How to Judge others and destroy your life

Look at the Church and look at the world, you will find the most dangerous people on planet earth inside the Church. Judging, Condemning, Back-biting and Gossiping are the identification-marks of the Church today while Jesus demanded us to have Love. Love is not just the main element, Love has to be everything but it is the missing piece in the puzzle.

The Church thinks it can escape with its fire spitting mouth saying “We can make righteous judgments. We are just judging the sin and not the sinner. We are judging because we Love God.”, but fails to understand that God knows our deepest intentions. Before we go further, let me clear off the clouds for you. There are three types of judgment: out of the three, two is good and one is evil. You can/must operate in the first two types of judgment and must never operate in the third type.

Three types of Judgment:-

The Bible talks about three different types of judgement but all the three are translated as “judge”, which has created lot of confusion. Let’s get the stinkin socks off the Church by digging into the original language.

Type 1:- “Anakrino” means ability to distinguish or the power to see right and wrong clearly. As children of God, we must operate in this type of judgment. When we live tuned up to the Spirit of God, we will be able to know right from wrong and not be stuck with a grey view of everything.

Type 2:-“Dokimazo” means testing something. As children of God, we have been commanded to test every spirit and test the prophecies we receive. This type of judgment is needed to keep ourselves from deception.

Type 3:- “Krino” means condemn. As God’s children, we must never operate under this type of judgment. It is this type of judgment Jesus asked us not to operate in. It is this type of judgment that opens the door to the devil to destroy your life. While you are bashing the other person, the devil is digging your grave right behind you.

The Church, either goes to one extreme or the other and always finds it hard to stay on the middle of the road. Christians are either judgmental or they don’t judge at all, missing out the first two types and get into lots of trouble. The devil has cunningly helped some justify the negative judgments they make and prevented many from making positive judgments by dropping guilt in their hearts. We must judge under the first two types and never under the third type. The first two types help us see things as they are and assist us in helping and correcting others in Love. With that being said, let us get back to our topic. If you don’t know, we are dealing with the third type.

Do Not Judge:-

Being Judgmental is evil and demonic; it is part of the devil’s job description. When you go around judging others, you are partnering with the devil and freelancing for the kingdom of hell. What people don’t understand is that the devil is a not a good boss. God will turn everything for your good, while the devil will turn everything for your bad. He will use you to judge someone in a certain area and make you fall in the same area.

Jesus didn’t come to judge sinners, He came to save sinners. Jesus hanged out with sinners but sinners are afraid to hang out with us. Are you functioning like Jesus or the Pharisees? People are afraid to expose their struggles in the Church today because the Church is the World champion in judging people and branding them in a negative way. The devil accuses and beats people up. The Holy Spirit helps and comforts and sets free. When you accuse, judge and condemn people, you are operating in the Church as the devil’s secret agent. The Church is well-known for saying “Love the sinner, Hate the sin” but all you see is bashing and rude judgments.

My Experience in the Church:

I have experienced the Church as an unbeliever, a believer and a leader. Church looks good on the outside but it is not a safe place to be. Spiritual abuse is as strong as Sexual abuse but it is common and normal. People use Jesus and the Bible to destroy the lives of others. I chose the path of Love, even though my messages were hard hitting and blunt, I expressed my love and value for people. I don’t know how, somehow people started knowing that I will not judge them but will help them in Love. I started getting calls, messages and visits from people, exposing their darkest secrets to me. They were comfortable doing that because they knew that I will help them and not hit them.

From drug addicts to fornicators to homosexuals, I have had people share their story and also their experience with other Christians, who mistreated them for their sins. I have the dark stories of many people locked up in a secure locker in my mind, God has trusted me with them and I will carry them to my grave. Those stories in the hands of an average christian will end up as gossip and abuse. No matter who you are, you must never forget that you needed a Savior to rescue you and when you are aware of that truth you won’t mistreat others who are in sin. 

