One Secret to solve all your Problems

No one likes to have problems but there is no one without problems on earth. Some cry, some run, some quit, some hide, some fight but everybody seems to be going through something. What if I tell you that there is one secret, when applied, can solve all your problems? A one solution for all? Heaven, yeah 😛

The Secret Revealed:-

Like every secret that is marketed through media, if applied properly, this secret will solve all your problems and change your life. I don’t want you waiting anymore, here you go. The One solution to solve all your problems is this:- Change your perspective. When you understand that there are different perspectives to every situation in life, you can switch perspectives and become bigger than your situations.

Perspective defined:-

Perspective is a point of view, it is the way you see something. Your perspective about something will be carved by your experiences and beliefs. If you didn’t know, let me tell you that you have the power to change your perspective about something. In the same way, you can control your body, you can also control your mind. God has blessed us with self control, you can control your thoughts.

Humans and Dogs:-

Imagine there are 2 people- Lovey and Freaky. Lovey loves dogs. He has two pet dogs. Freaky had a dog bite him when he was five, from then he is scared of dogs. Lovey meets a dog on Destiny street and he plays with the dog. Later that day, Freaky meets the same dog on the same street and takes a run of fear. The problem is not with the dog because both Lovey and Freaky saw the same dog in the same street. One had a positive experience and the other had a negative experience. The problem was in Freaky’s mind, he had a wrong perspective of dogs because of a bad past.

David and Goliath:-

The people of Israel were put on a match with a Giant called Goliath. Everyone in Israel saw Goliath as a problem except David. David saw himself as Goliath’s problem. Everyone saw Goliath as a threat to their lives, David saw Goliath as an opportunity to Glorify God. Everyone thought that the problem before them was big, David thought that the God who was with Him was bigger than the Giant before Him. When everybody was running away from Goliath, David ran towards Goliath.

Every human in Israel faced the same giant, Goliath but David responded differently because He had a different perspective- God perspective. When you take on God’s perspective in every situation, you won’t have problems, you will become your problem’s problem. That day, everyone had a problem called Goliath and David became the problem’s problem because he saw the situation differently.

It doesn’t matter, what situation you are in, if you take on God’s perspective, you will become your problem’s problem.

Life doesn’t have to be hard:-

Life is hard to live, when you have the wrong perspective. Life is not hard to live, when you have God’s perspective. Gideon thought he was a nobody, until God called him “Mighty Warrior”. When Gideon shifted His perspective, he became a powerful man who won battles for God.

Jeremiah thought he was too young to talk but He walked as a mouthpiece of God after He shifted His perspective about himself.

If you are losing, you can be sure that it’s not over because God is with you and with God on your team, you can’t lose.

If your situation is bad, it means it’s not the end because God works out everything for our good. So relax, it will become good.

Someone left you? Get a pizza and celebrate, God is sending someone better.

Your family doesn’t value you?  Samuel rejected all of Jesse’s son and chose David,who was not even invited for the anointing party.

The promises of God are taking too much time to manifest? God is preparing you to the promise or else you won’t be able to handle the weight of what He has for you.

If think you are a death-lock situation, think again. Lazarus was not in a death-lock situation, He was dead. Still, Jesus got Him back from the dead.

There is nothing impossible with God. Miracles are God’s first language.

You see problems, I see opportunities for miracles. You see giants, I see targets. You see blocks, I see steps. You see rejection, I see protection. You see delay, I see preparation. You see the wilderness, I see the God who is with me in the wilderness.

Don’t see Goliath as a threat to your life, see yourself as a threat to Goliath.

You are not alone, you are not facing life alone. God is with you, always with you.

What Now?

You can wait for that miracle to happen, for the job to turn up, for that debt to removed, for your spouse to come back, for your mother to appreciate you, for your father to accept you in sadness or you can take on a different perspective. You can think-“I’ve got God. Yes, I have that problem. Yes, I don’t have that blessing. But I have God. He is the greatest blessing any human on earth can have. I have Him as My Daddy and My Buddy, and He is always with me. With Him, you can overcome and defeat anything and everything”.

When you take on this perspective, life will be filled with joy and peace. You will wake up thinking about how blessed you are and not how you are going to go through another tough day. When you become aware of God, God will look big and your problems too tiny to notice. When you become God-focused, you will powerful over your problems and life situations, and you will eventually overcome them and solve them with God’s power.

C’mon, change how you see everything, change how you think about everything. Perspective change is the solution for all your problems and the Word of God is the tool that gives you the right perspective.

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