How to Heal the sick

People are suffering and dying of sickness every day; doctors are breaking their head and sacrificing their sleep to help sick people; medical researchers are fighting diseases with their peanut-sized brains while the Church which has the “real” power to heal is ignorant and lazy…It’s time to wake up and heal the sick.

Note: I’m not going to give these posts for free, you have to pay me for these teachings. You have to me pay me by doing what I teach. Lol…Read my previous posts if you have not read. And now, STUDY THIS POST and DO.

Every Christian can and must heal the sick:

Jesus said every Christian will do what He did and greater stuffs than Him. He didn’t say-“Guys, I sat in Church for 1 hour so you must do greater stuffs than me by sitting for 2 hrs in Church”. He said-“Guys I loved the unloved, I healed the sick, did miracles and drove out demons now you go and do what I did and greater stuffs than me”. You don’t need an angel to knock on your door and tell you-“Go and Heal the sick” because the Bible is already clear that every Christian can Heal and must Heal the sick. You are a Son, a Daughter of the Most High God placed in this world to thrash the forces of darkness. You don’t have to be a Super-Apostle or a Spooky-Prophet to heal the sick, you don’t need this anointing and that anointing, if you are Christian you are in the game. 

And “those who believe”(Christians, believers not Specially anointed people)….will be able to place their hands on the sick and heal them. Mark 16:17,18(TLB)

My Journey in Healing the sick:

God started teaching me about healing immediately after my salvation. He taught me that He had taken all the sicknesses of mankind on the cross in the same way He took our sins. In those early days, I got infected with some sickness, but I stood on His Word-“By His wounds I have been healed” and received healing after a 3 month battle. Next He told me that I must heal the sick and not just believe for my healing. And Finally He told me that I must not just heal the sick but also train others to heal the sick. Now, I heal the sick and I train Christians to heal the sick…Ready to get trained??…

Foundations for healing the sick:

The two main reason for lack of miracles in the Church today is-“Demonic teaching” and “Atmosphere of unbelief”. Demonic teachings like -“Miracles passed away” or “God gives sickness to correct us” or “God doesn’t heal always” and an Atmosphere of unbelief prevails because the Church has settled for a bunch of Religious traditions and God-less activities. You don’t need faith to preach a 5-point sermon or to attend Church on Sunday morning. You need faith to live like Jesus. We get started by Faith, then throw Faith out of the window and live normal. 

If you stay humble to the Holy Spirit, what I am going to teach will break demonic beliefs and the atmosphere of unbelief over your life-

  • Identity: Knowing your Identity in Christ and Living it out is the secret behind Real Christian living. Jesus didn’t leave us here to rot till we get to heaven. He left us here to do what He did. He also didn’t die for us so that we can have Nice Church services every Sunday. He died to transform us into World-changers. You are a Son of God, a Daughter of God. You are not a normal human, you are Super Human. You are from Planet Heaven, you are not of this earth. God is in you, on you, with you and in union with you. You are like God, like Jesus and One with the Holy Spirit RIGHT NOW( Ephesians 4:24, 1 John 4:17, 1 Corinthians 6:17, 1 John 4:4, 2 Corinthians 5:17). “Change your thinking with the truth about your identity and your living will change”. As a Son of God, a Daughter of God, your Job description includes healing the sick because Jesus is the only model for Christian living.

Anyone who says he is a Christian should live as Christ did. 1 John 2:6(TLB)- If you see with an open mind and not through some religious garbage or denominational junk, you will know that Jesus spent a major part of His time healing the sick. 

  • Healing is a Done deal: Jesus purchased our Freedom from both sin and sickness through His redemptive work. He set us free from sickness 2000 years back when He set us free from sin. Jesus’ blood is for our sins, His wounds/stripes are for our sicknesses. He is not going to die again, it is already done. So it’s up to mankind to receive or reject what He has already provided. Because of Jesus and His finished work we have forgiveness, freedom from sin, healing, freedom from the devil and his demons, freedom from poverty and failure. Jesus took the sins of the world upon himself and provided salvation 2000 years back, so it is wrong to ask Jesus to save someone because He has already done His work, Now we have to preach the Gospel, share the Good news so that people can believe and receive what Jesus has provided for them. Similarly, Jesus defeated sickness once and for all 2000 years back. It is a done deal. We don’t have to work something up and fight sickness. Healing is a Done deal, Sickness has been defeated. Now, the Church has to release what Jesus has purchased- release healing. As Healing is a Done deal, it is always God’s will to heal the sick. You don’t have to pick and choose or ask God who He wants to heal because He has already healed everyone and now we go out to release it on everyone. If someone is sick it is because they didn’t receive what Jesus has provided, it is because the Church didn’t take authority over the sickness not because God wanted to keep them sick to teach some lesson. 

