The John 14:12 Challenge

One of the Most Challenging verse in the Bible is John 14:12. From the day that verse hit me, till date, it shakes my very being. Putting me aside, I meet many Christians who don’t even care about that verse. They are too busy making money, taking care of their family, attending Church, attending special meetings, having church celebrations, reading their bibles, praying, giving offerings, blah blah blah that they don’t have time to hear what Jesus has said. If you can spare a little time, follow me into John 14:12.

Dismantling John 14:12:-

Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. John 14:12(NIV)

To understand this verse better, allow me to dismantle it and explain it to you. Start 1..2..3..

Who is the One speaking? Jesus.

To Whom was He speaking to? His disciples.

To Whom does this verse apply? To Every believer, To Everyone who believes in Jesus.

Dividing the verse into 5 parts will help you understand what Jesus is saying.

“I tell you the truth”– Jesus, the Truth is telling that what He is going to say is truth. The Church, through the ages, has this bad habit of misinterpreting everything in the Bible that is out of their experience. Never do that, God is True and every man is a Liar. Don’t let your past experiences and preconceived ideas push aside what God has said in His Word.

“Anyone who has Faith in Me”– Everyone who believes in Jesus is qualified to live this verse. You don’t have to be a Super-Apostle or a Spooky Prophet to qualify, if you are a believer then you qualify. The Only qualification to walk in this verse is that you believe in Jesus. Faith is not a abracadabra magical word. Faith is trust or confidence.

“Will do What I have been doing”– Everyone who believes in Jesus is qualified and empowered to do what Jesus did when He was on earth. What all did Jesus do when He was on earth? He preached and taught, hanged out with tax collectors and prostitutes, healed the sick and drove out demons, raised the dead and cleansed lepers, multiplied food and walked on water, and the list goes on.

“He will do even Greater things than these”– Everyone who believes in Jesus is qualified and empowered not only to do what Jesus did when He was on earth but to do greater works than Him. You have been called and given the right to do greater things than Jesus.

“Because I’m going to the Father”– We get to do the Works of Jesus and Greater works than Him because He is in Heaven now. There are two parts to this- 1. Jesus is not here, so we as the Body of Christ have to do what He did and greater works than Him. 2. Jesus sitting in Heaven after His resurrection activated two things in every believer- Authority of Christ and Dunamis Power, with the coming of the Holy Spirit. Every believer has access to the Authority and Power of God. The revelation of God to the world and the advancement of the Kingdom of God require power and authority, and that’s why Jesus gave them to us.

Clearing off the Misconceptions:-
Every powerful truth has been suppressed by the Church with the help of the devil through false explanations and false teachings. A number of false explanations and false teachings surround this verse because many don’t walk this verse so they found a way to push it off. Let’s shoot them in the head:-

Misconception 1:- “Greater works means More works”:- Only stupids believe this stupid lie. “A Great King” doesn’t mean “Many Kings”, similarly “Greater works” doesn’t mean “More works”. “Great” is used to show the quality not the quantity. Yes we will do More works than Jesus(Quantity) but He is talking about Greater works here(Quality). Language basics will help you get this but many try so hard to spiritualise it.

Misconception 2:- “Greater works means Leading someone to the Lord- ‘Salvation experience’ not the miracles Jesus did”:- One of the pillars of Bible interpretation is taking a verse in context. When you take a verse out of context, you can make it say whatever you want or whatever your denomination or background wants. In context, Jesus is talking about the Miracles He did and He goes on to say that everyone who believes in Him will do the same miracles and greater miracles than that. Here Jesus is showing the Miracles He did as an evidence that the Father was with Him. This text, This passage is talking about the miracles of Jesus, the supernatural works of Jesus. Scholars who didn’t experience miracles misinterpreted this verse to fit their powerless life and transferred it through the ages. This is just Bad theology. Adding to that, I’m NOT putting down the “salvation experience” or “born again experience”, I’m just saying that this verse has nothing to do with that.

Misconception 3: “Miracles stopped when the Last Apostle died”– This is the most anti-biblical statement you will ever find on earth. Church fathers who lived immediately after the Apostles have stated that healing the sick and driving out demons were common practice. People who twist this verse to fit their life, have also ,mastered the art of twisting church history. This can be easily shot down with the Bible, but let me give a statements from Church Fathers:-

Irenaeus( A.D 180):- One of the widely accepted Church father had something to say about heretics:- “They (the heretics) can neither confer sight on the blind nor hearing to the deaf nor chase away all sorts of demons… far are they from being able to raise the dead, as the Lord raised them, and the apostles and as has FREQUENTLY been done in the brotherhood”. C’mon, this guy calls people who don’t heal the sick and raise the dead as heretics. Now, we have people calling those who believe in miracles as heretics.

Origen(3rd century):- “They expel evil spirits and perform many cures…Miracles are STILL found among Christians, and some more REMARKABLE than that ever existed among the Jews”. More remarkable miracles than those that happened among the Jews, Hello???….

Think on this for moment. Jesus is so big that He is not going be insecure if you do a greater work than Him. He is God, we are not. He was never created, we are created beings. More than that, He is the one who authorized us to do greater works than Him. Another reason, it is okay to do what Jesus did and greater works than Him is that Jesus didn’t come to show off that He has power- He came to reveal God, He came to die and HE CAME TO SHOW US HOW TO LIVE AS A SON OF GOD, AS A DAUGHTER OF GOD. Jesus is the only model for Christian living. 

