Help…I can’t understand God…

Why did God allow this to happen in my life?? Why didn’t He give that?? Why doesn’t He answer my prayers? -Questions like this flood the minds of many. Many are on the hunt to understand, many are offended with God. If you are one of those, let me help you. Stay Humble and listen up with an open mind-

The God Equation:

First things First…God is an equation man can’t solve or understand with his peanut sized brain. God is limitless and something that is limitless cannot be measured or studied with your brain. Consider this-

A Line-                  •—————•

An Infinite Line-     ————⇒

A line has a starting point and an ending point. It can be measured with a scale. An Infinite line on the other end doesn’t have a starting point and an ending point, so you can’t measure it with a scale. Similarly, God has no beginning or end. God is a spiritual, supernatural being. God was not created, He is the creator. God is infinity. God is a mystery. You can’t measure Him with your head. Now that I have given you the proper groundwork to show you where you are missing, let me tell you how you can understand God.

Reaching out to the Unreachable God:

You can’t understand God with your peanut sized brain but you can understand God with your spirit by Faith through Love. We want to understand before we believe in something but God’s order is –“Believe and then you will understand”.

By Faith we Understand. Hebrews 11:3(NIV)

God is above and beyond us but because of His desire to relate with us, He reveals himself to us. What He reveals to us about himself doesn’t make sense to our head but when we believe it then understanding will follow step by step.

Step 1: Revelation

Step 2: Believe

Step 3: Understanding.

When I tell God is good, people burst out saying-“Then Why doesn’t He stop evil?? Why wars, rapes and abortions??”.  I burst back- “Who told you God is responsible for all the garbage happening??”. If you are having problem understanding that God is good then you are starting from Step 3 and not from Step 1. I don’t have a problem because I started with Step 1. God starts the process-He reveals that He is Good, you continue the process-“Believe that He is Good” and the process ends-You understand that God is good. “God is Love, God is good, and God is your Father” are revelations that must be humbly believed before you understand. Believing is connected with your heart not your head and heart points to your spirit. God is a spirit and you connect with him with your spirit. When your spirit receives understanding through faith, it transfers it to your mind.

We were originally created as spiritual beings with a mind and body but after the fall it got reversed. We started to operate as physical beings with a mind and spirit. We have to get back to the right order, our Heads must not be our head but our spirits. Put your spirit, your heart first and then your mind, only then you will function right.

God and His ways can’t be understood intellectually or logically…they will look foolish and bizarre…We must understand God and His ways spiritually through His Spirit…that’s the only way out there. Don’t try to play football with cricket rules, it won’t work. Play by the rules. Faith and Spiritual knowing from the Holy Spirit is what opens the way to connect with God. Our Mind is powerful but must go in submission to the Spirit.

 A person who does not have the Spirit does not accept the truths that come from the Spirit of God. That person “thinks” they are foolish and “cannot understand them”, because they can only be judged to be true by the Spirit. 1 Corinthians 2:14(NCV)

Get this carved in your brain- “Stop trying to understand if you want to understand”. Giving up your right to understand by trusting Him is Humility and God responds to Humility with Understanding. 

The most important truth you must carve in your heart and mind is that the Problem is never at God’s side of the equation but always at our side. You miss, you mess…God is Good all the time and not responsible for your failures. You get hit when you choose the devil’s way because the devil is a bad devil. Stop being stupid, stop blaming and choose God’s way.

Note: Even though we can understand God, we must understand that God is limitless so revelation is progressive. God is Good, period but His Goodness is multi-dimensional and we will be learning more and more about His goodness every day.

Being like a Child and Living with Mystery:

Becoming like little children is Maturity in the Kingdom of God. Thinking like or trying to sort out everything like adults will keep us from growth in the Kingdom. If you want to Grow up, Grow down. A Father throws his little child in the air but the child doesn’t shout in fear because he trusts his father. A little child sitting by his Father while he is driving, doesn’t know whether his father knows driving or doesn’t know how a car functions yet sits there smiling because he trusts his father. Trust bypasses logical understanding and gives a superior understanding. 

Unless you turn to God from your sins and become as little children, you will never get into the Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore anyone who humbles himself as this little child is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven. Matthew 18:3,4(TLB)

We must live with mystery. Revelation is progressive, you can’t push God into a box. We must cherish the understanding we have and cherish the mysteries out there. Our understanding will keep increasing but there will always be mystery and we must be able to hold it. When you don’t hold mystery, you will try to sort things out with your brain and end up messed up. You can’t solve everything and define God with an equation because He is infinite and limitless. So faith first, the heart to hold mystery and then understanding will follow…Little by little…

Note: Our spirits are in Union with God and know everything, it is our minds that need understanding. As you humble yourself in faith, your mind will receive understanding.

Jesus and the Mosquito Story:

If you are not satisfied with what I have taught, listen to this story. I will make everything simple in minutes.

