The Key that unlocks the Supernatural

Am not amazed by those who walk in the supernatural, Am amazed by those who have God in them but don’t live a supernatural life. Most Christians have the mindset that only the Super-Preachers can walk in the Supernatural and for them to step in the supernatural it is like “in your Dreams fella”. But the Bible is pretty clear that every child of God can walk in the supernatural. If you know the key and use it, the supernatural will be unlocked over your life.

The Key that unlocks the Supernatural:

The Key that unlocks the supernatural, the key that unlocks every door in the supernatural is Faith. Faith is the key. If you walk in Faith, the supernatural will be unlocked over your life. If you walk in Faith, you can receive the impossible and do the impossible. If you walk in Faith, you can live above the natural realm.

What is Faith?

Faith is not an Abracadabra, magical word that works only for a few or it will work only when you get the right formula. Faith is belief or confidence or trust in God. Faith is the bridge that connects the natural realm to the supernatural realm where God exists.

Faith is not seeing; Faith is believing before seeing. Faith is seeing what you cannot see. Faith is not intellectual, Faith is believing in your heart. Faith is not hope and thereby it is not in the future tense, Faith is NOW. Faith is active only when you are intimately connected with God. You don’t believe someone you don’t know. Intimacy with God is the key to walk in Faith!!

Everything is possible for the one who believes. Mark 9:23(NIV)

Re-Introducing the Faith you Forgot:

People have this practice of getting saved by faith in the work of Jesus and then trying to live life on their own terms. We are not just saved by Faith, we have been called to live by Faith. You start by believing in Jesus, you must live by believing in Jesus and you must die believing in Jesus. Faith must be placed on God, to make it more clear- Faith must be placed in God, His Word and His promises. The Bible is full of God’s promises and God will also give specific promises for your life which will line up with the Bible but all these promises will not come to pass unless you place your faith on them and meet the conditions.

God’s promises are supernatural and they manifest only when you believe. First, You must believe that God is not a Liar. If He has said something, then that settles it. No arguments, No dissecting His promises…If you believe, they will manifest in your life.

Breaking the Chains and letting the people free:

I’m going to break the chains that have been keeping many Children of God out of the supernatural and letting them free to walk in the supernatural. If stuffs don’t happen in your life, people will tell you that you don’t have faith. But that’s crystal clear lie. If you are a Born-again Christian, you have faith because you can’t get saved without Faith. Faith is a gift from God and every Christian has it even though you don’t have stuffs happening in your life.  

We have been taught and we firmly believe that we must do this and that to get Big Faith. The “Have Big Faith” teaching contradicts what Jesus said-“If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can move a mountain”. Wow…You just need a mustard seed faith to move a mountain. You may ask-Then why nothing is happening in my life?? It is because you have more doubt or unbelief or fear. You have Faith but it will be cancelled out if you have doubt, unbelief or fear. If your mind is not renewed with God’s Word, it will fight your walk of faith with doubt and fear.

Consider this-Faith is positive and all the other three are negative. So if you have 5 Faith and -5 unbelief or Fear, it will cancel your faith. Got it??…So, You don’t need some Big Faith, you just need a Faith without doubt, fear and unbelief. Faith is not expressed in quantity but in quality. You need quality faith. When fear and doubt leave, boldness shows up which is the Faith activator!!

Faith is a gift and you have already got it but you must remove doubt, unbelief and fear by being intimate with God. Intimacy with God blows out the doubt and fear in you. You can do this in three ways but encountering God is what must be done not some religious activity-

  • By encountering God through Intimate Prayer
  • By encountering God and getting your mind changed through Bible Study, Bible Meditation and Bible Confession.
  • By encountering God through your relationships with people who walk in the supernatural.

Opening every Supernatural Door by Faith:

Salvation experience is a supernatural event where you are transformed from a Sinner into Son by God’s power, which is accessed by Faith. Similarly, Faith is the key that unlocks every door in the supernatural.

