Being Holy is Cool

Holiness is a word that has been stolen from the Christian vocabulary.“Bless me” sermons have become popular and hearing a sermon on Holiness has become alien. Some rise up and fight for Holiness but they don’t have a proper understanding of Holiness. What is Holiness?? Is it possible to be Holy?? What do I mean, when I say-“Being Holy is Cool”???. One group says-“Don’t do that, don’t do this if you want to be Holy” and another says-“You are already Holy in Christ, so it doesn’t matter what you do”, both are wrong…

Holiness defined:

Holiness has been thrown out of the Church because people think it is too hard and not nice but I’m saying-“Being Holy is cool”. Understanding Holiness will show you whether it is Cool or Boring or not attainable. Moreover, we have been commanded by God to be Holy.

Holiness is not a set of rules. Holiness is not sitting under trees wearing half-nude outfits and meditating 😛 . Holiness is not just living pure because living pure is called purity and not Holy. Then what is Holiness??? Holiness is the very essence of God. Holiness is the entire nature, character of God. It is the combination of all the attributes of God. Holiness can’t be defined in single sentence because God is undefinable. Holiness is spelled GOD. Being Holy or living Holy life means living like God and not just purity because purity is just one of God’s attribute.

Be Holy in “everything” you do(Not just living morally right, but in everything be like God). 1 Peter 1:15(TLB)(Emphasis Mine)

So what is Holiness anyway-Holiness is loving unconditionally like God, being totally pure, doing the impossible, living a supernatural life, not constrained by time or space or the physical laws, being able to live above all the enemies of mankind(sin, sickness, worry, pain, failure or whatever). Being Holy means Being like God. God says in His Word-“Be Holy because I’m Holy” meaning “I’m like “this, this and that” so you also be like “this, this and that”…Be like Me”

Note: The Hebrew word for Holy is “quodesh” which means “set apart”, in a way you will understand-“Holy means “unique, out of world, not normal” and only God is Holy”.

Why Being Holy is Cool??? :

Imagine, you have been given the powers of Spiderman or Superman…How will it be??? Cool Naah. Imagine, you get to live like your Favorite Hollywood Star for one day…The Million dollar suits and fancy cars and cameras flashing at your face…Cool Naah…Then Imagine this..How will it be to live like God??? God, the Creator…God, the Cool dude who put imagination in the men who gave birth to Batman or Superman..God, the Hero who made all the Heroes of Hollywood..God, Almighty..How will it be?? Being Holy is Being like God and Being Holy is Cool because God is Cool..And being Holy is the real deal not being some masked, comic book superhero or some Hollywood Junk who is either divorced or battling depression or addicted to some garbage.

Is it possible to Be Holy??

God doesn’t command us to do something we can’t do. If we are commanded by God to be Holy, then we can be Holy. Holiness is not some out-of-world unattainable stuff. It is attainable because of what Jesus did on the cross. Jesus made us Holy on the cross and Holiness is a gift. Born-Again means being Born Again like God. When we receive Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we become Holy on the “inside” because during salvation the “Holy” Spirit comes to live in you and be one with your spirit(1 Corinthians 6:17, 1 John 4:17, Ephesians 4:24). If the “Holy” Spirit is one with you on the inside then you are Holy on the inside. That’s not the full story because Holiness must be expressed on the outside. Being Holy doesn’t just mean being Holy on the inside, Being Holy means Being Holy on the outside-thinking like God, speaking like God, loving like God, doing the impossible like God. If you are saved but not living like God then You are like God but not Living Like God. Check out these verses-

We “have been made” Holy through the sacrifice of the body of Jesus Christ. Hebrews 10:10(NIV) (It is in past tense)

Those who are “being made” Holy. Hebrews 10:14(NCV) (It is in present continuous tense…I think so 😛 )

For more understanding on the Born-again experience, read this post-

Becoming Holy, Becoming like God:

If you are a Born-again Christian then you are Holy on the inside, you are like God on the inside-RIGHT NOW. To be Holy on the outside, to be like God on the outside you have to change your thinking or as the Bible says-“renew your mind”. It all starts with a passion for God and your passion drives you to pursue God. When you passionately pursue God you get tired of cold-religion and you want the real thing. You don’t pray just to get your needs met but to encounter God. You don’t read your Bible like a newspaper, you feed on it as a hungry beast feeds on its prey to know your Daddy God. When you encounter God and receive revelation through Prayer, Bible study and other means your mind will get renewed or transformed. For example- when you get the revelation that you can heal diseases through the name of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit, your thinking will change and you will move from a “normal human who sees sickness as normal” to a “normal Christian who heals sicknesses like Jesus”. Got it??

Holy Spirit was sent to make you Holy on the outside. He is our helper in this journey. He will make us hungry, help us pray and will teach us the truth so that we can become Holy. Dependence on the Holy Spirit is the key to walking in Holiness.

The three way Holiness:

Holiness is undefinable but it can be expressed in three major ways. Let’s look at this wonderful verse-

God did not give us a spirit that makes us afraid but a Spirit of Power and Love and Self-control. 2 Timothy 1:7(NCV)

Holiness is spelled GOD and God is powerful, God is Love and God is sinless or pure(self-control) and we have been given the Spirit of power, love and self-control. It doesn’t say we will be given, it says have been given..Past tense. You have the Spirit of power, love and self-control (RIGHT NOW) and you can live a life of power, love and self-control. We have been taught that Holiness is just staying away from sin but that has created so much harm than good. Half-truth is dangerous. Sinlessness is just a part of Holiness. Let’s see the three major ways of Holiness:

1. Power: Being Holy includes walking in God’s Power and Authority. We have been immersed in God’s Power and invested with God’s Authority to heal the sick, cast out demons, raise the dead, work miracles and to destroy all the works of the devil.

2. Love: Being Holy includes walking in unconditional love. Love God and Love like God can be the best motto for life. Loving everyone no matter what they do or say against you is one of the true marks of Holiness.

3. Self- control : Being Holy includes walking in freedom. Jesus has purchased our freedom not just our forgiveness. We are free from sin and we must believe it and walk in it. Rules can’t set us free and that’s why Jesus had to die. We have freedom in Christ. 

Being Holy is Being like God and the three major ways are Power, Love and self-control. God cannot be defined or boxed in three points, He is limitless so the journey of becoming Holy is limitless. You can start by believing, meditating and speaking out loud-“I have been made Holy by the sacrifice of Jesus. I’m like God on the inside right now. I can live a Holy Life because of what Jesus did and with the help of the Holy Spirit”. If you have not started walking in Holiness, I’m here to tell you-“You are living a boring life” because Being Holy is cool. Wearing attractive outfits, driving a sports car, carrying the latest gadget or having an awesome pic on Facebook is not cool. Being like God is cool. Start now and Be cool…




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