage is strong enough to contain them and provide for a balanced and fulfilling sexual life in a world of sexual disorder. The marriage bed must be a place of mutuality—the husband seeking to satisfy his wife, the wife seeking to satisfy her husband. Marriage is not a place to “stand up for your rights.” Marriage is a decision to serve the other, whether in bed or out. Abstaining from sex is permissible for a period of time if you both agree to it, and if it’s for the purposes of prayer and fasting—but only for such times. Then come back together again. Satan has an ingenious way of tempting us when we least expect it. I’m not, understand, commanding these periods of abstinence—only providing my best counsel if you should choose them. 1 Corinthians 7:1-6(MSG). I guess, your Bible has these verses too…Husbands must be satisfying their wives and wives their husbands in the act of sex, please note that Paul didn’t say only during Honeymoon or only for childbirth. Sexual Love in marriage was God’s design, not mine or Paul’s.


I want to breakdown the two mindsets that are harassing Christians in the area of sex. When you receive the Truth humbly, you will receive freedom from the devil’s clutches.

Pornographic Mindset or Hollywood Mindset:

If your definition of sex is from Hollywood or Porn, then you have the devil’s version of sex. Choosing the devil’s version and following it will affect you and your spouse. What you see in Movies and Porn videos is not the right form sex; it is evil and demonic in nature. Devil’s version looks attractive on the outside but it is destructive on the inside. They say it is Love but it is just Lust masked as Love. Love gives while Lust gets. Don’t let your Love story be inspired by some Oscar Winning Romantic movie because it is not Real Love. Let your Love story be inspired by God who is Love.

Most people are sitting before their computers and masturbating thinking they are experiencing pleasure but the truth is everything you will get out of that is a perverted form of pleasure. God’s version of sex is more pleasurable than the devil’s version of sex. You heard me right…Trust me; ask God if you don’t trust me. God is not against you having pleasure; He wants you to have pleasure but in His way. 

God is the one who placed a sexual drive in us, it is natural but the devil has been directing what God put in us in the wrong direction. Sex sells and Sex is the biggest buzz on the planet because the devil is using our internal sexual drive to lead us to sexual sins to irritate God. The devil has no creativity in himself; He just corrupts what God creates. God created sex and the devil corrupted it.

You just have to say bye to the devil’s version and choose God’s version because it is the best. The problem is in your mind, make a choice and take a U turn. What you see in Porn videos and Movies is a Lie. You have the power to say No to the devil’s versions and say Yes to God’s version. You are a Powerful Person, so choose. You have the Spirit of Self control; you can control yourself from the devil’s version of sex and enjoy God’s version of sex. Jesus died for your freedom, not to leave you masturbating before your computer.

Religious Mindset:

Many Christians think that sex is dirty and that they are too spiritual to have sex with their spouse. I speak in tongues so I must not sleep with my husband, I’m a Pastor so I must not make love to my wife….these mindsets are nothing but lies cooked in Hell’s kitchen. Some others think that sex is just for having children and have sex with their spouses only twice in a lifetime (Two children, Two times!!!). That’s another lie from the devil’s mouth. As I mentioned earlier, these are demonic beliefs.

If Sex without Marriage is wrong, then Marriage without sex is also wrong….I hear most of your jaws dropping to the floor. That is truth my friend. Apostle Paul suggests that couples must stay away from sex only during times of fasting and have sexual union regularly not just during the first year of your marriage, look to the verse I quoted above: 1 Corinthians 7:1-6.

God didn’t fill you with His Spirit so that you can reject sex to stay spiritual. Sex is spiritual when done in God’s way. Rejecting Sex doesn’t Glorify God; Enjoying Sex in His terms Glorifies Him because He is the one who created Sex. A statistics says that, 80-87% of Christian couples who pray regularly and are spirit-filled have a wonderful sex life…That’s a Death blow to the Religious Mindsets.

Note: Some, especially women may not have both of these mindsets but will be overshadowed by fear of sex. Fear of sex is also due to wrong beliefs which form a wrong mindset. When you humbly accept the truth about sex, fear will flee and you can enjoy Sex as God intended it to be.

 Sex and self control:

Sexual drive is natural and Sex is Good but you must have self control. You must be able to stay away from sexual union when you have to. I heard of preacher who can’t go on for a few days without sex and it affected His family and ministry. Sex is to be enjoyed but when you go out of control it will affect both you and your spouse. Take mutual decisions, if you want go on a fast then talk with your spouse and stay away for that particular period. Self control adds beauty to sex, out of control diminishes the beauty of sex. You have the Spirit of Self control, so stay under control.

For God did not give us a Spirit that makes us afraid but a Spirit of Power, Love and SELF CONTROL. 2 Timothy 1:7(NCV)

Hello Singles, Hello Couples, Hello Pastors and Parents:

All you singles out there, protect yourself from the devil’s deceptions and walk in purity. Guard your virginity, you can lose your virginity by watching porn in the same way you lose it by making out with someone. Walking in self control and Waiting till you get married will be worth the wait. After marriage, have fun with your spouse. Sex is only for marriage.

All you couples out there, Have Fun and keep your romantic fire alive. If you lost your romance in marriage, take your spouse on a romantic getaway and restore the fire. Remember, Sex is not Bad or dirty. Sex is Holy, Glorious and Good. Don’t let the devil and religion rob you of God’s beautiful gift of sex. Don’t idolize sex but honor and enjoy Sex. Let there be freedom in your bedroom…

Hello Pastors and Parents, Many organizations want to install Sex education in schools while we don’t even teach our children about sex even after they get to college. Wake up, stop being shy or ashamed….The Truth about sexuality must be proclaimed…Truth sets people free…C’mon….

Phewww….that was a Crazy ride huh??…Okay, Don’t forget what I have taught you. Be the Good kids God wants us to be and make Daddy proud in every way. If you were blessed, share this with someone.





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