Imagine that, when you get saved you enter into a Big Bungalow. You entered the Bungalow with the Key of Faith and now the Bungalow is full of doors that are locked. You can open it all by the Key of Faith or you can just stay in the Hallway like many Christians and wait to get to heaven. My friend, Let me tell you a secret…Every door in the Bungalow has a piece of Heaven behind it and you have to understand that God has “already provided everything through Jesus” so it is up to you to experience or miss. God has given you the entire Bungalow and the key to unlock every door is in your hands so the responsibility is on your shoulders to receive what God has already provided. The More doors you open, the More you will experience Heaven on earth. You don’t have to wait for Heaven; you can bring Heaven down by Faith. Allow me to open a Few doors for you-

  • Door of the Baptism in the Spirit: The Glorious Gift of  Spirit Baptism was sent from the Father to fill us with Dunamis power. The Baptism in the Spirit is accompanied with the wonderful gift of Tongues. Every Christian can walk through this door by Faith. You can walk in power by believing that God’s power is in you. Key verses- Acts 1:8, Acts 2:39.
  • Door of Joy and Peace: Christians have access to Divine Joy and peace. You can be happy and rest in God’s peace even when troubles surround you. You walk through this door and live in this realm by Faith. Key verses- Psalm 16:11, Philippians 4:4-7, John 14:27.
  • Door of Hearing God’s voice: Every child of God can hear God’s voice not just some Super-Christians. You walk through this door by faith and positioning yourself to listen to His voice. Key verse- John 10:27.
  • Door of Healing and Miracles: Every Christian can and must heal the sick and cast out demons. You can also receive personal healing and freedom. You can walk in the miraculous by placing your faith in God’s Word and stepping out to do the stuffs Jesus did. Key verses- 1 Peter 2:24, Mark 16:17,18, John 14:12.
  • Door of Financial Blessings: Every Christian must be blessed financially. Poverty is a curse and you are children of the Most High God not the Child of a beggar. Supernatural Money from the Supernatural God is available. Understand me, I’m talking about a fully-supplied life not a life focused on money and wealth. Key verses- Matthew 6:33, Philippians 4:19
  • Door of Freedom from Sin: Jesus didn’t die just for your forgiveness but for your freedom. When you believe it, the claws of sin holding will start to open and you will walk in freedom. Key verses- Romans 6:6,7; Titus 2:11, 1 Corinthians 10:13, 2 Corinthians 5:17.

Note: There are many more doors you can open by Faith. Every Door has different levels, so don’t stop after you enter a door. Keep pressing in to deeper levels in every door. Keep pressing in through prayer, meditating on the particular promises again and again, then personalize them and speak them out loud again and again. Keep pressing in by stepping out and doing what God says.

The Friends of Faith:

  • Obedience: All of God’s promises are conditional.  If you meet the conditions by faith and by living right, you will get them. If you walk in doubt or fear and live in sin, you will miss what God has already provided through Jesus. God is not going to prevent you from anything good; you will be restricting yourself by doubt, fear and sin. The responsibility is on you. God’s grace has been given to enable you to obey, so obey God’s Word. Follow His conditions through grace by faith and the supernatural will show up. For ex- If you give God first priority in your life, all your needs will be met and blessings will follow you according to Matthew 6:33. The condition here is-Giving first priority to God. Similarly, God’s peace will manifest only when you stop worrying and give your problems to God.
  • Perseverance: The reason many Christians are defeated is because they lack perseverance. Faith is believing and perseverance is standing in Faith. Many stop believing when stuffs don’t happen and blame God. The problem is never on God’s side, it’s always on our side. So if stuffs don’t happen instantly we must persevere by continuing in faith and destroying doubt and fear along the way. Believe and keep believing. I believed in healing the sick even before I started healing the sick in Jesus’ name. Some promises may take time to manifest, so persevere in Faith. If you prayed for someone and they didn’t get healed don’t stop..Keep going. I have heard of people who prayed for 100 to 700 people for healing but no one got healed but now they have Healing ministries. So persevere, endure…Hang in there…God is not a liar…Keep trusting Him!

Faith-Risk or Rest???:

We have been taught that Faith is spelled as RISK, but I have come to understand that FAITH is spelled REST. We are placing our Faith in God, hear me “IN GOD” and then why is it going to be a risk. Faith is resting in God’s promises and stepping out. From my personal experience, I can say that stepping into a supernatural door for the first time will be like walking on water, it will look risky. First time when I moved in healing or the prophetic it was like walking on water but now I’m like-“C’mon bring me the sick”. Opening a door for the first time can look risky but when you access it, experience it and learn to rest in that particular promise it’s as simple as making coffee. So, take the first step of risk, then rest in His promises and live a supernatural life.

Supernatural is natural for every child of God. It is your birth right. You have been programmed to live in the supernatural realm, start unlocking the doors and be a light to this dark world. Don’t settle for a normal life. Just Believe. Did this post clear the skies for you to walk in the supernatural??? Tell us…


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