For more info on Healing in the redemption, read my post-

By his wounds you “have been” healed. 1 Peter 2:24(NIV)-It is in past tense. Healing is a done deal. 

  • God doesn’t make people sick: If God made us sick then He would be the worst child abuser ever. God doesn’t make us sick, we get sick because of three reasons- the corrupted state of the earth, the devil or our own stupidity/mistakes. Paul’s thorn in the flesh is not a sickness, go and study your Bible properly. The Bible says the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy not God.  Jesus is the exact representation of God and He didn’t go around making people sick saying-“Be blind; Put your mat down, Fall down and be lame; Demons, go into that person”. Jesus healed the sick everywhere He went so God’s will is to heal the sick. Simple as that…

The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the “exact representation” of his being. Hebrews 1:3(NIV)- What to know who God is or how God is like ? What to know God’s will? Look at Jesus. 

  • You have God’s Power and Authority : The Church accepts that Jesus has power but fails to recognize that He said we will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes. We have rejected power and settled for dead theology, to be comfortable. The Church is happy that Jesus has all authority but doesn’t recognize that he transferred His authority to us. We are the Body of Christ and we have been enabled to do what Jesus did with His body when He was on earth. Every sickness and every demon on planet earth must disappear before you because you have God’s power and authority. Everyone who came to Jesus got healed, Everyone to whom Jesus went got healed. People saw the Love of God in action when Jesus scared sicknesses and demons out of people. Healing the sick is one of the best way to Love and to demonstrate the Love of God. 

“All”(not little or some, ALL) authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. “Therefore” go and make disciples of all nations…Matthew 28:18,19(NIV) (Emphasis Mine)- “Therefore” is the connecting word between the two statements. It is like saying-“I have two tickets to the show. Therefore you and your wife go”. Jesus had ALL authority but the word “therefore” means He transferred it to the Church, us, you and me.

When the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you will be filled with power(Dunamis Power-Dynamite power-miracle working power). Acts 1:8(GNT) (Emphasis Mine)

It is the responsibility of the Church to heal the sick as Jesus has already done His part, transformed us and commissioned us to do what He did. Only when you take “responsibility” for healing the sick, the “authority and power” to heal the sick will manifest through you!!

Did you get that???…Take responsibility. You are a Son of God, a Daughter of God, called to do what Jesus did.

The Secret:

Jesus healed the sick and He commanded us to “heal the sick” not “pray for the sick”. The Bible says “pray for the sick” only once(Every other time it is “heal the sick”) and people pray for the sick to lay the responsibility on God. If the person doesn’t get healed, they will say God doesn’t want the person healed. Jesus has already healed everyone; we release the healing power that was purchased on the cross. The responsibility is on us.

The secret to get the results Jesus had is to do what He did- He never prayed for the sick, He commanded the sick to be healed or commanded them to do something they couldn’t do. Jesus was always in “Commanding mode” when He ministered to the sick. He didn’t ask the Father to heal the sick. Let’s follow Jesus, our only model. Heal the sick by commanding sickness to leave or the body to be healed. People with authority, don’t beg they command. We have authority and power in Christ, so we command. We are not commanding God, we are commanding sickness to leave. Never forget, when you encounter the sick and demonized switch to Commanding mode!!!!

Get this, You are not a weak, good for nothing, sinner. You are God’s Son, God’s Daughter. You are the King’s Kid.  If you really get that, your neighbor must be hearing you shout. Moreover, let me dismantle the verse that says “pray” in connection with the sick-

Is any one of the you sick? He should call the elders of the church to pray over him and anoint him with oil in the name of Jesus. James 6:14

First, it says “pray over him” and not “pray for him”. Praying for someone is you going to God on behalf of someone. Praying for someone is you going on behalf of God. So, Praying over someone simply means “Commanding prayer”.

