How to Let the devil destroy your Life

The title may be shocking to you but if your eyes were opened to the spiritual realm, you will be super-shocked. The devil and his demons are very active in the lives of most Christians. Churches and Families have let demons head the band. The Death blow here is, most of the time, they are working in disguise that they go unnoticed. People think everything is normal but there is a demon in their head misdirecting them in a sly way. People think they are being led by the Holy Spirit but behind the screen is a demonic spirit disguising itself as the Holy Spirit and misleading them. Shocking truths ahead…

Pre-Message for the Modern Church and the Traditional Church:
I’m excited to see a lot of changes birthed by the Modern Church by standing against the Traditional Church but as in every movements there are many flaws. The Modern Church proclaims-“Don’t talk about sin, talk about Jesus. Don’t talk about the devil, talk about Jesus…Be Jesus focused”. Well, I agree on the point that we must be Jesus focused but I disagree on everything else because it is anti-Christ, anti-Paul and anti-biblical. Jesus talked about sin and the devil, Paul talked about sin and the devil. We must be Jesus-focused but if we ignore sin and the devil then they will take root in the Church through deception.

The Traditional Church is famous for blasting people along with the devil. Nothing can be more offensive to God that that, because God loves people and has commanded us to Love people. I’m not blasting people or against people in anyway, I’m against the devil and everything that is out of God’s design. I’m in no way standing with people who throw stones, I’m also not in the group that allows everything as it is. I step out in Love and get people out of the darkness they are in. Whatever, Now I will share how the demonic functions…

The Great Deception:
“I’m a Blood-washed Christian, so the devil can’t harm me”, “I go to Church, I read my Bible, I pray, so the devil can’t touch me”, “I pray in tongues, so the devil can’t harm me”, “I know my identity in Christ, I have power and authority in Christ, so the devil can’t deceive me” are lies planted by the devil in the minds of Christians. This is the Great Deception. “I’m a Christian for decades or I’m a Prophet, so the devil can’t have access to my life” will also come under this banner.

God commands us in His Word, again and again, to RESIST THE DEVIL. If we are automatically protected as a Christian, then God has no business telling us to resist. If praying tongues or Going to Church protects you from the devil, God would not have asked us to “resist the devil”, He would have asked us to “pray in tongue     s against the devil or “Go to Church to defeat the devil”. I’m not bringing down in anyway the spiritual exercises we perform. Praying in tongues, Studying your Bible, Going to Church and the likes in itself don’t keep the devil out. You have to pray right, study right, do things right and resist the devil to keep him out.

You can be a Mature Christian, a Pastor of a Large Church, a Prayer warrior or whatever and still have an open door in your life through which the demons sneak into your life often. You can operate under God at one moment and operate under the devil another moment. You can speak under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit at one moment and speak under the inspiration of a demonic spirit another moment. You can be right in one area and wrong in another area, express God in one area and express the devil in another. Shocked???

And No wonder, Satan does it all the time, dressing up as a beautiful angel of light. 2 Corinthians 11:14(MSG)

You can go to Church weekly, read your Bible daily, fast and pray often, scream in tongues, prophesy, have visions and dreams, visit heaven like Paul and John, see miracles breakout, and yet be deceived and stuck under the devil’s butt. The devil doesn’t come with two horns in his head and a fork in hand, he comes as an angel of light. He is the Master of Disguise. Most of the devil’s works look natural and normal that they go unrecognized because the devil likes to work undercover and his job is deception, and his language is lies. Are you free from Deception?…Think again…

Revivals and the workings of Demonic spirits :-
Church History has a lot badges called “Revivals”, where the Power of God hit a higher level and the impact was worldwide. One of the Greatest Revivals of all time is the Welsh Revival, which spread the fire all around the world. During the Peak of the Revival, Evan Roberts the Leader of the movement, started hearing many voices, got confused, had emotional breakdowns and quit public ministry. The Revival died down after he was gone from the pulpit…Did God speak in multiple voices and birth confusion in Evan’s life? Did God cause the emotional breakdowns and make Evan quit ministry? The Man was once shaking the world under the Power of the Holy Spirit and the next moment He was down as if He had been hit by a Bullet train. Was it the devil, who got into His life somehow and destroyed his life and the work? If He can be deceived, what about the average believer??…

The Problem with the Church is- One Group addresses everything that happens to God and Another group calls everything they don’t understand as of the devil. But What No one understands is that there can be a mixture of heaven and hell, God and the demonic, in the same meeting, through the same person. Don’t believe me…Ask Apostle Peter. who was applauded by Jesus for speaking under the inspiration of the Father and then rebuked in the same chapter for speaking under the inspiration of the devil. Check out Matthew 16:13-23. In another instance, Peter was rebuked by Paul. In Christ, there is no Jew and Gentile but Peter separated himself from the Gentiles which is anti-Christ in nature. Peter was Living an explosive life for Jesus and yet found himself sitting on the devil’s lap in a particular area. Racism is demonic and Peter allowed it to take root in his life. Ananias and Sapphira did every Christian stuff known to the early church, yet were led by the devil and ended up in a coffin in church. Simon the sorcerer got saved, got baptized and then got rebuked by Peter for allowing the devil to influence him.

