God’s Generals- Roberts Liardon

God’s Generals by Roberts Liardon should be on the shelves of every Christian. It will set your heart on fire to live a powerful life for Jesus and at the same time it leaves warning signals that will lead you to check your heart. God’s Generals, a masterpiece for sure, tells you why the Great Generals of God succeeded and why some failed.

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The list of Generals you will encounter in this book:-

John Alexander Dowie- The man who carried the healing anointing and but got distracted in the end with a superior mindset. A great story with a bad ending is the story of Dowie.

Maria Woodworth Etter- The woman who was known for bizarre signs, wonders and miracles. Affectioanately called “Mother Etter”, she demonstrated the Spirit of God in ways the Church had not seen before.

Evan Roberts- The man behind the Welsh revival, which set the world on fire. You will find a normal young boy turn into a mighty revivalist and then lose track because of his lack of emotional strength.

Charles Furham- The Father of the Pentecostal Movement, this was the one who coupled the tongues with the Baptism of the Spirit. 100 years later, pentecostal movement is still on the move with people getting baptized in the Spirit with the evidence of tongues.

William Seymour- The Humble leader of the famed Azusa street revival. In the early days of the Azusa street revival, the meetings were not in Seymour’s hands(unlike the present day church) but in the hands of the Holy Spirit.

John G Lake- The Man of Healing, who made Spokane Washington the healthiest city through the power of God. A plague hit Africa and John asked the doctors to put those germs in his hands, and the germs died. He was so filled with the Spirit that miracles were a normal part of his life.

Smith Wigglesworth- The Man of Faith, whose fiery boldness shook hell and wrought migthy miracles inlcuding many resurrections. It is said that He read only the Bible and shook the world for God with this principle-“Just believe”.

Aimee Simple McPherson- The Hollywood star of the Church who brought theatrics and the healing power to the Church, that was dry and dead. Even though her life was surrounded by controversies and mutiple marriages, she was a darling to the massess because she expressed the love of Christ in conduct and in ministry.

Kathryn Kulhman- The woman who wound like to be called a friend of the Holy Spirit. God was so tangible in her meetings that it fetlike heaven and miracles were norm. Her life, surrender and ministry had a deep impact on a young boy, who is the Benny Hinn of our day.

William Branham- The Healer-Prophet who was known for deeper prophetic manifestations and mighty miraculous manifestations. He had one of the most powerful mantles to fall on earth but he missed God during his last quarter.

Jack Coe- The Man with bold faith that brought about extraordinary miracles. He boldly preached the Word with signs and wonders following everywhere He went. His life is a lesson that you can obey God in one area and be totally out of track in another area.

A.A.Allen- The Miracle Man of Miracle Valley. There was faith and boldness in this man’s voice, and it resulted in extraordinary miracles. Again, this man also had a bad ending.

What will you get out of this book:- 

  • You will start desiring for the power of the Holy Spirit to flow through you.
  • You will explode in faith for revival and the supernatural.
  • If you catch the fire and run with it, you will start seeing God work miracles through you.
  • You will learn about the importance of rest as you work on living out your calling.
  • You will learn that you must guard yourself from lust, pride and the love for money.
  • You will learn the importance of making the right connections and removing the wrong connections.

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Roberts Liardon has 5 books in the God’s General series- one on the Reformers, one on the Revivalists, one on the Healing evangelists, one on the Missionaries and the other on the Martyrs. He has also prepared a children’s version of God’s generals.


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