Partying with God

The Church has emphasized so much on tears and has neglected the other subject. We have been told that if God is moving, we must cry thereby making us believe that tears is the ‘only’ sign of God’s presence. Church has also popularized that if you are a “spiritual dude” or a “spiritual gal” you must carry a “Serious face” as if you are on a discussion with world leaders for abolishing terrorism. Are all these “Christian” stuffs really spiritual or Are we faking them???

Let’s Ask God:
Let’s ask God about true spirituality. What will He say? Will He tell us that crying and Monkey face is true spirituality or something else??? Let’s unwrap the gift-

In Your(God’s) presence is “fullness of joy”. At Your right hand are “pleasures”forevermore. Psalm 16:11(NKJV)

Woooo…What????…Yeah, in the presence of God there is unexplainable, unlimited joy and unthinkable, unstoppable pleasures. I think God forgot tears and Monkey face…lol…True spirituality is experiencing joy and pleasures in God. Your Intimacy with God is measured by your Happiness in God. Let’s hit the bull’s eye, Spiritual dudes or Spiritual gals are those who are Happy. Men and Women who “really” walk with God are Happy even when they are walking through the so-called “darkest valley” because God is with them and in His presence there is Joy.

We have reduced salvation to Forgiveness of sins, Church attendance and a ticket to Heaven. But it is more than that. Jesus died to set us free from sin and all its roommates and to bring heaven into our lives NOW. Tears are prohibited in Heaven and Joy is the very atmosphere of Heaven.
Note: Am not saying crying in God’s presence is wrong or false, I believe it as an expression of conviction and repentance from sins. And Am talking about Joy in God not without God.

Digging into Real Christianity:
I grew up in Church but never really liked Church because all I saw was a bunch of people who lived exactly like the people in the world except for their Boring Sunday Morning Shows. The moment people get in Church, many will start thinking when will 2 hours pass by because all they get is the same old show repeated by the Central performer called Pastor and His Co-performers. 😛 Christians are sad and defeated just like others. If Jesus coming into someone’s life just gives them access to a Sunday Morning Show, then I believe the world is better than the Church as they are saved from a Boring Show.

God is not boring, the Church is. God’s presence is full of joy and pleasures. So, if God is really present in our Churches then people will be happy and excited about Church.

The Ultimate Command and the Ultimate Secret:
I have had Christians quote and talk about a lot of stuffs from the Bible but no one has ever touched this-

Rejoice in the Lord “always”. I will say it again: Rejoice. Philippians 4:4(NIV)

We have been commanded by God to be happy, stay full of joy in God and put “always” in bold letters. God demands every Christian to party in His presence always. You may say-“You don’t what I’m going through”. Shut up…The Bible doesn’t say if you are going through hard times don’t be happy. No No No…We are commanded to be happy in God “always”. It is like that you lose your right to worry after becoming a Christian.

Churches look like Cemeteries, but God desires them to be better than pubs. If the world parties over alcohol and drugs, the Church must “party harder” in God’s presence. The world must go-“The Church has a better party…I guess we must go to Church because Jesus is cool. Forget alcohol, drugs and sex”. The pleasures received from the stuffs of the world are no match for the divine pleasures stored up in God’s presence. Man was designed to experience happiness and pleasure in God and that’s the reason people are craving for happiness and pleasure through different means. But if the Church gets real, the world will run to the Church because Jesus is the real deal.

And I believe the Ultimate secret is Joy. The secret to victory and success in every area is Joy. The Bible says-

For the joy of the Lord is your strength. Nehemiah 8:10(NKJV)

The Moment you start losing your joy in God, is the moment you are start to lose your battle. Being Happy in God no matter what comes your way is the secret to victory. You lose your Joy, you lose your strength. Stop wailing and Start releasing shouts of joy!

Fun-Filled Church:
Jesus is the “peak of entertainment” while humans including many Christians are running after Movies, Sports, Facebook, and Internet for entertainment because the Church is full of Man and empty of God. That’s an insult to God right on His face!!

I believe having a party with the Almighty God is more fun than having a party with your best-friends. Casting out real demons in real life in Jesus’ name is more fun than shooting demons in video-games. Healing the sick and transforming broken lives in real life is more fun than updating useless statuses about social issues on Facebook. Sitting at the feet of Jesus and experiencing His Love is more fun than a Movie-night or a Holiday with your Family. Jesus is more advanced and entertaining than any product Apple.Inc can release. 😛 Jesus is full of Joy and entertainment but the Church is boring because Jesus is missing. Every Church that is empty of Joy and fun is not of God. Churches, Let Jesus in…

Start experiencing Joy in your life:
If you are happy only when something good happens to you, then it means you have not started to experience the Joy of God. God’s Joy is because of His presence not because of the absence of problems. So I would ask you start by reading Psalm 16:11 for a few times. Believe that God’s presence is in you and in His presence there is divine joy. If you are saved, God is in you and one with you. Don’t search for God, He is in you. Joy is right there in you, don’t search for it as a dog chases its own tail. Close your eyes and start experiencing divine joy. If you are not experiencing then it means that you are trying to receive before believing. Believing comes before receiving. Keep believing till you start receiving, then believe more and receive more.

I have learnt to walk in the joy of the Lord. When I pray or study His Word,  mostly I experience His joy vibrating my very being and sometimes tears of joy start flowing. Sometimes, I experience His joy when not doing any spiritual stuff. I don’t have a vibrating, dramatic experience of joy all the time (I would love to have it all the time), but I maintain a happy life and refuse to worry no matter what problems comes my way. I have made up my mind to live a life full of joy, pleasure and fun because God is in me and in His presence there is fullness of Joy and divine pleasures.

Now, you start to live a life filled with joy and fun, experiencing God’s Love and pleasures all the time making the world say-“I thought Christians were religious and Churches were boring…But this Christian fellow is HAPPY, all the time. I want what He has”. Go on people of God- Go crazy in Love with God and people, Be happy all the time, live a fun-filled and adventurous life with Daddy God free from “Christian religion”!! Stay in a Party Mode!! Let the Party Begin 😛 …


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