Living like a King

helloLions don’t give birth to cats or pigs, they give birth to Lions. God is referred to as a Lion, a King. If we are the Children of the Most High God, we are Kings(Lions). “A King’s kid is a king”. We Christians are Kings, Lions but most of us go around our lives whining like a hungry puppy.

Identity Lost:

Many Christians proclaim that they are God’s children but are careful that they don’t make the next move of living like God’s children. Most of us think we will be whipped by satan at every turn till Jesus comes. But that’s not the picture of the life of a King’s child.

The Bible calls satan a Lion (a defeated lion). When a Lion comes head to head with another Lion, they fight. Most of us run to hiding on seeing satan, the lion while all through the scene God is shouting-“C’mon Kid, you are a Lion. Kick the devil, He is already defeated”. satan whipping God’s children and the King’s kids grumbling about their problems sounds foolish to me.

Searching….Identity of Christians:

One day, in our family prayer, my wife was praying for a certain issue. God gave me the answer for her prayer while she was praying. I waited till she ended the prayer and started-“Dear, if we know who we are, we will not have that issue.”

I continued-“If a Lion cub is put in a farm with a pig and its piglets, it will live like a pig. It will start living like a lion only when its true identity dawns on the inside.” A Lion Living like a pig is no way better than a real pig. Similarly, a King’s kid living like a normal kid is in no way better than a normal kid. Know who you are!

Identity Reclaimed:

You are sons and daughters of the Most High God. A King’s kid, without any doubt is a king. It’s time for you to get out of the “Lord save me from satan” club and jump into the “satan, get out. Am the King’s kid” club. It’s time for you to quit playing for the “pigs team” and join the “lions team”.

God is a King, Lion but how can a “just-a-believer” be a King, Lion?:

The Bible says,

The righteous are bold as a “lion”. Proverbs 28:1(KJV)

Every believer is righteous in position through Jesus Christ. The New Testament version of that verse goes like this- “Every Christian is bold as a Lion.”

Let’s see it in the New Testament also as many won’t accept Old Testament verses. The Bible says,

Reign as “kings” in life through Jesus Christ (the Messiah, the Anointed One). Romans 5:17(AMP)

You may say that your Bible does not have the Word-Kings. You are right, but KJV and NIV say-“reign in life”. Who will reign or rule? Not a farmer, not a doctor…A king. The moment you received Jesus you became a King, you became a Lion. When this truth becomes real “in” you, you will start living like a king.

You have been knocked down by Satan for too long; it’s time to punch him right in his face. When a Lion roars, the sound will be heard 8 kms away. WOOOOOO WHEN YOU ROAR LET demons IN THE NEXT STREET FLEE. WHEN YOU SHAKE YOUR FIST, LET satan START  TO WET HIS PANTS IN FEAR. LET THE DEMONS THAT KNEW JESUS AND PAUL, KNOW YOUR NAME TOO. YOU ARE THE KING’S KID. YOU ARE A KING. REIGN!!!



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