I Killed a Mother and Her Baby

I Killed a Mother and her unborn baby. She was a wonderful Christian lady, loved the Lord and was serving Him. I killed her and her baby. Years have passed, people have forgotten her but I still have her photo in my laptop to remind me that I killed her and her baby.

A Dual Murder by a Christian:

I encountered God in my bedroom and not in some Church service or Revival meeting. I became a Christian and started falling deeper in Love with God every day. I Loved Him so much that I bluntly believed His Word even when it seemed odd and “out of world” at times. Let me drive you to the Murder story directly now,

Years back, One fine day, My Mom calls me to tell me that a lady I knew was very sick and asked me to pray for her. She also added that the lady was pregnant. I prayed and then forgot about it.

Another fine day which actually turned out to be a Not so fine day, literally a Black day for me. My Mom calls me and tells me that her condition became worse and they aborted the baby to save her. Later, she also died. I was shattered. I went to God as I always do, not to question Him but to talk with him about this.

Me: Daddy, that aunty and her baby died.

God: Son, Why didn’t you heal her??

Me: Dad, I did but nothing happened. I missed it somewhere.

God: No problem Son. Now, Go and raise her from the dead.

Me: Daddy…What?? Me???…Uhhh…How can I??…

(I started crying)

God: You believe my Word, right??…Dear, My Word says “raise the dead”…So pack your bags and go…You can do it.

Me: Daddy, what if I pray and she doesn’t come back from the dead???…Lots of people will be there, won’t they think bad about you.

God: Son, you don’t have to protect my reputation. Your failures cannot move me an inch from my throne, I’m God. Period….You are worried about your reputation. You are fearful of what people will say or think about you when you fail.

Me: Daddyyyyyyy……….Uhhhhhh………..I’m Sorry…………

Funeral gets over…

Me: Daddy, the funeral got over…

God: Even now, you can go and raise her from the dead.

(I felt as if someone kicked me out of bed while I was sleeping!!!)

Me: What????? Helloooo???? I didn’t hear you right, I think.

God: Go to the graveyard. Pull the coffin out of the ground, open it, put your hands in and raise her from the dead.

Me: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……

God: What Son??? Don’t you remember Lazarus???

Me: Yeahhhhhhh………I get it Daddy. I accept my failure. It was my responsibility and I failed. Forgive me.

God: It’s okay Son. Remember, it’s your responsibility.

(God was not condemning me, He was convicting or convincing me the truth so that I will take responsibility and do what He has commanded us to do. So I don’t condemn myself saying that I killed someone, I stay convinced that it is my responsibility.)

Phewww…I don’t know what you got from this page from my life, but every time I think about it I go Nuts. I go Nuts for Good, for God. Some of you are shocked about what I just shared and you are thinking I’m Nuts…You’re Welcome…If I share this story from my life in a Church, the Pastor will kick me from behind and the congregation will get united for the first time in history to throw rotten tomatoes at me. “Raising the dead??? Is it our responsibility to raise the dead?? You are a Liar. We believe in the Bible and we know that you are lying”…You’re Welcome…You believe in the Bible, I believe in the Bible too. God never contradicts the Bible. Fine, agreed…Wait a Minute…God never contradicts His book, but He will contradict your commentary on His book.

Note: When I say I killed, I don’t mean that I killed them with an Axe or hammer. I mean it in the sense where people say “God took someone before their time” meaning “He killed them”. Christians turn the responsibility on God to look Good, I place the responsibility where it belongs: Me, You, Us.

Raising the Dead Unveiled:

Jesus raised the dead. Peter raised the dead. Paul raised the Dead. That’s Bible truth. Jesus commanded us in Matthew 10:8 :

Heal the sick, RAISE THE DEAD, Cleanse the lepers, cast out demons(All these are in Command mode and not in request mode. Jesus is not requesting us, He is commanding us). Freely you have received(It says YOU), freely you give(YOU give, not God). Matthew 10:8

If you say, that’s not for us because it is directed to the 12 disciples then I will say “The Book of Ephesians is for the Ephesians, the Book of Romans is for the Romans”. So if you are not an Ephesian, tear Ephesians off. If you are not a Roman, tear Romans off…Moreover, Why did Paul raise the dead??He was not part of the 12 disciples, remember. Awww…Let’s stop this. If you want, you can throw Matthew 10:8 out. See this verse,

If you call yourself a Christian, then Live like Jesus(Not like your Pastor, Not like some Church Father who lived centuries back, Like Jesus). 1 John 2:6

Christians must live like Jesus. Jesus didn’t just give money to charity; attend Church on Sunday Morning, Read a Psalm every day. He went around doing good by Loving people, Forgiving people, Healing the sick, Delivering the demonized and Raising the dead. One of the “Good” He did was, He RAISED THE DEAD. As we have been asked to live like Jesus we must also be raising the dead. “Living like Jesus” must not be defined by some theologian who has nothing to with God, Living like Jesus must be defined by Jesus. Living like Jesus means Living like Jesus. No cutting off stuffs your denomination doesn’t believe in, No cutting off stuffs that make you uncomfortable, No cutting off stuffs that mess your mind. Period!!!

