Hope, the super power for life

Hope is the expectation that good will happen to you, that God will do good to you, that your life will become beautiful. Hope is a super power, it makes you see life as a blessing and not as a burden.

You shouldn’t place your hope on people or money but on God. Place your Hope on God, in His goodness, in His unfailing love, in His faithfulness, in His promises. God has a great track record of substituting beauty for ashes, you don’t have to think twice before placing your hope in God.

Hope in God is a winning bet…

The Lie of Hopelessness:-

Hopelessness is a lie, it is misplaced trust- trusting the devil or your problems more than God. You can;t never be in a hopeless situation, you can only think that you are in a hopeless situation. Hopelessness is a false reality because when you have God on your team, there is nothing you can’t overcome in life.

You may feel as if your life is over but it’s not true. Don’t trust me? Ask yourself, how many times in life have you felt that your life is over but you are still here running around. Feelings are deceptive, your Mamma forgot to tell you that. Every voice of hopelessness, be it from your own head or the head of someone else, it’s a fully baked lie. There is nothing you can’t overcome in life.

Hope has got 3 kids:-

Hope is a choice like it’s evil twin, hopelessness. Everybody’s got problems but some walk in hope because they choose to, not because they have smaller problems than you.

If you choose to focus on your problems, you will feel hopeless. If you choose to focus on God’s promises, you will feel Hope.

You may think, I don’t understand your situation but I’m talking like this because I understand life. If you are going to sink in self pity and hopelessness, your life will never change. But if you get off your sad couch, trust God’s promises and have hope, your life will change for good.

Hope has got three beautiful kids. Here they are:-

  • Hope gives you strength – mental, emotional and physical strength. You will have strength to run your life and soar in your dreams. If you don’t have hope, you will get tired of life.
  • Hope brings stability – emotional and mental stability. Your life can shake but you will never shake when you have hope. Lack of hope is the reason behind your thoughts and emotions running wild.
  • Hope gives you perspective – a new way of thinking, a new way of feeling, a new way to see life. With hope, you will think of how God will change your life and make it beautiful, and not how your life will be destroyed by your problems.

Life is rough but with Hope, you will have the strength, stability and perspective to handle it. You will not break under pressure, if you choose to have Hope in God. Life will become beautiful and victorious, if you persevere with hope in your heart.

Hope is a power, a super power that gives us what we need to live our life with joy and purpose. Choose Hope. Choose God’s promises. Choose life. Choose to imagine with Hope. Choose to think with Hope. Choose to speak words of Hope. Choose to ignore every thought of hopelessness. God has got you safe in His hands, just relax.


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