Raising our Kids for God

A Lady gave birth to a boy. When the midwife went out, the lady looked at her son for the first time, laid her hands on him and prayer-“God, make him a Man of God or let him die”. That sounds crazy to many of you but only Crazy parenting will raise up Crazy men and women who will make history. My spiritual father once said-“Only crazy people make history”. When I say Crazy, I don’t mean a stupid or a psycho. Crazy means out of world or out of normal. To change the course of history, we need to raise up “out of world”, “out of normal” Sons and Daughters of God.

Moving from Christian Parenting to Crazy Parenting:

Christian parenting doesn’t work because mostly it has resulted in normal people warming our churches every Sunday. Christian parenting is a mixture of religion and worldliness, and has little to do with God…Oops…Sorry but that’s truth and sometimes truth hurts. Growing up in a Christian environment and seeing a lot others, I can say that Christian families raise their kids with God as a side dish. The focus is on pushing our children into a normal life which includes studying and working, not on God. I’m not saying studying or working is wrong, I’m saying studying and working with God on the side-lines is wrong, it is idolatry. God must be the central focus and studying or working must be side dishes.

Life is all about God. Life is all about Loving God and Loving people. Our purpose in life is all about God and His Kingdom. We can get this now and live right or get it after we hit the grave, but then it will be too late. Our kids must be taught this from the start or else it will be hard to get them straightened up later because they will be hammered from all sides by a world that is money minded and not God minded.

It is not enough to teach our children to be Good. It is not enough to teach our children to pray and read the Bible every day. We must teach our children to Walk with God. We must teach our children that Life is all about God. We must tell that they are part of God’s world changing plan and they have a unique role to play. When you keep hammering your kids with these truths, they will grow up knowing that they are unique, valuable and important.

Time to move from Christian parenting to Crazy Parenting. Crazy Parenting is Totally Led by Daddy God. We raise our children to be God focused men and women and we do this with God’s leading and instructions.

Worldliness and Rebellion:

Many Christian parents wonder why their children have grown up to be rebellious, disobedient and manipulative. A single dose of worldliness will open the door to the devil. If you think it’s OK to follow the world’s way or the normal way in certain things, then be prepared to welcome rebellion. We must give our children completely to God and raise them up in God’s way, not in the world’s way or in a way that we think is God’s way. The Bible says:

Train children to live the right way, and when they are old, they will not stray from it. Proverbs 22:6

So if our children are not walking in God’s ways when they grow up, then it is a sign of bad parenting: a totally worldly parenting or a mixture of God and the world.

Get Trained to Train:

To train, we must be trained first. Raising up kids is all about training them in the Lord. To train our kids in the Lord, we must be trained in the Lord. We must be Mature in the Voice of God and in the Word of God. We must be strong in the revelation that “Life is all about God and Everyone has a unique role in God’s World changing plan” and not about money. We must come out of normal and into the Supernatural life that has called us to live. Only then and only then, we will be prepared to raise our kids for God.

Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord. Ephesians 6:4. (Exasperate means Irritate. Parents have been commanded not to irritate their children but train them. All I see is, Parents irritating their children and not training them in the Lord…This is God less, devil full parenting. )

God instructed me before marriage to wait for 2 years before planning for a baby. So, we got married and went on with our marriage. Our Loved ones knew about this and others didn’t, so many thought we were having some kind of medical problem. It was humiliating at times but I had to go through it because God asked me to wait because He wanted me to teach me on How to be a Dad like Him.

God is the only Perfect Father and He is only one who can teach us to be Good Fathers and Mothers. So I obeyed Him and got into training, and the crazy part is I grew spiritually way to fast in my first two years marriages. If I look at myself before marriage, I will ask-“Hey who are you??”, that’s how much I’m different from where I was when I got married. That’s what will happen to you, if you intentionally obey and get into training. I will not say I have arrived but I know that I’m not in the place I was when I got married and I know that I’m ready to be a Father now. (My wife is pregnant now 🙂 🙂 )

Training is mandatory for Getting into a Sports team, Training is mandatory for Getting into a Job but we don’t get into any kind of training for life’s important segments like marriage and parenting. That’s why marriages are falling apart and children are raised up to be normal and sometimes end up us rebels.

Releasing our Kids into their call:

Everything man creates has a purpose. Cars are for transport, Phones are for communication. If man, a created being creates everything with a purpose, how much more will the Master creator, God, have a purpose for every one of us? Every kid is dropped into his/her Momma’s tummy with a purpose, with a call, with an assignment. Our kids are not an accident, they have been designed for a unique and glorious purpose.

 For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. Ephesians 2:10. (God has planned what we must do in life. We must know what it is and live accordingly. Living whatever way you want will not be taken into account by heaven.)

I will raise my children telling them-“You have been sent by God to change this world. You have an important role in God’s world changing plan. Don’t compete with other children who are trained by their parents to live a normal “study, earn, die” lifestyle. Never settle for normal. You are a World changer, a History maker. Live for God alone”. Our God is a Big God and He has Big plans for every child that hits this world. Children with Big plans over their heads hit a “normal” Christian family, they are raised up like the children of the world in a normal way, end up normal and the Big plans stay as treasures under the sand.

It is normal for Kids to have the desire to be a Super Hero and save the world from darkness. I remember attaching a long towel to my neck and saying-“I’m Batman…I’m Superman”. I remember throwing my hands out saying-“Ushhh…Uhsss…I’m spider man”. That’s the case of mostly every normal kid. We have been designed for greatness, We have been designed to reign, We have been designed to stand against darkness. That’s a natural force in everyone which dies down because of bad parenting and bad education which is totally focused on money- “study well, get a job, settle in life”. What about saving the world? Fighting darkness?? That’s just for movies and cartoons, we say and end up normal.

God didn’t design us to be normal, He didn’t design us to settle for a “eat, earn, sleep” lifestyle. Your kids are have been programmed by God to impact this world and bring change. Don’t constrain their lives, that they end up with an “I, Me, Myself” attitude and don’t think outside the box.

Let’s get back to the Story:

The story of the Mom and the baby boy, I mentioned at the beginning doesn’t end with the Crazy prayer of the Crazy Mom. The Boy grew up to be a Fiery Man of God. He scared the kingdom of hell and shook the lazy church. He is none other than, Leonard Ravenhill, a Man of God who is known for his book “Why Revival Tarries??”.

What Now??

Children are a gift from God; they are his reward. Psalm 127:3

It takes strong training and deep praying mixed with total commitment and zero compromise to raise our Kids to be Sons and Daughters of God who will walk with God, scare the devil and change the world. I don’t know about you but normality is prohibited in my house, Godless pursuits are prohibited in my family. I will raise my kids to be Crazy God Lovers who will be World changers and History Makers. Period.



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