Raising the dead is not something “out of world”. Raising the dead is part of Normal, Biblical Christian Living. If you don’t agree, you can disagree by saying “God, you are a Liar”. Jesus didn’t conduct funerals but we conduct funerals and allow the Pastor to say “God took Sister So and So. God works in mysterious ways”. That’s blasphemy. Jesus didn’t tell Martha and Mary “Sorry guys, My Dad killed your Brother. He works in mysterious ways”. Jesus said “My Daddy didn’t kill Him. My Daddy stopped working in mysterious ways; I’m the exact representation of My Dad. Lazarus, Come out of the stinky Grave”. Bham Bham Bham!!!

Raising the Dead in the Bible and Beyond:

There are eight direct references to a dead raising miracle in the Bible- 3 in the Old Testament, 3 in the Life of Jesus, 2 in the First Century Church.

  • Elijah, Elisha and Elisha’s Bones performed a dead raising miracle each.
  • Jesus raised the Widow’s Son, Jairus’s Daughter and Lazarus from the dead.
  • Peter raised Tabitha and Paul raised Eutychus from the dead.

I believe there were more which have not been recorded as John said if we have to write everything then even the libraries of the world cannot hold the volumes of information.

  • Saint Francis Xavier (1506-1552): Known even today for His great missionary works. Once while preaching, He sensed that the congregation was dry and dead. He immediately asked the people to open the coffin of a man who had died few days before and raised him from the dead right before their noses. And Man, They Had Church after that!!!
  • Smith Wigglesworth (1860-1947): Popularly called the “Apostle of Faith”, a man who read the Bible alone and did mighty works in the power of the Holy Spirit. Once, He pulled a dead person out of the coffin, placed him on the wall and commanded -“Come back to life”. The body went down. Repeat. Repeat. Suddenly, Bham…The dead man came back to life. It is said that He has raised more than 18 people from the dead.
  • David Hogan (Present day): A Modern day Apostle, who can be compared to the Apostle Paul, is considered to be the Hub of resurrections in our day. He and His ministry team have seen more than 500 people raised from the dead, not to mention that they stopped counting a long time back. This Guy is no joke, their ministry has planted thousands of churches.
  • Tyler Johnson (Present day): A graduate from Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry(Bill Johnson and Kris Vallaton) is the founder of a ministry called “Dead raising team”. They minister to the dead and train others to raise the dead. They are seeing people raised from the dead. They have trained and placed teams in lot of cities in the U.S and in a few other countries.
  • Pastor. Yonggi Cho (Present day): The Pastor of the World’s largest Church raised his son from the dead.
  •  Andrew Wommack (Present day): A Well known Bible teacher in the present day church, raised his son from the dead.
  • Curry Blake (Present day): He is the Overseer of John.G.Lake ministries and is resurrecting back the good old days of John Lake. He is busy training believers to do what Jesus did. He raised his daughter from the dead.
  • Savithri, a Sweeper lady from a low caste background, living in New Delhi was asked by a preacher “How many people have you raised from the dead??”. She answered in her weak voice “Sixteen”. The preacher’s brain froze and my eye balls popped out. Above all, SHE CAN’T READ. This story is my favorite…

Note: Raising the dead doesn’t mean you go and raise the 90 year old Grandpa who kissed his Great Grandchildren goodbye. Get me. People must die when their time comes not when some sickness or accident comes. Whey they die before their time, we must raise them up.

I know what you want to ask me:

A guy asked me the same thing, you want to ask me. He asked me ”Bro, Have you raised anyone from the dead. I said “No, but I’m ready to minister to the dead.”. I have not yet received an opportunity to sit by a dead body and minister for a dead raising miracle but I have ministered to dead people from a distance without any results. I’m not the person who turns the responsibility back to God when I encounter failure so that I can look good. I’m like, bring me the dead…God has commanded, I love Him and it is my job to obey. I don’t know about you…

What next???:

I’m in Chennai, TamilNadu, India. I’m ready to come and minister to the dead at call in my city. So if you encounter any death of your loved ones, you can contact me. But don’t call me and plan for the funeral behind the screen, let’s act in faith. People from other cities or countries, do give us a try we will pray from wherever we are as there is no distance in the spirit or we will try contacting any ministry in your place which believes in raising the dead. As more Christians start to take God at His Word and get into action, I believe dead raising miracles will become common. You can also contact us for healing and miracles too.

Contact me:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kennethjustin.j

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/HolySpiritRevolutionMinistries

Mail : holyspiritrevolution@gmail.com

Before I leave, let me tell you something. We Christians must walk in Power, Love and Purity( 2 Timothy 1:7). God didn’t ask us to pick and choose out of the three. All three are important, walking in one or two and rejecting the other means you are an unhealthy Christian. Jesus was not kidding when He said we will do Greater works than Him. Okay, Now…Let’s raise the dead…Expand your faith, Believe for the Crazy stuffs and Step out to do…Bham, Bham Bham…





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