Mosquitoes abound in my area. Even now, Mosquitoes are attacking me as I’m typing this post and guess what I’m attacking them back.

Me: Hey Mosquito, I don’t want to kill you but I have to because you are biting me. See, I have big hands that can thrash you and a device that kills guys like you.

Mosquito: Koiiiiiiinggggggggggggggggggg……….

Me: Stop it Dumbo…I will kill you. Go and bite the dog roaming in the street, He doesn’t have hands like me and he also doesn’t have the device that kills guys like you. Go to him, leave me alone.

Mosquito: Koiiiiiiinggggggggggggggggggg……….

Me: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….

The Mosquito doesn’t understand what I’m saying because I’m a Human and not a Mosquito. To make the Mosquito understand me, I have to become a Mosquito. God is God and we are Humans, God is the Creator and We are Created beings, to bridge the gap Jesus came down. Similarly, God became a man to reveal to mankind who He is. Jesus, who is fully God and fully man, set aside His Godly nature and lived as a man empowered by the Holy Spirit, revealed the Unreachable God to man. Jesus is the way to the Father.

Note: The Story behind everything goes like this- God and Man were buddies. God was Man’s Daddy. Man messed up. Man got separated from His Daddy and Buddy. He became normal and sinful. Jesus came as a man and died for man to bring man back to God. Now, Man can get back to His Daddy and Buddy through Jesus. Love. Goodness. that’s what I see about God. Do you see it?? He died so that we can hang out with Him.


The argument people bring against God is from His “misunderstood” actions in the Old testament. Arguments can’t take us anywhere but humility will take us places. If we humbly accept the truth, all the questions that haunt us will fall down. Jesus is the exact revelation of God. Jesus…Period. No arguments, No explanations, No stupid theories. If you want to know God, look at Jesus.  Whatever you think about God which is not seen in Jesus is a lie. Jesus is the exact representation, exact model, and the exact revelation of God. Exact means exact, ditto, a copy. If anyone teaches about a God who contradicts Jesus, then you can be sure that He is a liar. First Revelation, Next Faith and then Understanding. Look to Jesus and receive Fresh Understanding.

No one has seen God, but Jesus is exactly like him. Colossians 1:15(ICB)

The Son shows the glory of God. He is a perfect copy of God’s nature. Hebrews 1:3(ERV)

How is God like??? Like Jesus.

What will God do?? The same stuffs Jesus did.

Will God send problems, make you suffer, give you sickness to teach you something?? No, Jesus didn’t.

Jesus didn’t go around laying hands on people saying ”Be sick…Be blind…Fall down and be lame…Drop down Dead”. He went around doing GOOD because God is Good. Jesus didn’t send storms, He stopped them. Jesus loved, forgave but added “Go and sin no more”, healed, delivered, was against the religious nuts. He was full of compassion and mercy. He didn’t create problems for people, He solved their problems. And that’s who God is and that’s what He does. Jesus=God.

The Old Testament God and Jesus:

The God of the Old Testament and Jesus of the New Testament are one. Many think the Old God was bad and angry while Jesus is the cute little, loving, gracious God. I think you forgot something, your cute little, loving, gracious Jesus whipped people who were prostituting His temple and used harsh language against the Religious Nuts of His day. Enough said, Let’s get back…

The Bible never said –“The exact representation of God was during the time of Moses or Jacob”, the Bible clearly says –“Jesus is the exact representation, so every other representation of God is just a shadow or partial”. You don’t judge a person’s looks by his shadow; similarly you can’t judge God by His shadow. Look to the real image, Jesus. Whatever you don’t see in Jesus, forget it. 

You see a guy’ shadow and he is very fat. You call him a fat pig and turn to look at him but he looks well built. You look at the shadow of a girl and think she is beautiful but she turns out not to be when seen directly. Jesus is the real image, everything else is a shadow. You cant define someone by seeing their shadow. Keep it simple. Stop breaking your head with the shadowy-representations of God in the Old Testament and look to Jesus. Definition of God is JESUS. Yeahh…Now…KISS…What???…Yeahh…KISS- “Keep It Simple Stupid”…Jesus Jesus Jesus…

Don’t think you know Jesus “fully” because you have studied the Gospels many times. We will be Gazing upon Christ and receiving fresh revelations for all of eternity.

All through the ages, people have defined God by looking at His shadows, making Him look like angry old man sitting on the throne with a hammer in His hand. God is Love. God is Good. He is your Daddy and Buddy. He is always working for your Good. Stop blaming Him, Stop questioning Him. You don’t get it?? Fine, just believe. Humble yourself in faith before Him and you will start to know Him more and more. Trust Him like a little child and Embrace Mystery. Whatever, Jesus is the exact representation of God. Rest in His Love, Soak in His Presence and Enjoy the Adventure of Walking with God…





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