How to Walk in the Supernatural Power of God- Guillermo Maldonado

Unlike most Churches around the world, the supernatural is natural in the Church led by Guillermo Maldonado. From His rich experience in the supernatural, Guillermo writes a book that will stretch your faith and train you to operate in the supernatural. How to walk in the Supernatural Power of God requires a slow, long read.

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How to Walk in the Supernatural Power of God

Jesus walked in the supernatural, the early church walked in the supernatural. We, the church of the present day, must walk in the supernatural. Walking in the Supernatural is our birth right and it is the way of life for God’s children. We have to be naturally supernatural.

“When reason is present, faith is absent, and the impossible will never be possible. But when faith is present, reason is absent” ― Guillermo Maldonado

If you desire to walk in healing and creative miracles, then get a hold of this book and get alone with God for a week or two.

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