The Fruit of Being Judgmental:

“Don’t pick on people, jump on their failures, criticize their faults— unless, of course, you want the same treatment. That critical spirit has a way of boomeranging. Matthew 7:1,2(MSG)

“Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. Matthew 7:1,2(NIV)

Ever wondered why you are going to be judged for judging someone who has done something wrong? Why would you be judged with the same measure you use on someone else? If you judge someone for lying, will you be judged for lying on the same level? If you judge someone for lust, will you be judged for lust on the same level? Every step out of Love is a step into the devil’s playground. When you judge, you partner with the devil and lose your ground to Him in the area you are judging the other person. You will become vulnerable to the devil’s tricks in that same area. You will have high chances of falling for the same sin, you judged the other person for. Shocked?? Here are two incidents from Church history.

Decades back, one of the popular televangelist of that time, Jim Bakker, was accused of being pants down with his secretary and for looting bags of money. Jimmy Swaggart, a fiery evangelist, who was climbing the ladder of prominence like Billy Graham, gave out information about Jim Bakker and blasted Him for that. Jimmy judges Jim and was then found pants down with two prostitutes.

A Young evangelist was leading a revival, while having issues with his marriage behind the screen. Crazy miracles happened and people came from everywhere. A leading Christian channel was covering the revival, amidst oppositions because the young evangelist was controversial in many ways. Suddenly the revival fire died down, and the young evangelist was found with another woman. Divorce, remarriage and the whole world turned against the young evangelist. Randy white, Paula white’s former husband sent him money and love knowing how tough this situation might be. The Young evangelist, with the entire Church firing at him for his fall, runs to Bill Johnson for cover and then has his restoration process under Rick Joyner. Then after his restoration, the young evangelist is serving the Lord powerfully. Years later, the CEO of the TV channel, left his wife for another woman, similar to the young evangelist. Did the TV guy judge the young evangelist for his moral failure and go down for the same thing? I think so…

When you operate in judgment mode, you put your guard down and will be naked to the attacks of the enemy. When you choose to walk in Love, your guard is on the right place and you will be strong against the devil’s attacks. It doesn’t matter what people have done, choose Love. If you can, help them out of the mess. If you can’t, pray for them. Don’t judge or accuse or condemn, just love. Many think they are pleasing God by going against those who have sinned but the truth is light years away. You please God by Loving those in sin, Loving those who are hard to Love. Jesus loved the sinful woman who was about to be stoned to death. Jesus loved Zacchaes the sinner. Jesus loved another sinful woman and let her play with his feet. Jesus loved Peter after his hat-trick denial encounter. Jesus loved John and James, after they had the desire to burn people like Elijah. Jesus didn’t beat them up and parcel them to hell. He loved them and brought them back.

Your Job is to Love, Your call is to Love, all people, at all times, no matter what. Love sees someone with a clean sheet, Love sees someone without their history. We are not sending a message that it is Okay to sin, we are sending a message that we Love no matter what. And this kind of love, when released over those in sin, empowers them to live above sin. Sin is bad, God still hates sin. Grace empowers us to live above sin. We don’t just have forgiveness, we have freedom in Christ. But your job is to Love, no matter what. No excuses, No time-outs. Choose Love.

P.S:- I’m not saying we must not confront evil and protect people from the damage of one person’s sin. We must do that. Get me right. When people fall and get up, we correct them and work on them in Love. When people willfully damage other people with their sins even after multiple rebukes, they have be confronted intensely. I heard of a pastor who molests women in the name of deliverance, when challenged he claims that Jesus personally told him to handle woman that way. Here is a guy, we need to kidnap.

Follow this Giant:-

A Spiritual Giant is someone with a Big heart, not necessarily someone with a Big crowd or a Big church. I want to take you back to the Jim and Jimmy story, I mentioned earlier. Jim Bakker was jailed, after he was caught for sexual sin and looting money. The world turned against him, the media was merciless and the Church was mad at Him. One day, while washing toilets in jail, he had a visitor and it was unusual, because no one came to see him( his wife had dumped him over this issue). He went to check out who it was and to his holly molly surprise, it was Billy Graham. Billy Graham hugged and showered love over Jim. After his Jail time, Billy and Ruth invited him for dinner and even declared “Jim is our friend”. Now, that’s a Giant, he had a big heart and also had big crowds. He mirrored Jesus to Jim, while everyone was acting like the Pharisees. Most Christians claim to be intimate with Jesus while they are not but Billy Graham is a man who is really intimate with God. I can proclaim that boldly.

Phew, Oh My dear family, Be love.


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