Learning to Carry the Holy Spirit

The Church has mastered the art of operating without the Holy Spirit. In the same way, Operating with the Holy Spirit can be learned and mastered. Without the Holy Spirit, all you get is Dead Churches filled with Dead bodies. With the Holy Spirit, you get a Burning Church with On fire Sons and Daughters of God…

Holy Spirit and Hot Coffee:

Walking with the Holy Spirit is like Carrying a Hot Cup of Coffee. You don’t carry a stack of books, a chair and a plate full of snacks while carrying a Hot Cup of Coffee. Similarly, if you want to Carry the Holy Spirit you must let go of everything else. You can’t hold the stuffs of this world and expect to carry the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is attracted only to an Undivided heart-a heart completely focused on God, a heart completely obsessed with God.

You don’t run or walk casually with a Hot Cup of coffee, you are focused and careful. Similarly, you must careful while walking with the Holy Spirit because He gets hurt when you play with sin and gets quenched when you don’t cooperate with Him. Be careful and Stay sensitive, then He will manifest through you.

I love what Pastor. Bill Johnson said:”You have a Dove on your Shoulder. Make every move with the Dove in mind”. Don’t resist Him, Don’t Hurt Him, Don’t Stop Him from flowing through you to touch other people…Surrender to Him, Give Him the Joystick of your life and He will flow through you.

Don’t grieve God. Don’t break His heart. His Holy Spirit moving and breathing in you is the most intimate part of your life. Ephesians 4:30(MSG)

Do not hold back the work of(stifle, quench, extinguish) the Holy Spirit. 1 Thessalonians 5:19(EXB)

Jesus, Peter and Paul:

Jesus carried the Holy Spirit all the time. One day, He was on His way to wake up a dead girl and a woman crawling on the street got healed just by touching His pants. There were times in His ministry, where people were pushing forward to touch Him because Power was radiating from Him and everyone who touched Him got healed. When Jesus stepped into an Island, the armies of demons inside a man, on the other side of the island, started wetting their pants. Jesus starts His sermon on a Good Sunny Sunday Morning and the demon in a man starts shouting in fear. The Bible says the Holy Spirit “rested on” Jesus. He had the Holy Spirit on Him or over Him all the time.

Jesus’ personal assistant Peter sucked out some nuggets from Jesus on carrying the Holy Spirit and He pulled it off. Peter was on his way to a prayer meeting and people who were seated on the way got healed. Peter didn’t lay hands on them or shout at sicknesses and demons. He just walked by them. He was not returning from a Powerful prayer meeting, He was going to one. Imagine, what would have happened after He prayed.

One of the Craziest persons to Live on planet earth, Apostle Paul is the other guy who pulled this off. Towels he used to wipe his face and His yucky Handkerchiefs were placed over the sick and demon possessed, and they were set free. Paul was so much saturated in the Holy Spirit that everything He touched was impregnated with the Holy Spirit’ Power.

Holy Spirit Missing:

The reason we don’t have the Operations of the Holy Spirit in our Churches is because we want to have our own way, we want the Holy Spirit to work in the way we want. We want to be in control from the Beginning Prayer to Singing Songs to Boring announcements to Preaching of the Word to Benediction. It doesn’t work that way because the Holy Spirit is God not a dog. You give Him the throne of your life, you give Him the throne of your Church and He will start moving. I have sat in a lot of Churches where they prayed:”Holy Spirit, take complete control” and then did everything they can to keep Him out…Hypocrisy…

God Honors only those who Honor Him. Most Churches don’t honor the Holy Spirit and that’s the reason He doesn’t honor them with His Presence, Power and Freedom. Unless, Churches turn their focus from the Crowd to the Holy Spirit we will have Dead Men ministering to Dead bodies and call it Church.

Complete Surrender, Complete dependence is the Key to Carry the Holy Spirit. Intimacy with the Holy Spirit brings the Holy Spirit on the scene. Disconnect from the World to Connect with Him. Be careful, Be sensitive. Talk to Him, Love Him, Honor Him and Carry Him everywhere you go. You are the Temple of the Holy Spirit. You are the Carrier of God’s Presence. Remember, a Cup of Hot Coffee…



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