Harnessing your emotions- Andrew Wommack

Andrew Wommack has been doing a good job in bringing the Finished work of Jesus to the table in simple language. His books are easy to read and are packed with life-changing truths from the Word of God. “Harnessing your emotions” is no different. It is filled with truths that can make you emotionally healthy.

This book is for you
  • If you are finding it hard to control your emotions.
  • If you want to know how to manage your emotions.
  • If you think you are an emotional person or a weak person and want to stop being one.
  • If you want to become strong and powerful in life and in your relationships.
What will you get out of this book
  • You will learn about the true purpose and place of your emotions.
  • You will learn about your new identity in Christ.
  • You will be immersed into new creation realities which will help you handle your emotions.
  • The world asks you to build your “self-esteem”, Andrew encourages us to build “Christ-esteem”.
  • You will learn how to be emotionally strong.
  • You will be trained to handle hurts and live powerfully.

We can walk in true emotional stability each and every day of our lives if our faith and trust is in Him.”
― Andrew Wommack

My take on emotions

Emotions are not to be rejected like some preach. Emotions are a gift from God. We must learn to manage them and experience them according to God’s design. If you are struggling emotionally, I want to encourage you with this-“You can control your emotions. You can live powerfully. You can become emotionally healthy”.

If you want to buy this book, click here:- Harnessing Your Emotions


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