Note: If you don’t agree, go to the Greek or Hebrew or whatever, and try giving an explanation with the real text without twisting it to fit your theology or experience.

The Core of John 14:12:-
Now that we have put a bullet to the head of each misconceptions. let us get to the core of John 14:12. The Core truth of John 14:12 is that Jesus wants us to do what He did and do greater works than Him. The Supernatural was Natural for Jesus. The Miraculous was Normal for Jesus. That’s how He wants us to be. He wants us, meaning every believer in the Church, to walk in mind blowing power.

Love is the Foundation of the Kingdom of God and the power of God in demonstration is the expression of the Love of God. A person stuck in sin will experience the Love of God when He gets free by the Power of God. A sick person will experience the Love of God when He gets healed by the Power of God.

Most Christians think that the Miraculous is for the Apostolic age, which is one of the dangerous demonic doctrines to hit the Church and there are others who think that the Miraculous is for a select few. You turn your Bible to John 14:12 and just listen to Jesus, look for yourself, He is right and everybody else is wrong. Take Him at His Word. Every believer can do what Jesus did and greater works than Him. Every believer has to walk in Miracles, Signs and Wonders. It is not an option, it will be natural if you just learn to put your faith in Jesus to action. Just walk in Faith and the supernatural will become natural for you.

When Peter got the lame guy healed at the beautiful gate, He didn’t say-“I healed this guy because I’m an Apostle” or “I healed this guy because I’m Peter” or “I healed this guy because I’m part of the apostolic age and only those live in the apostolic age can do what I did”. He said-“This guy got healed because of Faith in Jesus’ name”. As a believer, you have Faith and you have the right to use the Name of Jesus. So you can do what Peter Jesus did. I’m getting you somewhere…

Other verses that support John 14:12:-

1 John 4:17– The Greater One Lives in you, so you can do what He did.

1 Corinthians 6:17– You are in union with the same Holy Spirit, who was on Jesus when He walked this earth. Getting it, the Same Holy Spirit and not the Holy Spirit’s cousin brother.

1 Corinthians 4:20– The Kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power. The Church talks too much but God says otherwise. It’s high time we stop playing church and stop making the church into a club and start walking in the power of God.

Mark 16:17,18– Signs like healing and deliverance will follow every believer and not just some Evangelist from United States. If signs are not following you, stop and think-“Where Am I going? If I’m in the right path, signs MUST follow Me?”.

And I can go on and on and on. Let’s cut this off. It doesn’t matter what you have done as a Christian and in the name of Church and in the name of Ministry, start fresh now. Get back to the Bible and Live it.

The John 14:12 Challenge:-
Okay, finally, the challenge is here. If you are a believer, you must be doing what Jesus did and Greater works than Him. If you have not done anything, it’s okay start now. If you are doing something like Jesus, good, keep growing. Here’s the challenge, it may take a lifetime or a decade or whatever but don’t hit the grave without living John 14:12. Do What Jesus did:-

  • Preach and teach with revelation from heaven, with divine authority.
  • Hang Out with Sinners.
  • Heal the sick and Drive out demons.
  • Raise the dead and Cleanse the Lepers.
  • Multiply Food.

And the List goes on. For more, Study Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

This is gets even more Crazy, Do Greater works than Jesus. Study the works of Jesus in the Gospel, believe for Greater works than what Jesus did and step out in faith. Before you hit the grave, live out what Jesus declared. This verse is like the unfulfilled prophecy of Jesus- believers doing what He did and greater works than Him. It has nothing to do with Him and everything to do with us. He has given us Faith, Authority, Power, His Name and blessed us with every blessing out there. It’s our job to use everything we have received through Christ and live this verse out. Take John 14:12 as a challenge. A Challenge makes our lives exciting and keeps us away from normal.

Note:- Some claim that they are walking in the Greater works. Wait a Minute. Let us first hit the works of Jesus and then move to greater works. Jesus had 100% healing results, He healed everyone He prayed for and everyone who came to Him. “Those who didn’t get healed in His hometown were those who didn’t let Him minister to them”. So, at the end of the line, Jesus healed EVERYONE, 100 percent results. If you can’t get everyone you pray for and everyone who comes to you healed, then you can’t claim that you are doing what He did. Don’t set false standards and get stagnant, keep growing. Moreover, 99.9% of Jesus’ miracles were instant, it was just booom, at the snap of a finger. 100% results and instant results, let’s do that first.

If you Love Jesus, you will obey Him and walk in His word. One of His Word is John 14:12 which talks about you as a believer doing what He did when He was on earth and doing greater works than Him. We cannot do it on our own but we can because of what He has done in us through His death, burial, resurrection and ascension. John 14:12 is purely miraculous and supernatural, and you as a believer qualify to walk in it. Live John 14:12. It is not without purpose, walking in John 14:12 will advance the Kingdom of God like crazy. So fasten your seat belt and start riding John 14:12…Let Acts 10:38 become your lifestyle. Bear much fruit.

Did this post bless you? Did this post challenge your walk with God? If yes, tell us…


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