Good Morning Holy Spirit- Benny Hinn

The Book that introduced the Third person of the Trinity to many in this era of the Church, gives the reader an invitation to know God and experience Him in intimacy. Benny Hinn was moved by Kathyrn Kulhman’s connection with the Holy Spirit and started to pursue a similar connection. The result of this is the lives that have been transformed through his ministry. Intimacy with the Holy Spirit will lead to an explosion of God’s power, bringing healing and freedom to those who come in contact with you. And this book is the best tool to start or grow in your relationship with the Holy Spirit. This Book has the power to take someone from a lifeless religion to a life filled with experiences and encounters with Almighty God. Don’t wait, buy it and live in it. I believe, before you finish the book you will experience God in a deeper way, as it has been the normal result for the readers of this book.


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