Second, it says “anoint with oil in the name of Jesus”  and not “anoint with oil and ask the Father in the name of Jesus”. Asking Prayer is directed to the Father in Jesus name but here only Jesus’ name is involved. We command the sick to be healed in Jesus’ name.

Tools for healing the sick:

1. Your Mouth: Jesus told us to speak to the mountain and not to speak to God about the mountain. You must talk to the mountain (sickness or demon). Talking to God is asking prayer, Talking to the problem about God is commanding prayer. Use authoritative, forceful words against sickness and disease.

 Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain(you say not pray), ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen(what you say will happen), it will be done for them. Mark 11:23(NIV)(Emphasis Mine)

2. The Name of Jesus: The Name of Jesus is above every other name. Every sickness has a name, every demon has a name…even if they don’t have a specific name they have general names like –“sickness” or “pain”. At the Name of Jesus, everything that has a name will bow down. So, we command sickness to leave in Jesus’ name.

Gave him the name that is “above every name”, that at the name of Jesus “every knee” should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth. Philippians 2:9,10(NIV)

3. Your hands or your Body: You have God’s power in you. You can lay hands on the sick person or the sick part as a point of contact to release God’s power. It is not a rule because your body can also radiate God’s power and your words also carry God’s power. Do I lay hands on the sick? Yes. Do I lay hands all the time? No. Most importantly, don’t lay hands on the non-touchable body parts of the opposite sex. If I’m ministering to a women, I will lay my wife’s hand on that part and lay my hand over my wife’s hands or ask my wife to deal with the person. That’s being wise…Or Just lay hands on their head for everything. Ministry must be done in Love and must never become sensual or give discomfort to people. It is Good to ask people whether you can lay hands on them because some people don’t want to be touched. Be polite with people, Be mad at the devil. 

4 steps for Healing the sick:

Step 1: Identify the sickness- Identify the sickness or pain the sick person has. Ask them about their sickness.

Step 2: Ask Permission for ministering healing- Ask them permission whether you can pray for their healing or not. If yes, move to next step. If No, leave them. Some people don’t want to prayed for. Once, I asked a lame Pastor whether I can pray for Him, He said-“No” and I said-“OK”. I went to a hospital to minister to a sick person but the person said-“God gave me this sickness. Its okay” and I left. If they say Yes, ask them whether you can lay hands on them.

Step 3: Heal the sick- Lay hands on the person or the sick part(if possible) and command the sickness or pain to leave in Jesus’ name. I use words like-“Sickness(Cancer or Cold) I command you to leave right now in Jesus’ name. Body part (hand or leg or kidney) function normally. Sickness disappear and never come back”. There are no Abracadabra words, use whatever you want but keep it in the “commanding mode” like- “Leave, get out, disappear now, be healed, be normal” and not in a requesting mode. Sometimes there can be a spirit behind the sickness, command the spirit to leave in Jesus’ name. Mostly Sicknesses that can’t be diagnosed or treated are spiritual.

Imp Note: When you are ministering, ask the person to shut their mouth. Tell them politely-“No hallelujah or Praise the Lord or Amen”. It is a huge disturbance to the healing flow.

Step 4: Ask them to check their body- Ask them about their pain or ask them to do what they can’t do. If they say 50% pain is gone or I’m better now, minister healing again till they are completely healed. It is OK to minister again and again because Jesus had to minister to a blind man twice. If they are completely healed, then tell them that it was God in you who healed them.

Step 5: Post-Healing Ministry- After getting them healed, don’t stop. If they are not a believer, lead them to Christ. We have this backwards in Church. We compel people to get saved, so that God can heal them. God heals because He is Good not to add people to His team. The right order is- Get the sick healed and then Share the Gospel. If they accept the Gospel, get them plugged into a group where they can grow in Christ. If they don’t accept, don’t get offended. Just send them off with words of Love and encouragement. Teach people how to maintain their healing because they devil will do everything to get in again. Teach them to command if lying symptoms show up and to speak out loud that they are healed. Ask them to Believe and Keep believing.

