Is God on a vacation when it hurts?


Terrorist attacks are in full swing, women are raped mercilessly, young babies are molested by animal-turned-humans, life-stealing diseases, peace-shattering heartbreaks and the one who has no connection with all these stuffs is the one who is blamed for all these nuisances. His name is God. Where is God when it hurts?

God, the Evil assassin:

I went to a Pastor’s funeral service who died of a heart attack before His time. Some of the top Pastors addressed the gathering with fiery speeches and lovely poems stating that God took the Pastor so that he can be with Him in Heaven. (Is God bored with Moses and David in heaven?)Give me a break……Is God an assassin going around terminating people so that they will be with Him in heaven? My Bible says Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy (not God). God allows death when your time for departure comes.

The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy. John 10:10(My Translation)

God, the Great Virus:

I have seen Christians who go all around saying that God inflicted them with a sickness. Some even preach sermons stating that God gives sickness to humble you. How marvelously stupid!!!

If you say Jesus gives you sickness, it is in a way saying Jesus makes people watch pornography because Jesus died for our sins and “sickness” on the cross. He doesn’t tempt you to sin and He doesn’t make you sick.

God, the Pain Giver:

God is blamed for the poor mark sheets, lack of job, broken relationships and the delay in paying bills. God has already blessed us completely on the cross and everything will manifest when we believe. When Jesus said “It is finished”, He meant what He said. Everything is done, it’s your turn to believe and receive what has been made available.

We are already blessed. Ephesians 1:3(My translation)

God, the Good Father:

God is not the problem in this world. God is not your problem. God is not the one to be blamed. Men rape women because of lust, Terrorist bomb innocent people because it’s in their blood, Grown men molest young babies because that’s what porn-addicts do, Poor mark sheets is the result of poor preparation, you are sick because of your stupidity and satan’s cunningness….Where is God here?

God is a good God. The devil is bad and humans who partner with him are bad. Bad stuffs happen because of bad choices made by bad people influenced by the bad devil. (God made Adam the ruler of this world but He gave his position to the devil) God is not the Evil Assassin who kills; He is the Ever-Loving Dad who takes care of you. God is not the Great Virus, He is the Great Healer. God is not the Pain giver; He is the Prince of Peace!

Is God Sovereign?:

God is sovereign but “not” in the way most people think or preach. He is above everything but He is not running everything here. God is not the owner of strip clubs, abortion clinics and Brothels. He is not the mastermind behind terrorist groups. He is not up there with a Big Hammer to slam you anytime He wants.

Not everything that happens in this world is God’s will. The Bible says God’s will is that everyone must be saved but Hell is overflowing with people every day. You don’t get saved automatically; you get saved when you believe in Jesus. Same applies for everything. You have a part and God has part to play in everything.

Don’t blame God. Blame yourself and resist the devil. Take your thumb out of your mouth and Grow! God is good all the time. God is not on a vacation when it hurts; He is on His throne waiting for you to receive peace, joy, healing, provision..


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