How to lose your virginity before marriage?

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Our culture has been so polluted by the devil that the pollution has stained the Church. Christians are losing their virginity in large numbers as there are certain deceptive ways to lose it. A void in the teaching about sex in the Church is also a reason. If the Church doesn’t teach on sex, the world will.

A rhetorical question, a head-blowing answer:

A young Christian lady asked me-“What is wrong in kissing my boyfriend? We are not having intercourse”. I answered-“Why do you do it when you are alone with him? If you can do it before your parents and your Pastor then I don’t have a problem with it”. She was not fully convinced with my answer as the culture says that kissing and cuddling around before marriage is not wrong, only having intercourse is wrong. We have a condition like this because the Church feels shy to teach on sex while Movie stars deliver classic sermons on sex.

Note: In certain countries they kiss, hug while greeting other people and that’s not the same as kissing your partner before marriage. Am not talking about greeting someone with a kiss or a hug. If you’re Parents/Pastor are okay with you fooling around in bed, guess what….They need Jesus!!!!

A Pastor Speaks:

Someone asked a Pastor-“Can I kiss my partner before marriage?”. The Pastor gave a wise answer-“Everything starts with a kiss”. Bulls-eye!!!!!

Love or Lust:

You can claim that you are showing your love by doing those stuffs before marriage, but it is not love. True love waits while lust rushes before time in the name of love.

Defining Sex the right way:

Sex or Love-making was created by God to enjoy within marriage. Intercourse is a part of love-making and not all of it. Kissing, hugging or whatever is collectively termed as “foreplay”, which is another part of love-making or sex. So if you are kissing or cuddling your partner before marriage, it is pre-marital sex. You don’t lose your virginity only when you have an intercourse or get pregnant; you lose it when you do any kind of marriage-stuffs (includes foreplay).

Virtual prostitution-Pornography:

Many Christians tune into pornography thinking it is not a problem. Pornography is prostitution because Jesus said lusting with your eyes is adultery. So you can lose your virginity before marriage by just turning in to porn on your computer. Watching porn before marriage is pre-marital sex and watching porn after marriage is extra-marital sex. (Just being blunt!)

To know more about the dangers of porn, read my post-

Why should you follow God’s boundaries???

God didn’t put limits on sex to rob us but to give us the real thing. Staying under his limits gives us the best and crossing over is dangerous. Moving out of God’s boundaries in sex, takes us into satan’s playground. Mr.satan is not going to play see-saw with you; he is going to play “Shoot’em, kill’em” with your life till he destroys it. Sex before marriage will affect your marriage even if you marry the same person you fooled around with. To learn more about this truth read my post-

Jesus makes things new:

You can be a person who has lost your virginity by fooling around with your partner or by watching porn. It doesn’t matter how dirty you are because Jesus is good at cleaning up people. He can make you new, He can clean you up and make you a virgin. Prophet Kris Vallatton says-“You can be a Born-Again Virgin”. I love this-“Born- Again Virgin”. You can be one too. Repent of your sins, ask Jesus to forgive you and wash you with His blood. If you are genuine, you will have a new beginning. And Remember,Jesus doesn’t forgive you and takes off. He forgives you and sets you free from Sin. He is a Saviour not just a Forgiver.

Practical Advice :

Don’t be alone with a person of the opposite sex before marriage. Let your meetings be public. Be accountable to your parents and a spiritual leader on your relationships. Stay far from sin. Run. Stay pure. You will thank me later. Above all, understand and believe that there is freedom in Christ not just forgiveness. Believe and receive.

Run from sexual sin! No other sin so clearly affects the body as this one does. For sexual immorality is a sin against your own body. 1 Corinthians 6:18(NLT)

A letter to Pastors and Leaders:

Dear Leaders,

A youngster who keeps throwing questions at me, once asked me-“My Pastor doesn’t teach on these stuffs. Why?”. God created sex and we don’t have to be ashamed to teach on it. Teach on it and God’s Word will keep people from sexual sin. Jesus has purchased our freedom, proclaim it. And Jesus is coming back for a pure bride not for a whore. Thank you….

In Love with Jesus,

Kenneth Justin



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