School of the Seers- Jonathan Welton

School of the Seers by the Jonathan Welton is one of the well-crafted, easy to read books in the Christian books world. Jonathan Welton may not impress you as a preacher but He will for sure impress you as a writer. Good Job Jon!!!

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The School of Seers Expanded Edition: A Practical Guide on How to See in the Unseen Realm

Do you want to See in the Spirit or See into the realm of the Spirit?

Are you are desperate to hear God?

Do you want to grow in the prophetic, especially in the area of seeing?

Do you want to enter the realm of visions and dreams?

Do you want understanding over the visions and dreams you are receiving?

If these questions click with your mind, then this book is for you. The Book lives up to it’s title(many don’t). It is surely a School, a practical study.

To release the Kingdom, one must think like a King- Jonathan Welton

Spiritual world:-

There is a spiritual world out there- which is invisible to your physical eyes but is more real than everything you can see with your physical eyes. God is a spiritual being, then you have Angels and demons. They are always active and they are constantly interacting with our physical world. We don’t sense them because we are so focused on what is seen that we miss the unseen. It is possible to become aware of God, the angelic and the demonic. It is possible to see beyond what is seen and see the unseen. This book helps you do that.

Who is a Seer?

Prophets can be divided into two streams- Nabi Prophets and Seer Prophets. Nabi Prophets hear and speak. Seer Prophets see and speak. Seer prophets operate by seeing “images” and “movies” from God, through their spiritual eyes. Visions and dreams are the dominant modes of Divine communication for a Seer Prophet. Not everyone is called to be a Seer Prophet but everyone can operate in the prophetic realm of seeing in the Spirit.

What will you get out of this Book:-
  • You will learn what it means to see in the Spirit. Not just that, you will learn how to see in the Spirit. I’m not joking.
  • Every chapter will end with spiritual exercises that will help you activate your spiritual sight. Do them as you study, you will be surprised.
  • You will become more sensitive to the Spirit of God and the spiritual world around you. Very rarely, books make you aware of the spiritual world around you but this one does it.
  • If you are foreign to the prophetic, this book will help you begin your journey. If you are already operating in the prophetic, this book will thrust you to the next level. School of the seers is a masterpiece- it can speak to a rookie and a professional.
  • You will come to the understanding that Love is the foundation of everything. Seeing in the Spirit, operating in the prophetic must happen through Love.
  • You will receive a proper understanding about the Gift of discerning of spirits, one of the 9 Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

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