The Parable of the “Good, Bad and Ugly” Christians

You think that the way you live is OK, and even good. You think that as you are not committing murder and adultery, not focused on destroying the lives of others, you are living a good life. Think again. You may think you are pleasing God but you maybe leading a life far from pleasing God. Open your eyes and see clearly. Think again. Here’s an Eye-opening Parable.

Download from heaven:-

Some time back, I asked for a message to share and I downloaded a parable, a story from heaven in a flash from heaven’s website. I believe my spiritual net connection was pretty fast that day. The meaning of the parable came along but unfolded further as the day went by.

Jesus taught in Parables. Parables are simple stories with a lesson. They engage the imagination of the hearers and make the teaching pretty alive. The parable I’m going to give is not in the Bible but is in agreement with some of the Parables of Jesus. Let’s jump into the parable:-

The Parable of Good, Bad and Ugly Christians:-

God didn’t give me a title for the parable, I just gave it one like the Bible publishers do for separating passages in the Bible. Forget it, it is not important. Who cares about the title…

Once upon a time, there was this beautiful and peaceful country. People were about their businesses and enjoying with their families. But on One not so fine day, a neighboring country declared war on this country. As this country had always enjoyed peace, they were not prepared for war. War broke out without ringing the bell and everyone started wetting their pants.

Some armed themselves with anything they can use, from their kitchens and workplaces. Even though they were not prepared, they went forward to fight for their families and their country. Some took the war as an opportunity, to rob and gain riches. They entered houses were the men had left for war, killed the women and children, to loot everything that shines. Some took their families and left the country. They escaped with their savings in hand to start a new life in another country. We will brand the those who fought as “Bold”, those who robbed as “Evil” and those who ran away as “Innocent” or “fearful”. We will naturally get mad at those who robbed and killed. But Heaven has a different perspective.

Parable Decoded:-

There are three kinds of people in this story:- the ones who fought, the ones who robbed and the ones who escaped. Every one of us will fit into one of the three. Decoded form of the parable exposes the different kinds of Christians on this planet today. The Meaning of the parable tells us that there is only way to Live the Christian life and it is not the way most Christians are leading their lives.

  • Good Christians- The Ones who fought:- Christians who fight for God and the expansion of His Kingdom. They are not selfish, they don’t live an “I, Me, Myself” lifestyle. They Labor for God because they Love Him for real. They are focused on serving other people and destroying the works of the devil.
  • Bad Christians- The Ones who robbed:- “Christians” who are greedy and sinful. They cheat, beat and hurt for their benefit. They live in sin and are not worried about God and the work of His Kingdom. All they want to do is feed their sinful desires.
  • Ugly Christians- The Ones who ran away:- Christians who don’t disturb the lives of others, go to Church, read their bibles, pray, stay away from the big sins. They lead a so called good life. They don’t get involved in the corruptions of this dark world and they also don’t get involved in the work of the Kingdom. They play it nice and safe, living a comfortable and safe life.

Locate yourself, which kind do you fit in?? Be Real, Be honest and accept the truth because it is the first step to change.

  • If you are living a life sold out for God and the expansion of His Kingdom, being busy destroying the works of the devil and serving people, then you come under the first kind.
  • If you are living in sin and breathing the ways of the world, have a Christian name but no Christian fruit, Church Member but not a Son, Born Christian but not a Born again Christian, then you come under the second kind.
  • If you are doing all the normal Christian activities like praying, bible reading and church attending but not going around doing good by destroying the works of the devil, then you come under the third kind.

I have branded the Ones who ran away as Ugly Christians because they are the worst ones available. God loves everyone but the lives of those who are self-focused and not Kingdom-focused is disgusting to God. The Bad Christians, the ones who rob, are open about their Love for sin and the world. They can’t be called as Christians in the first place. Christians may sin but Christians won’t live in sin. Those who live in sin, meaning continuously walking in sin must get saved. But these Ugly Christians do all the Christian activities, claim to Love God but run away when there is a war. Is running away a Greater sin than robbing and killing? Is being fearful a Bigger sin than being Lustful? Is playing it nice and safe, living comfortable and focused on self, disgusting to God?

The Danger of Living a Normal life:

Living a Normal “Eat, Earn, Sleep” lifestyle looks nice and good but it is dangerous. Not doing Good things is more sinful than Doing Bad things. A Christian who doesn’t shine his Light is worse than a Terrorist who spreads Darkness. Doing the worst sins and Not Doing the Works of the Kingdom, don’t have much difference because both groups are under the devil’s hand. If the devil can’t get you to sin, he will keep you busy with Christian activities and the affairs of this life. If you are not going around doing good works like Jesus, you are sinning. If you are not moving forward to fight, you are sinning. If you are not busy serving, you are busy sinning. If you are running away or playing it nice and safe, you are under the devil’s hand. We are not saved by our good works but we are saved to do good works. We are saved by Grace and Grace transforms everything it touches. Transformed people live for the Transformation of this dark world. 

Therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin. James 4:17(NKJV)

Fear of not getting their needs met, Fear of losing their significance in this world, Fear of being rejected, Fear of being attacked by the devil are some of the many that stop Christians from Living for God and His Kingdom. They are so self-focused and straining to keep their life in place that all they want to hear is a sermon titled “God loves you and will bless you, no matter how you live”. Fear is not a normal human emotion, it is work of a spirit from the pit of hell. Fear is a Sin. Fear can never be given as an excuse to God. Being fearful and staying away from the work of destroying the works of the devil, staying from fighting darkness is Ugly. You don’t have to let fear dominate your life because Jesus has set you free from fear. He has filled you with Power, Love and Self control.

“But cowards, unbelievers, the corrupt, murderers, the immoral, those who practice witchcraft, idol worshipers, and all liars—their fate is in the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death”. Revelation 21:8(NLT)- Do you see? Those who walk in fear and don’t walk in faith are listed before murderers and adulterers and idol worshipers. It was not listed in this order by accident. 

Mahatma Gandhi said-” A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave.” We are called to Live a life of Love. Life is all about Loving God and Loving people. If you are fearful, you cannot walk in Love because Love requires action. Love looks like Jesus. Love is not selfish and is focused on serving. I think Gandhi had more christian sense than most Christians.

If you are Bad Christian, get saved. If you are Ugly Christian, it is high time to make a change. When you meet God, He is not going to ask about your degrees or bank balance or what car you drove. He is going to ask-“Did you do what I called you to do? Did you serve? Did you Love? Did you go around doing good like Jesus?”. Shift your Focus from Self to God, from Normal to the Kingdom. Be Kingdom-minded, Be Eternity-minded. Be focused on Loving God and Loving people. Don’t run away, run towards the war. Run against darkness. Be the Light, God has called you to be. You have been designed and empowered to fight. Jesus has defeated the devil and his demons, you just have to move from his victory and blast the forces of hell. There are three paths before you- Good, Bad and Ugly. Which will you choose? Heaven is watching.



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