Kingdom of God Taking Over Hollywood

When I grew up, I was told “If you watch movies, you will end up in Hell”. If what I was told is true, then I must be given a premier seat in hell because I’m going to teach something beyond “watching movies”. Ha ha ha…People end up in hell for not believing in Jesus not for doing something. Whatever, let’s forget stupid religion and dive in.

2014, the year of Bible movies:

2014 was declared as the year of Bible movies with lots of movies based on the Bible or the Christian message hitting the screens. After watching a few of them, I think they didn’t just miss bull’s-eye they didn’t even fire. Total garbage…

Noah: Nothing except for the special effects. I watched it in the theatre and thought it was Okay. With Darren Aronofshy (Director) and Russel Crowe (Hero) on the boat, the expectations were high but what was delivered on screen was miles away from the expectations of the crowd.

Son of God: Just terrible and one of the “worst quality” films I have ever watched. I regret for watching it on theatre and stopped recommending others to watch it after I saw it. I went “What??? Is this a Movie??”.

Left behind: Horrible to the core. Watch it, if you want to punish yourself. If your wife is nagging you, show her this movie. I watched it as it had Nicolas cage, but all through the movie I was saying: “C’mon please end soon”.

Exodus: I have not watched it yet because I got tired watching all the above movies. One Pastor said it was good as a movie but not Biblical but others said it was Horrible. It had Christian bale of “Batman” as Moses and the “Gladiator” fame Ridley Scott as the director.

There were also other movies like: God’s Not dead and Heaven is for real. But I will declare the year of Bible movies as Total failure. “Passion of Christ” was an epic and out of the world. Thanks to Mel Gibson…We need movies like that and greater than that.

Note: More Christian movies are going to come out. I happened to see a trailer of one and thought: “Even God won’t watch this, so please don’t release it because it will make the world devalue the Kingdom of God”. And of all the movies only Noah and Exodus were made by Hollywood while the others were made by the Church, you will know it by their quality.

We are not Dumbos, We are New creations:

I have been astonished by many movies but then thought: “If the old creations can do this, the New creations must do more”. The people of the world don’t have God yet do great things but people in the Church have God in them yet settle for Sunday Morning Church attendance. We are New creations with God’s nature and ability in us and logically we must be rocking every area and every industry in the society. We need to move from playing Church to expanding His Kingdom. Jesus is King.Period…But the King wants to show the world that He is King through the Church.

Moving from a Church Mindset to a Kingdom Mindset:

Like Most Christians, I also had a Church mindset: Fill the Church, Fill the Church and Fill the Church. I used to think that everyone who loves God must quit their jobs and conduct crusades. By God’s grace and mercy, I moved into a Kingdom mindset years back. My mindset doesn’t just desire for a “Church revolution” but a “social revolution” that will leave God’s mark in every area in the society. It is not just getting people saved but about getting Government systems, Media systems, Educational systems, Business systems saved.

Now the Church talks about God but when we take up a Kingdom mindset and carry the Kingdom to the different systems in the world, we will be having God taking throne in every system. For example, who is the Greatest Sports star in the world now?? Is He a Christian?? No…What if He is a Christian. When He receives a award or something, He will lift his hands to the skies and say:”It was Jesus” and God will be enthroned in the sports system. Get it???

Stop Blaming Hollywood and Start taking over:

If we want to walk in the Kingdom, we must stop putting the blame on the world and start taking responsibility. As these Bible movies were not biblical, I met a lot of Christians who were mad at the director and Hollywood. That’s Stupid…First of all, Ridley Scott is not a Theologian and Christian Bale is not a Christian. They don’t have to stick to the Bible. Above all, many Pastors don’t know the Bible properly.…Whatever, we must stop blaming them and start penetrating the Movie industry with the Light. If it is true that we can reveal God through our lives and not just by pulpit preaching, then we can also reveal God through movies. The Movies we make doesn’t just have to be of an exact story from the Bible, we can make good movies with the touch of God in it that will impact lives and sweep the Oscars for the Glory of God.

There is nothing called Darkness. Darkness is just the absence of Light. If there is darkness in the Movie Industry, the Church must be blamed because Jesus said we are the Light of this world. We must stop blaming Hollywood and start living as the Light. If there is so much profanity in Movies, take the blame and move forward to change it. If there is so much adult content in Movies, take the blame and move forward to change it. You don’t have rights to criticize something you are not willing to change.

You(you means YOU) are the Light of this world. Matthew 5:14

God’s last name is not damn; if people want to curse they must use their names. God is the author of Sex and wrong portrayal of sex is very bad. Agreed…But… Change doesn’t come by blaming the darkness but by being the Light.

A dream for the Future of the Movie Industry:

Movies were made to entertain the whole family and to inspire lives. Somewhere the wrong route was taken that now it is very hard to find a movie to watch with your family. It must Change…It will Change..God’s Kingdom will penetrate the Movie Industry. Light will shine and darkness will flee. The F word will be replaced by the G word (God). Jesus will reign over the Movie industry through His Church.

Apostolic Producers will rise up to make Movies that will be bigger not only in budget but in everything. Prophetic directors will rise up who will receive scripts for their movies through dreams and visions which will carry the very fire of God. The actors will be found preparing in tongues to deliver their act under the presence and guidance of the Holy Spirit. The Movies made by the Church will sweep the Oscars and the winners will be lifting their hands to heaven when the world gives them a standing ovation. They will not brag, they will point to Jesus and Jesus will be lifted high.

My dream, My heart is that Jesus will be lifted up not only in Church buildings but in every area in the society. When I go to the Mall, I want to see Jesus lifted up. When I go to the theatre, I want to see Jesus honored. When I go to a school or college or office, I want to see Jesus magnified. Making our Governments submit to the Lordship of Jesus, is my vision and mission not fearing the Government or blaming the Government. I want God to be revered as God by everyone, by every industry, every part of the society. A social transformation, a social revolution.

Note: I’m not endorsing working in an industry for money or fame, I’m for doing everything for the Glory of God.All for Jesus, all for His Kingdom.

A revolutionary story to chew on:

It’s not just about the Movie industry, the Kingdom of God must dominate in every industry. I met a man who told me that He was doing sports ministry. He told me that the Brazilian Football team’s celebration after winning the World cup 2002 was pre planned. They wanted to win and glorify God. They did and off went their jerseys exposing their t shirts with signs like: “I belong to Jesus” or “I love Jesus”. I knew this before but what he told me next took me off guard. He told me that when the team exposed their Jesus t shirts, lifted their hands up to heaven thanking God, prayed together on the field lots and lots of people accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour in the stadium and in their homes watching the match on TV. Cunning Media, they ignored the cover story. Times are coming when the media can’t survive without God because God will be the only Hot topic on planet earth.

What Now??? Religious Nuts, please forget what I said…Others, think about it…We are New creations. We must take over Hollywood, We must make better movies than Hollywood. Not only that, in our schools and colleges and workplaces we must do what others can’t do. We must do the impossible. We must invade every system and place the throne of God in them. God,Let your Kingdom come….

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