Keep Your Love ON- Danny Silk

KYLO by Danny Silk, one of the key leaders of the Bethel Movement, is the best book I have read on marriage and relationships. Danny has handled truths that I have not encountered in other marriage books. This book is the best guide out there to build a healthy marriage, not just marriage, it will help you build healthy relationships with everyone in your life. The Key truths you will receive from this book are:-

  • The goal of every relationship is connection. He teaches you how to maintain connection irrespective of what’s happening in the relationship.
  • The mantra of healthy relationships- You don’t control me, I don’t control you. You control you and I control me. He teaches us how as powerful people we must control ourselves and not others.
  • The battle between Love and Fear.
  • Communication is the foundation of a relationship and Danny teaches you the effective ways to build communication in your relationships.
  • The part of about boundaries in relationships will be foreign to most you. Before you finish those chapters, you will convinced how important boundaries are.

If you want to work in your relationships, if you are planning to get married and need a tool, if you are married and struggling, I highly recommend KYLO. Buy it and devour it.


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