How should Christian woman dress? Churches say-You must not wear this and that, Modern Churches say-You can wear whatever you want. Both these views are extreme and the truth is in the middle of the road.

A disturbing call:

A young Christian, who receives guidance from me called and said-“Brother, there is a girl who sits right before my eyes in my class. She wears low-neckline dresses. I get tempted to see her as she is revealing “it” before my eyes. Am struggling but am fighting it by turning my sight to my book”. You can see that this guy doesn’t want to sin. Some may argue-“He has a problem with lust. She can dress the way she likes”. No no no….Woman, you can wear any kind of dress but you must not wear the way you want.

Facts to consider:

  • God programmed men to get attracted to women and to keep it under control He designed marriage.
  • Men are more visual than women.
  • When someone gets saved, only their spirit is made new. They will have the same corrupted mind they had before, which needs to be renewed daily.
  • We still fall into sin after we get saved. We learn to overcome our sins as we grow in Christ. Lust is a battle we need to fight everyday. Till we get to heaven, we need to keep changing.

What does the Bible say?:

1 Timothy 2:17:(TBV)says- “Don’t wear ornaments. Don’t wear good clothes”. Don’t worry ladies, there is no “1 Timothy 2:17” in the Bible. TBV stands for Traditional Bible Version(Lol) and there are a lot people who mix traditions with God’s Word. Paul in 1 Timothy 2:9,10 and Peter in 1 Peter 3:3,4 are not slamming some rules on women but are asking the women to give more importance to Spiritual beauty than physical beauty. History says that women of those days like the women of our times spend more time on their physical beauty. I believe, if women spend more time with God than in make-ups and dress-ups they can impact the world for Christ equal to men.

Am just going to laser into a word Paul says-“Modest”. Modest means avoiding being sexually suggestive. To put it straight- not dressing up in a way that stimulates lust in a man.

Beautiful Vs Sexy:

I’m not asking you to dress like nuns. Understand me right- There is a vast difference between looking beautiful and looking sexy. You can wear beautiful dresses and look gorgeous without revealing the parts that must not be revealed. A man posted a request to women:” Don’t wear tight outfits. Don’t wear loose-outfits. Don’t wear revealing outfits.” Pastor Creflo Dollar said something powerful- “What you are willing to show is what you are willing to share”. (You have to cover up certain parts and make it private for your husbands.)

Muhammad Ali once said to his daughter-“Where do you find diamonds? Deep down in the ground, covered and protected. Where do you find pearls? Deep down at the bottom of the ocean, covered up and protected in a beautiful shell. You’ve got to work hard to get to them. Your body is sacred. You’re far more precious than diamonds and pearls, and you should be covered too.”

Stupid interpretations of the Bible lead people to say-“Don’t wear these types of dresses. Don’t put make-up”. Woman can wear any type of dress-skirts, gowns, pants, etc but they must not stimulate lust. People who are against modern dressing must know that traditional dresses like sarees are more revealing if not worn properly. Some may bark at me saying- “Women must not wear pants”. I will bark back saying-“ Jesus wore gowns”. (Those scriptures are speaking about something else.)

A lady asked a Pastor-“Pastor, is it a sin to put on make-up. The Pastor replied-“ It is a sin if some women don’t put on make-up. Funny, but true. It is not wrong to put on make-up, but it is wrong when you spend more time on it. I’m joining with Paul and Peter and saying- Dress modestly. Look beautiful and not sexy. Spend more time with God and not in front of the mirror.

Woman, am speaking for you too:

Some of you may say-“You are speaking for men because you are a man”. Wait a minute sisters, am speaking for you too. You won’t dress the way you want after hearing this-“Lot of men are hovering around with mobiles to take pictures/videos of women who wear revealing, sexy outfits. Those photos/videos have a world wide release in the World Wide Web-Internet. Some photos/videos reach porn sites and normal women are placed alongside porn stars”.

Life-changing questions to consider:

Women, what will you wear if Jesus is coming to meet you? If Jesus is in front of you, how would you want to look-beautiful or sexy? Will God your Father be happy to see you dress like the Movie stars?

Points to remember:

  • Pray before you dress up.
  • Dress modestly( Modest is hottest). Look beautiful and not sexy. Spend more time with God and not in front of the mirror.
  • Some women wear revealing dresses on purpose but some don’t know whether their dressing is lust-stimulating. Your neckline, waistline can be right when you stand but you must also check if it will be okay when you sit or bend down. Wear dresses that fight right, not tight and not loose.
  • Dads and Husbands you must help the women in your house in this because you know what stimulates men.

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