During a Revival in the Past decade, there were people getting touched by the power of God and miracles breaking loose in a higher scale in the meeting. While all these mighty works were happening, Leader of the moment was divorcing his wife and getting married to another lady behind the stage. The “Gossiping Evangelists” in the Church will call the entire revival as false because the Leader got a divorce but the truth is far from it. There was a mixture. God was working through the Leader to touch lives and simultaneously the devil found a door, deceived him, pressurized him to thinking about divorce and getting married to another woman. This Guy knew about the History of Revivals and How Leaders fell into sin, yet at the peak of the revival He was heading, He missed God and fell into the devil’s pants.

Jimmy Swaggart, an explosive evangelist, involved in ministry during Billy Graham’s era, was found out to be without pants with a prostitute. If He didn’t fall, He would have been well-known today like Billy. Jim Bakker- caught pants down with his secretary and for looting lot of money, Rory Alec(Co-founder of GodTv) stepped out of ministry over an affair and the list goes on. I’m giving out this information so that you can think and learn, not to judge these leaders. Don’t get into the “False Prophet-Hunters” group, who go around finding fault with leaders and judging them. Get my information in the right sense…My point is, if these Super-Spiritual Leaders can be deceived by the devil how much more can an average believer be. They were preaching against sin at one moment and having sex in a resort another moment. The devil totally blinded these Leaders that they continued in their sin for a time. Pause and think…

The Root cause of Every Deception:
If you are selfish and focused on yourself, then the devil is your boyfriend. You can say you are living for your family and also deliver the most famous lie-“I’m living for God” but what is the truth. Selfishness is the root of every sin and Selfishness gives your bedroom keys to the devil. The first instruction you have to obey after signing up to follow Jesus is denying your self, a command majority in the Church don’t obey. When you deny yourself, you will start to Live for Jesus and others. When you don’t deny yourself, you give the devil a rich welcome to destroy your life.

Passivity in the Kingdom is why the devil has a lot of Christians as his puppets. Many believe that being active in the Kingdom work and going against the devil is dangerous but the truth is far from it. Being passive in the Kingdom is more dangerous than being active. Yes, When you are in the front-lines fighting against demonic forces, you will be attacked from all sides. But you must also understand that when you are passive and not going against the devil aggressively, you are walking hand in hand with the devil. When I say being active in the Kingdom, I’m not in anyway talking about Church attendance or Bible study. I’m talking about doing what Jesus and living like Jesus. Christians are passive in the Kingdom because they are self focused and actively working to keep their life in place. Selfishness gives birth to Passivity, Selfishness gives birth to the “I, Me, Myself” attitude, which is the access card of the devil. 

The Voices of Hell:-
The devil and his demons take root in a person’s life by talking. The devil has a Big Mouth. Hell coughs lies and intimidation constantly to drain you out. Like God, the devil and his demons are spiritual beings therefore they have a spiritual voice and not a physical voice. Spiritual voices sound like thoughts and images, words and pictures, that appear “out of the blue” in our minds. An important truth you need to take to heart is-“Every voice you hear in your head is not your voice”. Demonic voices appear in your mind as thoughts and images. When you listen to a demonic voice thinking its your voice or thinking its God’s voice, a door gets opened for hell to pass-through. The devil will talk like you, Demonic spirits will talk like the Holy Spirit. You have to be careful, you have to be serious and not play games with your life. You have to develop a strong discerning ability by your acquaintance with God to tear off the devil’s masks. Just get this, even if you don’t get anything I’m saying-“EVERY VOICE YOU HEAR IN YOUR HEAD IS NOT YOUR VOICE”. 

Signs of demonic attacks:
There are different levels of demonic attacks. Possession being the Highest level, wherein demons take control of a person’s spirit or whole self. Oppression comes next, with demons present in a person’s body or mind. Demons enter someone’s body and cause different kinds of sickness. At times, Jesus drove out demons to get people healed. The devil is the root of every sickness but not all sickness is because of the presence of demons. Enough said…Many sicknesses people are fighting are demonic and you cannot kick out demons with medicine.

The major arena for demonic attacks is a person’s mind. Actions follow Thoughts, Character follows Mind-sets. Bad actions, Bad character are the results of bad thoughts. An angry, abusive person is the way he is because he allowed the devil to buy a ground in his head. Demonic attacks start with demons speaking from the outside of a person. When people receive these voices and allow them to take root, then demons will enter in.

Strongholds of Anger, Lust, Depression, Laziness, Fear, Death and the likes take deep root in a person’s lives by the workings of demons. Don’t have time to study the bible and pray, and it is continuous, then it is demonic. Don’t have time to stay plugged in to a fellowship group and be submissive, and you keep giving reasons, then it is demonic. Constant Compromises and Reason-giving are signs that a demon is relaxing in your head. Going through a “Sin-Repentance-Sin” cycle, there is demon hanging somewhere. Hello, Am I giving you some light??

