Manifestations in the Church-Real or Fake?

maxresdefaultOne group says every manifestation is of God and the other says every manifestation is of the devil. The truth is there are both real and fake Manifestations occurring. Manifestations like falling under the power, Holy Laughter have received lot of criticisms. There are lots of misconceptions in the Church as many have opposed these manifestations blindly. This principle will wipe out many misunderstandings- “You cannot have a false without the truth; you cannot have a wrong without a right.” Similarly if you have false or fake manifestations it clearly says that there are real, genuine manifestations too.

God’s power:

God is Spirit and He lives in the Spirit realm. When God shows up in the natural realm, unusual manifestations occur. When people encounter electric power they shake and fall or sometimes are thrown away. The same may happen when God’s power invades the natural.

A confession to consider:

A man of God said-“During my early days of ministry, when crowds don’t turn up to my meetings. I place my own people in the crowd and will lay hands on them. They will fall on their own and the crowds will overflow. I faked. But now, when I lay hands on people they fall under God’s power for real”. I have personally seen people fall under God’s power when this man of God lays hands on them. This confession clearly shows that there can be both real and fake manifestations.

Spiritual Manifestations are both Biblical and Historical:

Some Christians have a special power to criticize. They call everything and anything-“It is of the devil”. If God doesn’t tell you-“It is of the devil” don’t leave out statements like that. Just take leave saying-“I don’t know” because you may end up calling the Holy Spirit as the devil. If you don’t know something, the best thing to do is-“Shut up”.

I too had a problem with those manifestations until God showed me about manifestations in the Bible and in Church history. On the day of Pentecost, Holy Spirit came on the 120 and they were filled.  During the first revival sermon, Peter says about what happened in the Upper room as the Outpouring prophesied by Joel as-“What you see and hear”. What did the people hear? The 120 speaking in tongues. What did the people see? Manifestations. What Manifestations? I don’t know but this verse proves that when God shows up there will be manifestations.

Therefore being exalted to the right hand of God, and having received from the Father the promise of the Holy Spirit, He poured out this which you now “see and hear”. Acts 2:33(NKJV)

In the Garden of Gethsemane, when the soldiers asked who is Jesus? Jesus answered-“I am” and the Soldiers fell down. Why?.When any saint in the Bible had an encounter with God, they fell down.

Jesus went out and asked, “Who is it you are looking for?”They answered, “Jesus from Nazareth.”“I am he,” Jesus said…When Jesus said, “I am he,” they moved back and “fell” to the ground. John 18:4-6(NCV)

Many Christians believe that Spiritual manifestations crawled into the Church during the Charismatic movement. Some Preachers and believers have wasted their time writing against the Charismatic movement. (Am not saying there were no errors. There will be some errors because it is the perfect God working through imperfect humans). Spiritual Manifestations didn’t pop up during the Charismatic movement, they have popped up throughout Church History whenever God showed up or whenever people allowed God to show up.

In the meetings of John Wesley(1703-1791), founder of Methodism hundreds of people used to fall under the power at a time. The first time this manifestation took place is in his meeting is an eye-opener. A woman sitting in the front row fell down while Wesley was preaching. Wesley stopped his sermon and went down to examine her. Doctors came and examined her but couldn’t find out why. Some said-it is hypnotism and some said-it is the devil. Wesley told them-“We will know who it is when she wakes up” and waited for 45 mins. She woke up and said-“Praise the Lord. Glory to God” and Wesley shouted-“It is the Lord”. When she had come to her senses, she said that she had a vision of Jesus.

The first time this manifestation took place in Charles Finney’s(1792-1875) meeting, many started falling under God’s power. Later it was found that all who fell under the power were unsaved and got saved that day.

People will fall under the power in hundreds in the meetings of Sis. Maria Woodworth Etter(1844-1924) and most of the people who fall down will have visions.

During the Azusa street revival, people in the streets will also fall under God’s power. Reports tell us that People used to fall under the power while crossing the building in which D.L.Moody(1837-1899) was preaching. History records that in certain places when people were baptized in the Spirit they started laughing. Some Saints have got lifted up from the ground and floated.

The Bible says that when the believers were praying, the building started shaking. It was God’s power. If buildings can shake under God’s power why not humans?

After they prayed, the place where they were meeting was “shaken”. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God boldly.Acts 4:31(NIV)

Falling under the power-Three types:

I believe in manifestations but am not saying that everything and anything is God. Falling under the power is one of the major manifestations seen in the Church. As we dig deeper into this, you will get an understanding on manifestations. It can be classified into three:

  • Power fall: In this type, people fall under God’s power for real when hands are laid on them or without the laying on of hands.
  • Courtesy fall: In this type, people fall on their own so that the preacher doesn’t get offended. Some preachers never take their hands off you unless you fall.
  • Holy fall: In this type, people fall on their own so that others won’t look down on them. People think-“Everyone is falling down, if I don’t fall people will think am unholy”.

When people Fall under the power for real, they won’t get hurt. When they fake, they get hurt. The Bible calls-“laying on of hand” as a basic doctrine. It is not wrong to lay hands on people, it is biblical. It is not wrong for people to fall under God’s power. It is wrong when preachers push people down and it is dangerous.

Kathryn Kulhman was criticized that she was pushing people down. In one her healing services, a woman falls even before Kathryn lays her hand on her and Kathryn slams to the crowd-“That’s for my skeptics.”

Fake manifestations increasing:

Some see their favorite preachers do something and fake it in their meetings. You don’t have to imitate a man of God, listen to God and do what He says. If God tells you to do something, do. If He doesn’t, don’t do because if you try to do things on your own you will end up pushing people down. Lay hands on people for prayer but don’t push them. Don’t try to imitate someone and fake in the Spirit. “Faking in the Spirit hurts God”. Fake manifestations miss the Holy Spirit and open doors for demon spirits.

In the next great revival, manifestations of God’s power will hit a higher level. I also don’t want you to be uninformed of the fact that fake manifestations will also increase. But Don’t miss the real stuff on seeing the fake.

Purpose of Manifestations:

Manifestations reveal God’s power and show us that God is invading the natural realm. People have visions, get healed, and receive freedom during these manifestations.

Dividing the real and Fake:

Don’t judge everything as real or everything as fake. Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. Allow Him to tell you what is real and what is fake. Develop spiritual perception to know when God is moving.




  • roger moore

    the concept of holy spirit was taken from the Vedic scriptures but the quarantined scholars/writers by Constantine had no idea how to include him into the fictional bible stories when they put jesus as the main hero… as it is they had taken most of the stories from the vedas…

  • KennethmyJesus

    Holy Spirit has been in the world from the beginning of creation,He didn’t just show up suddenly…Holy Spirit is God and He has no beginning or end..Moreover the stories in the Bible are true with strong historical backing so they can’t be fictional as you say..You have made some serious erroneous statements so better do some proper research..Jesus doesn’t have to be made a Hero by someone,He is the Hero..Love

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