God wants you to have a Happy Family!!!


God created a family in the Garden before He created the Church in Jerusalem. The Church is the Family of families. Stronger individuals make stronger families and Stronger Families make stronger Churches-Stronger in the Spirit. Do you have a Happy Family, the way God wanted it to be? Is Love in the air in your Home? ..Dive in with me:

A mature Christian:

The Church needs mature Christians for the advancement of God’s Kingdom. Maturity is not measured by the many years you have been a Christian. Maturity is how much you know God intimately, how much revelation you have in His Word followed by obedience and how much you have grown in Love for others. An immature Christian is not ready for marriage, taking care of Children or for God’s Work. Wait and Grow!!!


Wives have to submit to their Husbands “as they submit to Christ” because husbands are the God-appointed rulers (Head) for the family. Head of the family doesn’t mean that Husbands can treat their wives as slaves or beat them up; it means that Husbands have more responsibility. Wives don’t have to submit to their husbands when their Husbands contradict God’s Word, as obeying God is a “higher” command. Any man who beats his wife is a coward and I doubt his salvation.

Wives must respect their Husbands as God has wired men in a way that they crave for respect. In a intimate relationship like marriage, it is difficult to move on without knowing how the opposite sex is programmed by God.


As the Head of the Family, husbands have more responsibility. Many men use their position in their family to dominate their wives. That’s demonic and they need demons kicked out of them (Just being blunt). The Bible commands Husbands to Love their wives “as Jesus loved the Church”. Jesus died for the Church and Husbands must be ready to give up everything for their wives. Love does not dominate, Love serves the other. Husbands are also commanded not to be harsh with their wives as Women are wired in a way that they get hurt easily.


Children are commanded to obey their Parents. Obedience is not something hard; obedience is the overflow of Love. If Parents say something that contradicts God’s commands, Children can disobey them in Love because obeying God is a higher command than obeying your parents.


“Parents must not nag their Children”. They must not irritate them by pressurizing stuffs into them. Teach them God’s Word, encourage them and be a Christian whom they can follow. Every parent who does not spend time with their Children to teach them God’s ways has no rights to scold them or spank them. Those parents must spank themselves for not teaching God’s Word to their children. “Give them Jesus and they will do fine in life”.

Fathers, do not make your children angry, but raise them with the training and teaching of the Lord. Ephesians 6:4(NCV)

One Supreme Command:

Allow God to be God in your life and family. Jesus is your Lord and you give Him first place in everything. He is the perfect Captain and don’t keep Him as a substitute. When you give Jesus the right place, His Holy presence will flood your house without your permission.

Why a Family Order? Why guidelines?:

Once I asked God-“Why did you devise an order for the Family? Why different guidelines?”. God replied-“Marriage or family won’t work if people don’t follow this order and guidelines”. Now, you will know why many Christian marriages are falling apart and many children have nothing to do with God. Study your Bible properly!!!

Don’t try, you can:

Under the law, you are commanded to obey. Under grace, you are enabled to obey. You are empowered with obedience and you release it because you Love God and other people. You can be the perfect husband, perfect wife, perfect parent or the perfect child God wants you to be. You have God’s nature in you, just release it. You can have a happy family and a home filled with God’s Lovely presence. Repent of your ways and walk in His grace. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you. When you develop a strong Family, you will affect other families in your Church and your Church will grow stronger!


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