Let me give you an example from my life to make it clearer-

Step 1: A lady came to me for prayer. I asked her what her problem is. She said that her uterus is misplaced and it pains a lot while climbing the stairs.

Step 2: As she came forward for prayer I didn’t have to ask her permission, so I didn’t.

Step 3: I laid my wife’s hands in that lady’s belly and placed my hand above my wife’s hand. Then, I commanded-“Uterus, I command you to come back to the right position in Jesus’ name. I command you to function normally. Pain leave right now In Jesus’ name”.

Step 4: I asked her to go and walk in the stairs. She did and came back saying-“The pain is gone”. Healing done.

Step 5: I gave her instructions and dropped some encouraging words. I didn’t have to share the Gospel because she was a Christian.

Note: Healing is not always instant, sometimes it can be gradual. To say it another way, Miracles are instant and Healing is Gradual. I have seen instant miracles and I have also prayed for 1 hour for someone’s healing. Sometimes, I ask people to keep believing and send them off saying-“Healing will manifest Later”. It is not that God didn’t heal them, It is that the healing didn’t manifest through me to them. I advice you to Believe for instant miracles and persevere in faith if you don’t see instant manifestation. And We can heal the sick but cannot keep them healed because Jesus said the devil will attack again. So it is necessary to teach them about standing strong in God and His promises. Whatever, stay sensitive to the Holy Spirit!!

Faith and Healing:

There are no hard and fast rules in healing the sick, it all comes down to faith. What you believe is what you get. “Believe that You are a Son of God, a New Creation and you can Heal the sick because God’s power is in you. Believe that whatever you command in Jesus’ name will happen because you have the Authority of God. And when you minister healing believe that they will be healed”. Believing comes before receiving, we have got that reversed and that’s the reason we don’t see stuffs happening in our lives. Believe and then receive. Believe in God, Believe in who you are and what you have in Christ and Believe that when you minister to the sick they will be healed, then it will done right before your eyes. 

If you are a Christian, you have God’s faith in you. You just have to exercise the faith you have. You just have to get rid of fear and doubt. You have all the faith you need to move mountains and overcome this world. Use it.

One of the major flawed teaching that has penetrated deep into the Church in the area of healing is-“If you are ministering to a sick person, they must have faith or else they won’t be healed”. Popularized by the misinterpretation of scriptures, this teaching has put the pressure on the person receiving healing while Jesus put the pressure on the person ministering healing- “Those who believe will lay hands on the sick and they will be healed” and not “Those who believe will lay hands on the sick and those who believe will be healed”. In Matthew 17:14-18:- The boy didn’t have faith, his father didn’t faith, Jesus rebuked his disciples for not being able to drive out the demon(Because its our responsibility, We have do it, We must have faith) , at the end Jesus healed the boy because HE HAD FAITH. You have faith like Jesus to heal the sick. If the sick have faith, well and good. If they don’t faith, well and good, you have faith so get them healed.

Healing the sick like Jesus:

Did Jesus Heal the sick in the way I have taught you? Yes and No. Yes, because He didn’t pray to the Father for healing the sick rather He healed the sick by commanding-“Be clean, Rise up”. No, because He didn’t follow the same method every time -“He laid hands on one blind man; He put mud on another blind man’s eyes”. Sometimes He drove out demons, sometimes He asked them to do something; sometimes He laid hands and commanded, sometimes just commanded to heal the sick. What I have taught you works. Be faithful in following it and keep growing intimately with God, you will start to heal the sick like Jesus.

Starting off in Healing:

If you have not healed the sick before, your first time will be like walking on water. After a few times, it gets easier and natural. So, don’t fear or doubt just go and do it. If the person you are ministering doesn’t get healed, minister again…if they don’t healed after ministering again and again. Don’t be disappointed, move on to the next person. Making mistakes is not wrong, doing nothing is wrong. So step out to heal the sick, I believe today is always the best day to start something. So start now with someone in your family…Heal the sick in your family, Church, workplace, school or college. Do what Jesus did, Love people by healing them in Jesus’ name…The responsibility for healing the sick is on you, Now What will you do?…

If any have doubts on this subject, please drop a comment or mail me or Facebook me..If I need to be more clear, please tell me…Love…



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