Becoming a Demon Slayer:
The First Step to Getting out of the devil’s grip and becoming a Demon slayer is – “accepting the truth, accepting your real state”. If you are struggling in an area, accept it, be honest. Don’t try to hide it under with some lame reason or some religious garbage. Only when you accept the fact that you have given place to the devil, you can kick him out. If you don’t, he will work undercover and destroy your life. Don’t let pride cover your personal issues.

The Greater One is in you, which makes you Untouchable and Unstoppable, and a threat to the Kingdom of hell. You just have to live it out. When you know who you are and what you have in Christ, and stay alert against the devil’s arrows you will live undisputed. You must be sensitive to God and be aware of the devil’s undercover operations. Above all, you must be aggressive, forceful, violent. God commands us again and again in His Word-“Resist the devil”. “Resist” is the key word. Oxford dictionary defines “Resist or Resistance” as “The use of force or violence to oppose someone or something”. You have to be aggressive and scary, the devil must wet his pants every time he thinks about you. If you are someone who wants to play it nice and safe, then you must understand that you can’t survive. You are in the middle of war, war between light and darkness, and seeking a comfortable life is fatal. 

RESIST him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that the family of believers throughout the world is undergoing the same kind of sufferings. 1 Peter 5:9(NIV)

 Submit yourselves, then, to God. RESIST the devil, and he will flee from you. James 4:7(NIV)

In my Name they will drive out(driving out means pushing out by force which is RESIST again) demons. Mark 16:17(NIV) (Emphasis mine)

If you don’t resist the devil, he will persist in destroying your life. If you are not aggressive against the devil, he will be oppressive against you. If you are passive and casual in your walk with God and fight against the devil, then the devil will buy a ground in your head and start playing. With Resistance, Aggression, Force as the Key to Walking over the devil and his demons, here are few bites to help you:_

  • Build a Strong foundation on the Pillars of Truths. A Weak foundation is the major reason for falling from the truth and into the devil’s pants. Some don’t focus on building a strong foundation, others build on a wrong foundation and end up falling away
  • Develop a strong discernment between God and the devil, demons and Angels, good and bad. The devil will come as a Angel of Light, the Bible says- so your discernment has to be strong and sharp. The devil will give a package full of truths with one lie or send good package with a pinch of bad. Every little compromise you make will block your discernment from growing.
  • Getting away from the world and breaking the patterns of the world must be done immediately after salvation but most Christians have one leg in the world. The world is under the devil, so one leg in the world means one leg in the devil’s house. The devil will pull your leg and cause you to fall from he truth. You must make up your mind to go against the crowd and not live like the people of the world.
    (Romans 12:1,2; 1 John 3:15-17)…
  • Staying connected and Being submissive to other believers. Ephesians 5:21… Submission is a lost art in the body of Christ. Submission means making a decision to give total rights to someone else to correct you and stop you when you go wrong. Naturally most people hate correction, so they reject correction totally or don’t receive correction properly when given. Lack of Submission builds up pride which opens the door to the devil to lead the person to fall.
  • Go on the offense because playing defense is dangerous. If demons of death are trying to kill you then you must kick them out, take up the mission of hunting them and delivering people who are tormented by death. If the demons of lust are driving you to use the opposite sex as toys for your pleasure then you must kick them out, take up the mission of hunting them and delivering people who are tormented by lust. If the demons of anger are bursting through you then you must kick them out, take up the mission of hunting them and delivering people who are tormented by anger. Stop playing with your personal demons and Start Hunting them with the Name of Jesus. Don’t just seclude yourself to demons that are affecting you, go against every force of hell out there but you can specialize in blasting demons that have affected your life because you have experienced their torment first hand.
  • Master the art of shooting down thoughts and imaginations that are contradicts God and His Word. This is Spiritual Warfare, forget every weird thing you have heard on warfare. Everything starts with a thought, if you shoot it down when it appears it won’t affect you but if you receive the thought then it will work against you. It is an art you have to learn- when a thought of anger comes, shoot it down and replace it with a thought of love. When discouragement drops by, shoot it down and replace it with an encouraging word from the Word of God. Beat Fear with Faith. There is a saying that goes like this-“You can’t stop birds from flying over your head but you can keep them from building a nest on your head”. You can’t keep the thoughts of the devil from coming but you can keep them from taking root in your mind.

We are human, but we don’t wage war as humans do. We use God’s mighty weapons, not worldly weapons, to knock down the strongholds of human reasoning and to destroy false arguments. We destroy every proud obstacle that keeps people from knowing God. We capture their rebellious thoughts and teach them to obey Christ. 2 Corinthians 10:3-5(NLT)

Lack of Knowledge makes the game in favor of the devil but now that I have given you some, use it to change the game. Judge your life, detect demonic workings and open doors, get yourself cleaned up and go against the devil. Don’t let the devil run over you, Don’t let him cheat you from your destiny and inheritance. Hope you were blessed…


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